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  1. I went saturday and all those rides were open, but yes my group only got on two haunted attraction. it was so pacted!
  2. I was thinking that they will bring back Lion Country Safari Monorail but i really hope not because thats not thrilling at all.
  3. http://www.visitkingsisland.com/ Okay, so what are all you guys idea on this?
  4. That only makes me wish that 2011 also brings the return of the backwards train. Maybe its a clue :-)
  5. those are my exact thoughts. im just glad to see KI getting a new flat because they are in desperate need of a new flat and at least its something BIG and eye catching with good capacity. im not complaining. i want to ride this next year. it may not be a big fast coaster but its something ive never ridden before and im always down for that. it reminds me a lot of the old Flight Commander..just how it looks in the animation anyways. is it going where Flight Commander once sat? do you think they will have First Rider tees on opening day? LOL I wasn't complaining I was just saying that it didnt look like that much fun, but I have never been on anything like that before, so I dont know it might be a whole lot of fun. Im also glad they are getting it I didnt say I wanst happy they were not getting it.
  6. It doesnt look like that great of a ride but you may never know. Swinging that high my be very scary because everytime I get on DropZone It still scares the [Censored] out of me but I love DropZone.
  7. This won't be an upcharge. They don't have big announcements regarding upcharge attractions. The Wind Seeker is a large capacity ride unlike the Funtime Starflyers. I had the same thought that it should go where the Flight Commander/Turbo Bungy used to be. I dont believe that it will be a Wind Seeker. Since the clue said " It will change the Skyline" doesnt mean its going to be a wind seeker. Since CP has clues for a wind seeker next year dosnt mean KI will have the same thing.
  8. Hello the week after the forth of July my friends and I are planning to go to Cedar Point and Im very excited about going because its my first time and I'v always wanted to go since TTD opened and I wanted some tips on whens the best time to go, or what day of the week to go on to avoid the crowds, and Im only going for one day. I would really appreciate everyones thoughts thank you.
  9. Okay I' am only going for one day and I was wondering what would be the best day to go so I have a chance to ride most of the rides?
  10. I thought that Outpost 5 was announced as the station on Adventure Express? But then again, it's Terpy so I'm probably wrong. Hahha. But regardless, Kings Island & Miami Valley Railroad. Spawn of Belle's Love That is true Outpost 5 is announced on Adventrue Express and if you look on the side station of Son of Beast there's a big sign that sats Outpost 5.
  11. well did SDATHC even get a name? because I didnt see on the list.
  12. Does anybody know if there pics or if the park even started planet snoopy yet?
  13. I know that nickU is going down and the peanuts are going up next year. I know that there going to re-theme everything, but are we going to get some new rides too. or are they just going to re-theme everything? Do you think they'll put some new rides, or just re-theme. Comment back I would like your opinion on this.
  14. I think this sould have been Diamondback because, this looks more snake like when it turns and our diamondback is kinda more sraight like.
  15. ok Kings Dominion gets a brand new roller coaster and a brand new kiddy land??? what the hell. Kings Island get firehawk one year thwn nothing the next year, then the next year Diamondback. Kings Dominion gets The Dominator, then the next two flat rides, then gets the Intimidator 305 and a new kiddyland. I'm sorry but that makes me mad. :censored:
  16. she said thats the one she seen. thank you.
  17. Okay I was sitting in my house, and my sisters friend said she was excited about riding the new ride at kings island. I was thinking and said I though you rode Diamondback. She said I did I'm talking about next years ride, it has like three loops and its displayed where the Diamondback toy coaster was. Then I said when? and she said they just put it up, and I havent been to kings island yet this year, because the fact i have no money so I cant go over ther and see. But I think if it was a new ride it would have been on the web site by now, so far I dont belive her. I was wondering if any of you that go to Kings island next time and see if its true or not. If it is please take a picture. Thanks a bunch. :)
  18. From what I seen of the pics of the new track it a new type of track.
  19. WOW i was there on the last day to, and it was the best fun i had all year. Ever thing was 50% off and my friend Tara and I walk on ever thing there. The pay rides were all 5$ bucks each, and i was like wow. :lol:
  20. I was about to say the same thing. Its might be lights and their working on something.
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