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  1. I'll be there! I'm guessing it's a Wind Seeker type ride, but that doesn't stop me from wishing for a new coaster. :D
  2. I'm curious as to what it is they're fixing...
  3. I was just there for the first time last week... I wish I would have known about the different trains so I could observe. Rather rough ride, though.
  4. Thanks for the links! Do you know if there exists a printable park map with labels? The PDF is nice, but it would certainly be useful if things were labeled... On a different note, I filled out an online request for a Getaway Guide... anyone know anything about this?
  5. Wow - I've apparently been neglecting this thread. Thank you so much, DiSab! I will definitely keep your suggestions in mind. It looks as if I will be able to make two trips to Cedar Point this summer, with two different groups of people. I did, as suggested, get a Platinum Pass... which has already been worth it by the number of times I've gone to KI. Time to go find and print a Cedar Point park map...
  6. So they do plan to redraw their map...
  7. Yeah, July isn't exactly the best time of year to travel to Cedar Point, but it's the only time our schedules will allow. Passes do seem in order! Thanks for the recommendations!
  8. This summer (late July), I'm going to be taking a trip to Cedar Point with a friend. Neither of us have been there before. To anyone familiar with Cedar Point: - How many days do you recommend visiting the park? - Any advice on navigating, what to ride first, places to eat, etc? - Where's a good (and relatively inexpensive) place to stay close to the park? Since we're also going to be spending at least one day at KI before departing, we're considering Platinum Passes. Any other advice would be welcome, too. :D Thanks!
  9. At last! The typography on the season pass page was starting to frighten me. I was hoping it was temporary...
  10. Great look inside GWL! I stayed there once a few years ago; it was quite fun! Can't wait till Kings Island opens for the season...
  11. Congrats Mitchell! I have to admit, I loved your photo and voted for it. Looks like my vote made a difference in the end. ;) You deserve it; awesome photo! Congrats, Nick, as well!
  12. I must admit, I'm equally guilty of this. I've been known to ignore conversation and fall into a trance-like state in the presence of that thing.
  13. Ack, I did in fact know that... :D Just wasn't paying close attention to what I was saying. Thanks for the catch.
  14. Something I do really enjoy on Flight Deck is the rhythmic sound of the chain. It's almost like drums!
  15. ^ Oh gosh. Where/what is that coaster? And I find the comments on that video to be highly amusing...
  16. Last year was my first opening day; I'd love to go again!
  17. It used to be painted red, didn't it? What inspired the steel grey scheme, and when did they last repaint it?
  18. Top Gun/Flight Deck really needs some restoration work. Paint, theming, anything! I really enjoy the coaster (and its secluded location, for that matter), but it seems to have lost its charm. I also miss the Top Gun music in the queue, but that's a completely separate matter...
  19. All the snow on the ground makes me anxious to be riding Diamondback again in the pleasant spring breeze. How long till April again? *paces back and forth*
  20. I agree, and could see them doing something smaller for 2011. Save the new coaster for the 40th anniversary celebrations, once everything with Son of Beast has been settled. Some extra attention to developing the existing theming would be nice before then, however...
  21. I agree wholeheartedly. Also, I'm not sure if it was a Cedar Fair policy or not, but it seems a bit out of place to have to enthusiastically ask "How was your ride?!" after EVERY ride, including Viking Fury.
  22. I'll be there tomorrow for P&G day... I can't wait to see the Halloween Haunt decorations. They're looking great so far!
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