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  1. RingMaster

    Halloween Haunt 2009

    If they can pull off getting people out of the park the way they get guests out of the water park when it closes, it should be fine. Most people don't come to the park on Saturdays during the Haunt until roughly around 4-5:00; other than Nick Universe and the Picnic Grove, the rest of the park remains slightly empty, like what you would see on a normal weekday. However, seeing as how the calendar mentions the park is closed on the 26th (Private Engagement with Toyota, I believe) but it's a Haunt night, that may be their test day to see how well they can get guests out of the park from 6-7:00 before trying this on regular park guests the weekend after.
  2. RingMaster

    Proposed CGA's GCI design

    For only going up 100ft, that is one monster of a coaster. I also like how it's a custom layout rather than just being a basic design.
  3. RingMaster

    Changes in Phantom Theater!?!?

    That first picture TombraiderTy showed is, actually, a werewolf from my old maze, Curse of the Crypt, in '04. The big rat thing I thought was from 2000's Museum of Horrors; I don't remember seeing that in the regular PT.
  4. RingMaster


    More like they're getting rid of old merchandise from years past that's no longer needed. We're doing the same thing with all the Winterfest and Fearfest souvenirs and merchandise now that they're obsolete.
  5. RingMaster

    Official Haunt Website/Attraction List Available

    I still don't get why they keep using the old Circus of Horrors logo under the Fun Stuff link, but the new CarnEVIL logo is on the Mazes link as an unofficially-official rename of the Circus.
  6. RingMaster

    Is it true?

    Um, you'd be surprised to hear how many kids are screaming and crying just LOOKING at the castle from the outside, let alone once they actually get on the ride. Not to mention grown men and women get scared and start screaming while on the ride. Very sad, it is, to hear 30-year-olds screaming on a Scooby ride.
  7. RingMaster

    Hard Hat Area Near SOB

    Either routine scheduled maintenance on Son of Beast or perhaps a downed tree or other foliage, most likely. I remember several roads were closed off during random points in the season due to either specific maintenance on a particular ride/area, or because of random downed trees that fell along the access roads.
  8. RingMaster

    Official Haunt Website/Attraction List Available

    If that was the case, they could've just used the Festhaus as Club Blood if it's just a venue for eating/partying/gawking at the exotic dancers, rather than build a new warehouse just to house said attraction. Anyway, this should be the BEST year EVAR for FearFest, now ever so quaintly called the HALLOWEEN HAUNT!
  9. RingMaster

    'Major new thrill ride' coming to Kings Island

    If, by chance, it WERE called FireHawk, it would probably be themed more to an experimental aircraft rather than some mythical creature. But, like I said, we'll just have to wait until Monday to find out what it's REALLY called. Besides, it's not like I ACTUALLY know what the name of the ride is or anything. :rolleyes:
  10. RingMaster

    Where or What am I ?

    Side of Fudge and Fun, perhaps? Either that, or the side of the old Sports Shop building (where both the FearFest photos and Massacre Manor were held in).
  11. RingMaster

    What New attractions are coming to CFKI?

    Six words. SpongeBob. SquarePants. Crash. Course. Boating. School. ...oh, and here's a seventh word. Please. :rolleyes:
  12. RingMaster

    FearFest Gives Victims More Reasons to SCREAM

    ....so what do we get for FearFest THIS year? :rolleyes:
  13. RingMaster

    2006 FearFest Site Active

    .....you sure you don't want to go on the 30th of September? ;)
  14. RingMaster

    2006 FearFest Site Active

    If you've actually ever read the Legend of Sleepy Hollow, you'll know that the Western Woods is actually the location of the Headless Horseman's grave....and his hideout. Headless Hollow is actually onboard the train, which then lets off onto the exit of White Water Canyon. What you're thinking of is Massacre Manor, aka the White Tent Maze. That's gone for this year, and as for the maze itself, two things have happened: 1) Manor's layout has been moved to Rivertown Mining Company next door to Wings Diner, and has been renamed to Cowboy Carnage. 2) The name 'Massacre Manor' is now the name for what was originally Fear Street Nights, next to Scrambler. Although there's still debate over what to theme it to--last year's craptacular Fear Street Nights, or bring back '04's awesome House of Darkness, just with a new name (Massacre Manor)?
  15. RingMaster

    2006 FearFest Site Active

    They cant that name is copyrighted. ;) In actuality, something had just crossed my mind. This year, Knott's Halloween Haunt won't have the infamous Carnival of Carnivorous Clowns in 3D. So I wish they would do us a favor and give us that maze to replace our crappy Circus of Horrors. The problem is that it would have to be taken out of the Festhaus and moved to the Coney Mall Arcade (Curse of the Crypt's old spot behind Racer), because it is one HUGE maze. Other than that, it's been semi-confirmed that they put the ax in one of the fear zones, Waste Land, to replace it with the scare zone called Holiday Horror. Someone guessed the idea of Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas on steroids, but I think it'll be last year's Winterfest props that are given a FearFest makeover. Of course, I could be wrong. :unsure: