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    Poetry, cooking, amusement parks, film, art, being outdoors. I assure you there is more, I just don't feel like going into all of them. You should ask me about them sometime. I love to make new friends.
  1. lol, couldn't find where to add the comment, thanks for making this site! = )

  2. They should turn on the water again. That is one of my favorite spots in the park. Sorry for the crypt posting... Just didn't notice this topic before.
  3. I love this idea. Although I will always love Scooby the most, that's just too perfect for the new theme. Hopefully they will do good with it.
  4. Your very welcome. It was indeed a long day. And I so wish I had Skyline Chili here. I'm craving cheese coneys. = P Yea, the scare actors in Slaughterhouse were really nice though. Even in character. When they could tell we weren't that scared they still kept up their acts and we had fun. (of course my roommate was loosing his grip cause he can't stand gore) I'm glad they took the animals out. A place full of screaming people is no place for animals. I about perma-banned KI from my list of places to go for that one. When I heard they removed them I was okay with it. I hope they never do that again. I'm in ASPCA not PETA so don't freak out on me. = ) So your a scare actor in Slaughterhouse?
  5. Nope, sadly nothing that interesting. It was very cramped. It was Saturday too though.
  6. KI Halloween Haunt Oct.3, 2009 In this report I will also be reviewing some of the other services and shows as well as rides. Feel free to skip anything you find boring. :rolleyes: There were a lot of people at the park on this Saturday. It was packed but lines weren't too bad. Frontgate Lockers - The people were very friendly but man, lockers are expensive these days. Displays - 4/5 - The displays were more creative than they have been in a while. I like the phantom theater display on the bandstand. The skeletons were a little repetitive. And some of the best decoration was in Nick U honestly. It was just amazing. I bet the kids loved it. The Crypt - 1/5 - has lost some of it's ambience from the removal of the Tomb Raider themeing. The new stuff is not too bad but it leaves the queue feeling a bit empty but we were hopeful. We almost had a complete walk on, only a full station wait ahead. It had been a while since I had ridden it but when we go to the ride I notice it is much shorter than I remembered. Down to 2 minutes from about almost 3. I think they should make it a bit longer and give it a better feel. I remember when they extended the ride to give better rides and they still had the water and lights. That made for much nicer rides. I see no reason they couldn't use that even if they don't use the TRTR scenery. Ride ops were friendly however. The Vortex - 5/5 - The Vortex was great. The line was very short. Maybe 3-4 trains later we were on. I wish I had taken better notice of what seat I had been sitting in but for some reason the forces going into the loops (especially the first one) were more pronounced, we also got good speed from the first drop. We were very close to the back I do remember, maybe the second car from back. I can't be 100% but that'll do I suppose. My boyfriend hadn't ridden a lot of coasters and found it very exciting for his first looping ride. Shake, Rattle and Roll - 4/5 - I hadn't ridden it since I was very young and there was no line so we got on right away. It was a fun ride, brought back a lot of memories. I think more amusement parks should have flat rides like this. The ride operator was very nice and interacted so well with the kids and grown ups too. Flight of Fear - 5/5 - Not only did many people in the group whom thought perhaps it would be too intense like it but the lights were off. It's much more exciting in the dark. The MCBR lights were on but much of the ride was still a quite dark surprisingly. Everyone enjoyed this ride. The ride ops had the line moving pretty quick and we waited maybe 30 minutes or so. Skyline Chili - 10/5 - Next we were all quite hungry and being so close to Cincinati decided to get some Skyline Chili. I was surprised to see the coneys are the best deal I have seen in the park. A little under $2.80 not including tax. (Which is a lot for a coney I know) However, you get two hot dogs on each one, chili and plenty of cheese. Me and my boyfriend both got two and were very happy with them. The line wasn't too bad and the service was good. The Racers - 4/5 - The Racers were racing that day and I like it like that. It was pretty much a walk on ride. We rode third car from the back. The ride wasn't too shaky or maybe I'm just so used to old woodies now it doesn't matter. Whichever the case we all enjoyed this and it's a great family/group coaster. I do miss when it went backward. The main ride op could have been more enthusiastic. He did look tired though so I can forgive. Adventure Express - 4/5 - which I'm giving it for keeping tradition. It still plays the music from Indiana Jones, it still has the weird jungle sound effects, the aztec looking statues beating their drums with a recording saying "you shall pay!". I remember this from a kid, and it had a short line. Flight Deck - 5/5 - gave it 5/5 because I have always like FDs crew during haunt and even during the day. One of the ride ops made me giggle when he said "Flight Deck, the only roller coaster in the park where it takes longer to get up the lift hill then through the ride." I needed a smile after all that walking tiring me out. It was a good ride and more importantly the ride ops were doing what ride ops should, encouraging people to have a good time. I know you can't always do that but lately, the FD crew has been top notch. Also, it was pretty much a walk on also. International Street Candy Shop - 2/5 - My boyfriend and I went to the International Street Candy Shop but it was VERY expensive. Overpriced expensive. They had bulk candy, and I could understand it being a little more in a theme park, but it was $3.50 for most bulk candy for 1/8th of a pound, making it a whopping $28 a pound for candy there. That's just too much. You can buy quality coffee cheaper. We did get one of the peanut butter cups from the bulk bin, since it was almost $2 cheaper than the $4.99 each ones in the display. This did not make sense. I'm not sure if it was because it was cold but I felt they needed to make their chocolate a little softer. Blue Ice Cream - 4/5 - Great ice cream. Didn't see the price for the kid cones on the board. The large ones are a better value unless you have little ones. The Beast - 5/5 - Me and my boyfriend split up from the group again, which by the way at this point one of my friends is wearing cool face paint. They did a great job on her face. We head on over to the Beast as it looked like it might rain and I had a hard time deciding if I should ride it or Diamondback. The line was about 20-30 minutes long. We had a smooth ride although I don't remember which train it was. It was unusually smooth, or again maybe I'm just used to wooden coasters. Not much air time in the seats we had. Maybe the 3rd car back. The ride ops were enthusiastic. The one over the intercom was awesome. We needed to go back to the car to get our fear feast tickets after this and when we got there man did I miss the trams. Fortunately we still got there early enough to get a good parking spot. In fact much of the day the weather had been okay, if not a bit cloudy. However I will say that on the way out to the parking lot, they only had one line open for re-entry for the first little bit and then one person was working two lines. They should have had two people there really. Fear Feast - 2/5 - The line was very long but we were about half-way through it. It took forever to get inside and get food and get seated. So much so that they had to give us extra time to use our passes for Slaughterhouse. The food left something to be desired, which I expecting having being trained in the culinary arts, but coleslaw without mayo or at least something to thicken it a bit... pickled coleslaw anyone? The brats where good according to my friend who knows a thing or two about them. The pumpkin pie was alright, the potato salad was not so good either and the chicken was lukewarm. The poor folks who had to work this event didn't have a lot to work with and I think it made it harder for them. I for one wouldn't have been happy. They really worked hard to try to deal with the mass of people. I have been in that situation catering events before and it's not a fun place for a professional to be, much less a regular food service employee, who isn't given enough equipment. Slaughterhouse - 3/5 - Scare actors did a good job but KI having the buffet at 6:00pm and then giving early entry turned out to be not such a good idea. This is because it was a little later in the afternoon but unfortunately still a little light out. This meant we saw around too easily. For example some of the hiding spots for the scare actors. That's KIs fault, not yours. They should just make the passes usable at any time in the evening. Might even keep the line from being held up as much. The scenes were explicitly violent, gory and for the most part put together okay. However, the car made no sense and the furnace?, well I kinda liked seeing it. Also it should have been completely enclosed and harder to see with just enough light to see the pieces of things that used to be. All in all not bad. I didn't get scared but the scenes were interesting. Needs to be longer too. Just my opinion. Cornstalkers - 2/5 - The costumes where a bit repetitive but the scare actors hid pretty well. They did blend in a lot with the surroundings. They were enthusiastic but it was just not scary. Hot Blooded - 5/5 - I like parts of it, some of it I didn't. The homo erotic reference was a nice touch. (One guy slapped another on the butt, I thought it was cute, gosh I'm awful) Something for everyone and if you'll excuse me, some beautiful looking men and women. Most of the singing was great. I think one guy was a little off. Maybe he had a cold or something. The plot could have used some work but the performance was still focused. I thought it was humorous, not in bad taste. No, I wouldn't take a kid there but it was at least entertaining. The performers where nice and the fountain on the hot blooded set was an interesting touch. This is the best show to hit KI in a long while. (Also see my post about that fountain which I'll be making after this one) The pyrotechnics, almost blew my ear out. Everyone jumped. It was great. Italian Stunt Job - 4/5 - I rode in the back seat of the last car. The lights were off in the ride, the forces from the launch are indeed felt a bit better from the back. A good ride considering it's not one of my favorites Delirium - 3/5 - A normal ride on it but I enjoyed it a lot tonight for some reason. Got a 3/5 because the guy miscounted and we had to wait longer and some of my friend's bailed. = P Invertigo - 5/5 - We were in the 3rd car backward facing start position, had a great ride. I have always loved the forces you feel on this ride. Many people think, oh it's short or tame but this inverted Vekoma pulls 5gs and you do feel it. Diamondback - 5/5 - diamondback, it was cold and I got some serious air time in row five. (for whatever reason) I had never rode it at night except now it was pitch black. There were no stars out, no moon, just dark clouds. All I could see was the feint outline of the track and ground and it went zooming past me. Just an amazing night ride. The Racers - 5/5 - This time my boyfriend was feeling tired and we had to meet up with the group to go to FoF before close. Well I rode the racers once and they ended up going on without me but I did meet a very nice lady who said she was from nearby. I got some decent airtime in the front seat. I did have to get my friend a ticket for dry cleaning and complain about one person who was very rude to me but other than that a great trip. I'm not sure what the future holds for KI. I hope it keeps the things that makes it great and brings more of the old feel back to the park. Whatever happens I hope it is for the best. Sorry this has been a most long report.
  7. Thanks, it's finally almost done, I borrowed from your ideas a little GoodYellowKoRn. I hope you don't mind. It makes things easier to find in the report. I almost forgot about the auto spell check although sometimes I've had those fritz out on me. = ) Thanks for the warm welcome too.
  8. I am currently writing my trip report up from Saturday and I wanted to know how you guys feel about writing an honest report, i.e. the good and bad experiences, in the proper context. My grammar, punctuation and spelling are not the best but I will check them as best as possible. What's a good way to say things that you didn't like while still being constructive? This is my first TR. Almost done too, I just want to clean it up first.
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