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  1. Kings Island has just posted this on their facebook page. "The moon is full and there's nowhere to run and nowhere to hide. They're watching your every step; every move you make. Tey can hear you breathing. There's something in the woods and they're hungry! Who's afraid of the Big Bad Wolf? You will be!!!"
  2. they have officially been announced on their website. http://www.visitkingsisland.com/attraction...ry.cfm?ac_id=39 Character Carousel: Nick O' Round Charlie Brown Wind Up: Backyardigan's Swing-Along Flying Ace: Runaway Reptar Joe Cool's Dodgem School: Jimmy Neutrons Atom Smasher Kite Eating Tree: Planktons Plunge Linus' Beetle Bugs: Swiper's Sweepers Linus' Launcher: Danny Phantom Flyers PEANUTS 500: Nick Jr. Drivers PEANUTS' Off Road Rally: Go Diego Go Race for Your Life Charlie Brown: Wild Thornberry River Adventure Snoopy VS Red Baron: Blue's Skidoo Sally's Sea Pla
  3. is the store up on the website? where? im not seeing it?
  4. yeah it does cost alot, which i knew i should of bought them at the pic booth bc they were selling both pics for only $9.00 which is really really cheap.
  5. it takes about two/three weeks for them to put up the urgent scare photos. thats how long it took me to find my photos on their website.
  6. yeah.....it should be fun to see everyone elses photos from Urgent Scare :)
  7. Just wanted to know if anyone had their photos from Urgent Scare this year @ Halloween Haunt? Here's the first casual picture Here's the picture when they scared us with a air cannon \\
  8. so in that article/video they pretty much said that cedar fair did not care what people want they just had a deal with the peanuts and that is what kings island is getting if customers like it or not. so according to them......dont waste your money. ;)
  9. but have you also noticed that all the other parks have theirs written under or next to the logo of planet snoopy with color behind it. ours logo is just plain white background. someone can change a page and make stuff that isnt real. just like that dominator page.
  10. coasters are all unique in each park making them very different from each other, but if you put the same exact area in a park that is just a couple of hours away from another one........that is what makes it stupid
  11. i just dont see why kings island wants to put in a planet snoopy if there is one just 3 hours from there. it just doesnt make anysince. why would two parks in the same state pretty much next to eachother want to have the same kids area?
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