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  1. It is seeming less and less likely that this deal, as is, will be approved by 2/3 of the unitholders. I personally hope either Apollo ups their offer or a new offer from another company is announced tonight/tomorrow. Without a sale or merger avoiding bankruptcy looks to be VERY difficult.
  2. Sounds like an awesome trip! I can't wait to see the updates/pics!
  3. These lawsuits are to be expected and are nothing out of the ordinary when a company the size of Cedar Fair is sold. There may be something to them or there may not, only time will tell. The bigger issue in completing the sale at this time seems to be getting 2/3 of the shareholders to agree to the sale. Several stories have questioned whether or not that amount of support for the sale currently exists.
  4. I have to think that tearing it down completely has to be near the bottom of CF's wishlist. It would be a signifcant cost to remove it and I can't imagine CF currently has the funds to remove and replace the ride. It is my opinion (and I would love to hear other opinions about this) that it is less of a black eye for the park to let it stand for a year not operating then it is to remove and not immeadiatley replace it with another ride.
  5. I think we will get a couple of new flats. I think we will probably see a new coaster in 2012 for the 40th anniversary, hopefully that B&M invert that so many seem to want.
  6. I think Planet Snoopy will be just as popular as the nick attractions were. Hopefully we can see some new theming for Crypt and a new paint job for Flight Deck. I think Diamondback will surpass 1.5 million rides again and I think there will be an upswing in overall attendance.
  7. I think it stays a few more years (3-5 at least). Its hard to imagine KI getting more than one significant ride investment (talking Diamondback-esque) in that time period and as was mentioned earlier CF tends to tout their coaster counts so its hard to see it leaving. Personally I really enjoy Flight Deck but it desperately needs a new paint job this offseason.
  8. Is there any chance of these trains doing anything for SoB? Or is the problem there more in the ride structure itself?
  9. Personally I hope they just repaint it. Just a thought here but could the fate of SOB factor into the future of Flight Deck?
  10. I think it should be torn down and if cost wasn't a factor I'm thinking it would be. Something obviously needs to be done soon. It was certainly awkward to see one of the biggest structures in the park sitting dormant (though the walk on rides on Flight Deck were nice).
  11. I rode it for the first time this past Thrusday (really cool sensation the first time, really enjoyed it) and the pressure is mostly in your shoulders. Good luck getting your pass rolled over, I hope everything works out!
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