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  1. That's what Kanye gets for being so arrogant.
  2. It also bring back the name Shoot The Rapids, which was the name of the log flume that was in the same spot as White Water Landing and Maverick, STR got removed to build White Water Landing. :)
  3. I have to say I am very sad at the news... I actually started tearing up when it was officially confirmed. SDATHC is very special to me and is my favorite ride of all time... It brought back memories of my childhood after Hanna Barbera Land was gone... and the days when the ride used to be Phantom Theater. Every time we go to the park my mom and I always ride it as our first and last ride of the day... and it makes me angry that Cedar Fair thinks that Kings Island is like Cedar Point and their other parks... but it's not. It's one thing to take Nick from us, but then Scooby too... it's horrible. :mad: And I can't get back to the park this year to say goodbye bc I live far away now, what a shame.
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