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  1. Hey great pics xVekomax! Pretty cool to see some the old rides are still there in parts. :blink:
  2. I remember one of the coasters where after the train passed the fountain would start back up, but I'm pretty sure that was on Vortex. I know it's not there any more. I always thought that was really cool thing.
  3. Hiya, Just wondering what's the best time to get a season pass? Are any days busier than others, or times of day? And I've heard there are a few options to get on the passes, are any of them worth the extra money? Is there usually a long line? Does it take a long time, ect. I know a lot of you have them, so I was curious about the process.
  4. I though you night have something to say about the new name. :lol: I know you're a hardcore fan of the ride. Yes, the name really blows but at least they are going to keep it open and not turn it into storage right?
  5. I don't know if I can agree with that. I want to think the idea of ride like Phantom Theater, or Scooby Doo is all about the name and the theme. I believe a generic blaster game isn't as cool as one where you've got a developed story line. Look at Holiday Worlds dark ride, it's uniquely it's own and has a fun story, and great name Gobbler Getaway. I couldn't imagine going and seeing it named say Shoot the Turkeys. It just seems like with each passing year the uniqueness of each ride theme slowly is fading in mediocrity, and folks like me watch as great rides become so,so. One can only hope that new management, if that ever comes to pass, will bring about a much needed make over of the park. Bring back the themed areas.
  6. Do you happen to remember the year the water was removed? I remember riding in the mid 90's without water, but can't remember before that. I wish I could because as fun as that ride used to be I think riding over the water would've made it even better.
  7. I'm not sure if this is been talked about yet or not, but I noticed Kings Dominion renamed their version of the Scooby Doo dark ride to Boo Blasters on Boo Hill . Anyone think that KI will follow suite? Personally I hope not but if the past says anything about the future I think this generic rename could be in the works for us.
  8. Thanks for posting this. I loved that ride, it was my first stand up roller coaster. I remember the bicycle seats you had to rest , ouch. I don't remember it being over water like the article said. Does anyone know if and when the ride was located over water?
  9. Just a thought on this. Is it not possible for KI to lower admission price along with parking to off set the tax? Call me crazy but I think lowering the price tag and maybe including a shuttle to the front of the park would help with guest experience, not to mention the pocket book. I realize this is a drop in revenue, but I think the outcome of such reductions could pay off big time in visitor counts and spending in the park.
  10. I saw one the pics in another post of the Dave Thomas skeleton and was wondering if that might be just a shade over the top. Are they really that hard up for original ideas?
  11. When Chang came to SFKK I thought wow we might actually be able to hold our own against other parks in the area, but after a few years that became only a dream. The removal of Chang is definitely going to hurt attendance, and season pass holders. Once again I find myself in agreement with GoodYellowKoRn182 in that it's starting to look a lot like Geagua Lake! Now all they have to do is just close down the park without any warning. Don't be surprised if you see us on the chopping block a few years from now. Oh well at least I've got Kings Island, Holiday World, and Beech Bend Park a few hours away in either direction so I have options. :blink:
  12. Thanks for posting pics and for the information. I've been watching the old Americana park since about 2001, and always interested in new developments with that area. The old LeSourdsville Lake/ Americana property was pretty cool when it was open, and from what I've found the old Fantasy Farm was as well. If you find out anything else please post it. Thanks Again! :lol:
  13. :huh: So am I reading all this right in that no one really knows why most of the effects were disabled, or removed?
  14. I've always remembered Kings Island as the first place I really got into roller coasters. I was a tall lanky teen who weighted about 75 pounds. I remember getting being afraid to ride Top Gun. Top Gun was unlike any coaster of it's time that I knew of because it had no track below it. I laugh now but it was awesome then. I remember I was dating this girl who was a tad bigger than me to put it nicely and she seemed to tower over me in my memories. She says lets ride Top Gun and I was like no way I'm afraid of heights and it doesn't have track below it. Her reply is we're riding this ride and I was not going to argue with her because of the fear of getting crushed. So we get in line with the real cool movie pics and highway to the danger zone playing and I remember thinking wow I'm going to die. We get seated midway through the train, and then we were off. Oh crap, oh holy crap, Oh crap. I remember the clack of the chain and then getting to the point where the track below drops off and as we were coming around towards the drop and I see a deer at the top of hill. I was like how cool is that, and then we whoosh by it down the first hill and I remember thinking this is the coolest ride ever. It was fast and fun and exciting. I remember the paint being new and it being the ride at the park. I went back this past week on Wednesday with my wife because she suggested we ride it. The paint was worn off and the theme was all but gone, and we walked right on. There were these 2 teens who told me how they rode the ride a record 21 times in a row, and I laughed. When we got to the top of hill they said they had a tradition of saying yippee K yah in salute to the old Top Gun theme and I found my self shouting with them as if to raise a glass in tribute to the ride that was my first real roller coaster.
  15. Thanks for the great pics so far! Looks like a pretty fun place. Did you think it was worth the money as far as the overall experience?
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