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Kings Island 2021 Opening Day Countdown

The wait is almost over!

Kings Island is now open for the 2021 season!


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  1. No, alcohol was NOT and is NOT permitted in line at Cedar Point or Geauga Lake. If you see people in line with an alcoholic beverage it's only because they're ignorant and we (Geauga Lake) are short staffed resulting in absolutely no line greeters in the entire park. It's infuriating when a guest tries to argue with you by saying they didn't see a "no beer sign" out front resulting in them taking it out on us. You don't see a "no fire arms" sign out front either; it's common sense jackass! When caught with an alchoholic beverage we are to direct them out of the line to the midway where the
  2. Wait :huh: Wouldn't it cost more to license Rush Hour from New Line and The Cave from Sony then it would to get The Italian Job and Tomb Raider from Paramount? That doesn't make sense, especially if they have ten years on it. Correct, but Adventure Express was marketed as being heavily inspired by Indiana Jones ;) So inspired by Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, they even had the Indiana Jones theme playing in the station, that all they needed was the name to make it official!
  3. I don't hate Top Gun, I just think The Italian Job is better :rolleyes: I think The Italian Job should've replaced it instead of two superior attractions!
  4. Skippy


    ^That's where The Italian Job Stunt Track should've gone <_< With the entrance facing the water tower. It's makes way more sense then it's current location!
  5. Does anybody know why PKI de-themed The Krusty Krab Snack Shack? Now it's a terribly cheap and bland looking building <_< IMO, it's the ugliest thing in Nick Universe and would better fit the Sponge Bob theming as the Krust Krab once again. They could've replaced the old Sponge Bob figure, that used to be on top, with a Mr. Krabs! It makes sense that they would move the Sponge Bob figure down to where he is more noticable, and that they would take down the Patrick and Squidward wooden cutouts now that they have real figures, but why did they tear down the Krusty Krab theming? An
  6. Thanks for the pics ;) Looks great!
  7. I have a feeling that Blue's Skidoo will surprise everybody :rolleyes: It's Disney's Dumbo, only your riding on Blue and Magenta around Blue's House, instead of Dumbo around a hot air balloon. IMO, it defiantly qualifies as highly themed! Also, I have a feeling Sponge Bob is in the middle of receiving a face lift as we speak ;) His belt, pupils, and eye lashes still need to receive their black paint and his spatula is in the middle of it's retheme/paint! I only hope they don't leave the platform that Sponge Bob now stands on so bland. Same goes for the recently de-themed Krusty Krab Snack
  8. What are they doing to the Krusty Krab Snack Shack :huh: All the bricking is now exposed. Where's the mini Krusty Krab exterior with the infamous shell sign, the wooden cutouts of Patrick and Squidward overlooking guests, and most importantly, the GIANT 3D Sponge Bob figure? Could Plankton's moving in have somthing to do with this...
  9. All the Paramount Parks High Resolution Park Maps are now up! Too bad ours has such poor quality on the actual map and logos :unsure: At least we now know for sure that Atom Ant's Airways will be rethemed to Timmy's Air Tours, and not Tommy's Air Tours as many have speculated (including myself)! My guess is the new green paint job will represent Cosmo.
  10. ^Yeah, me too ;) The only videos I care to watch are from events, tours, attraction openings, and Kings Island historical footage. A massive photo update isn't necessary, as you have a pretty extensive collection already, but more couldn't hurt. Now on the other hand, a massive photo update and video walkthrough of Nickelodon Universe on Opening Day would be great B) Maybe just a giant Opening Day media update (with commentary) covering Nickelodeon Universe, The Funtastic World of Hanna-Barbera, and other PKI happenings would also be very cool! Also, some more of those IslandView pic
  11. ***UPDATE*** OK, now I present the final piece of the puzzle...A PRESS RELEASE B) Also, judging by the poster presented with the press release, I'd venture to say Universal Studios sold the rights to distribute The Funtastic World of Hanna-Barbera to SimEx!Iwerks. If this is the case, then we may see it start poping up all over the place in the near future. New Hanna Barbera Attraction Debuts at Paramount's Kings Dominion Theme park adventure rockets guests through The Funtastic World of Hanna-Barbera. DOSWELL, Va.—Classic animated characters from cartoons such as The Flints
  12. Looks like Avatar: The Last Airbender won't be the first-of-its kind family roller coaster as the Nickelodeon Universe press release originally claimed. Click the image below for more info and construction photos: Survivor: The Ride goes up at Paramount's Great America. Photo courtesy of Screamscape.com As you can see, Survivor: The Ride at Paramount's Great America, will also contain the hump that was to make our Disk'O first-of-its kind. Oh well, I guess we'll get all the claim anyway, just like we did for Flight of Fear and The Italian Job. Go ahead and just check out the constr
  13. WOW :o This is almost as disappointing as Cedar Point and Geauga Lake's 2006 plans! The only thing saving it is The Funtastic World of Hanna-Barbera ;) The park map looks incredibly bad and is a step back from last years. Citigraph should take a hint from the people who made PCW's as it's a far better layout and design. One thing you notice is how large Avatar is :rolleyes: It looks like there will be a path under the hump. From what I can tell, the water maze will stay but with a SpongeBob theme and Plankton's drop tower will be placed in front of it! The Danny Phantom Flyer's will be loc
  14. Thanks for the "High Quality" update PKIDelirium :thumbsup: Looks like alot of the work being done in Nick Universe will be underground and unseen by the average guest.
  15. I have a question: Does anyone know why they still use film projectors and don't just upgrade to digital projectors that use files :huh: It's ridiculous, just like how The Amazing Adventures of Spiderman (IOA) has all this expensive equipment, that's energy consuming and hard to maintain, just to keep the film dust free so the 3D works properly; when The Curse of DarKastle (BGW) just uses these extremely "tiny" memory cards. It's so much easier, and less costly just to upgrade to all digital, which even gives you a better picture quality. Then again, I doubt PKI has any of the expensive
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