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  1. I'm the black sheep I will be working somewhere in Tombstone-Territory.
  2. Yes they both are great in there own way and yes I loved that turn on Diamondback.
  3. Well I went to kings island today,arrived just a little past 10am.Well my brother and my dad went to Diamondback first and me not being able to ride Diamondback me and my mom went to The Beast which was running better then ever today and not a lot of breaking today for a change. Next me and my little brother would split up and go ride rides on our own and meet up with them later but ( time for the best part of my trip ) my dad and brother insisted to try the test b.c they always think b.c they can ride it that I can. Like always I got over to the Test seat and I got two clicks like always then
  4. ^ Thats what they had done in past years and I hope it remains the same this year but I guess we will find out more later.
  5. ^Yeah I feel you I'm a fat ass too.
  6. Source:http://www.visitkingsisland.com/events/eve...13&ec_id=15 I made bold the part that is new and I'm not sure it's going to work.
  7. OMG I did not know this I was just on vacation and came back today,I was down in Virgina on vacation and went to Bush Gardens and I rode it 2 times and got some pictures I will really have to post them tomorrow. I believe I have one with the 25 anniversary sign on it as well as 2 pretty cool shots of it :) It was smooth both times I rode it this past week.
  8. I think this guy is just pulling our legs guys. Thats a lot of rides on DB and I doubt it can be completed this year.Maybe mid-season next year it can be accomplished thats a huge maybe as well but all you would get is this is that guy's on millionth ride congratulations and get a spot on Channel 5 news.
  9. Well I have rode The Beast 15 times in a row before rain closed it 2 years ago.
  10. I don't know the degree to your surgery but I had minor surgery around my naval area last August and I have really no problems I recall most of your stomach is free I believe the harness covers part of the upper portion of your stomach it covers mostly your chest. I would def. ask Public relations. Some of the other rides really do test my stomach and pull at my scar :(
  11. I just thought I post because I had no ideal Kings Island had a youtube.
  12. I discovered when I visited Kings Island Home Page I noticed at the bottom there was a logo saying Follow Kings Island On and when you click on that link it shows you an official listing of all of the social networking websites of Kings Island.Below are the links to various networking sites Kings Island is on. Listing of Sites Page on Kings Island Webpage-http://www.visitkingsisland.com/news/list.cfm?mc_id=120 Diamondback Blog-http://www.kidiamondback.com/public/latest/blog/ Facebook:Fan Of Diamondback-http://www.facebook.com/pages/Kings-Island...ack/46814848755 Facebook:Becom
  13. I just think the que yes who knows maybe one day it could be an awesome haunt attraction.
  14. Still it would be a cool haunt attraction tear down the actual ride building.
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