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  1. screamingbeast

    kingda ka

    Has anyone been on Kingda Ka? Is it better than Top Thrill Dragster or is it the same thing just a little faster and higher with a bunny hill? What is it like???
  2. screamingbeast


    I have not gone on face/off yet but I heard it is pretty cool. The part that worrys me about face/off is being pressed against the shoulder bar. That is why I have not rode it yet. I might ride it some day but there is no way I will ride a giant invertigo. I`ll ride any coaster except giant invertigos.
  3. screamingbeast

    Poll: New Themed Area

    I hope they do! Like maybe add a new thrill ride. Or they could rename Rivertown!
  4. screamingbeast

    new big coaster

    10 years! Jesus Christ! I can`t wait that long. PKI needs to build anotther good new coaster that goes over 50 mph. Maybe a hydraulic launch coaster! Or flying coaster or maybe a 4-D coaster!
  5. screamingbeast

    new big coaster

    Does anybody know when PKI is going to build another big fast roller coaster?
  6. screamingbeast

    fav ride company

    Thank You.
  7. screamingbeast

    fav ride company

    I can`t belive I forgot Intamin! I`m so dumb! :(
  8. screamingbeast

    fav ride company

    Another poll. If one is on here that is your favorite just vote other.
  9. screamingbeast

    Cedar Point

    Oh hee hee.
  10. screamingbeast

    Cedar Point

    Vortex is not sinking or Magnum look on Cedar Point`s web site and go to Magnum and it will tell you it not sinking!
  11. screamingbeast

    Cedar Point

    Where do you guys get these rumors that Magnum and Vortex are sinking? :o
  12. screamingbeast

    Fear fest attractions

    I can`t wait till fearfest! I had passes 2 years ago (cant afford them now) and I went to FearFest in 2003 and it was a huge dissapointment! I hope this year it is better.
  13. screamingbeast

    Cedar Point

    Gemini! Oh by the way is it true that MeanStreak is rougher than sob?
  14. screamingbeast

    Fear fest

  15. screamingbeast

    Cedar Point

    I am goin going to Cedar Point next year and I was wondering what rides should I not miss? What rides are the most packed?