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  1. Has anyone been on Kingda Ka? Is it better than Top Thrill Dragster or is it the same thing just a little faster and higher with a bunny hill? What is it like???
  2. I have not gone on face/off yet but I heard it is pretty cool. The part that worrys me about face/off is being pressed against the shoulder bar. That is why I have not rode it yet. I might ride it some day but there is no way I will ride a giant invertigo. I`ll ride any coaster except giant invertigos.
  3. I hope they do! Like maybe add a new thrill ride. Or they could rename Rivertown!
  4. 10 years! Jesus Christ! I can`t wait that long. PKI needs to build anotther good new coaster that goes over 50 mph. Maybe a hydraulic launch coaster! Or flying coaster or maybe a 4-D coaster!
  5. Does anybody know when PKI is going to build another big fast roller coaster?
  6. I can`t belive I forgot Intamin! I`m so dumb! :(
  7. Another poll. If one is on here that is your favorite just vote other.
  8. Vortex is not sinking or Magnum look on Cedar Point`s web site and go to Magnum and it will tell you it not sinking!
  9. Where do you guys get these rumors that Magnum and Vortex are sinking? :o
  10. I can`t wait till fearfest! I had passes 2 years ago (cant afford them now) and I went to FearFest in 2003 and it was a huge dissapointment! I hope this year it is better.
  11. Gemini! Oh by the way is it true that MeanStreak is rougher than sob?
  12. I am goin going to Cedar Point next year and I was wondering what rides should I not miss? What rides are the most packed?
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