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  1. I haven't been alive long enough to ride any defunct rides besides The Crypt, Antique Cars, and Flying Eagles so I would have to say Flying Eagles...those were really fun, even though it's been a very long time since I rode them.
  2. Fast Lane is a one payment thing where you get to cut in lines on certain rides at Kings Island. So there are no limits like the Disney Fast Pass...you get to use it whenever you want.
  3. Hey, CoasterGeek. This is jdawg1998 from KIC, just saying. Great pictures like I said on KIC. Invertigo pictures are so pretty! ;)
  4. This is great! Now all we need to do is get some people to discuss on the forums!
  5. Looks great! Are you planning on changing the look of the actual website or is that too much?
  6. Dang, that is a pretty big wave pool. Looks really nice...can't wait to see it completely finished!
  7. Looks great! I hope to be more active in the coming season :)
  8. A dark wild mouse ride would be perfect. Question though...how do they take out such a big ride out of a box like that?
  9. I like the color scheme, although it feels like its like the red color scheme. Pretty much every Cedar Fair ride was red for quite some time and now its changing to blue (Stinger, Leviathan, now Invertigo).
  10. I am honestly not very happy about this. I hate The Crypt but to just leave the big ugly box there just to use for one month? Ick.
  11. The Kochs are not the type of people to run an amusement park like that, plus HW is a theme park not an amusement park, and KK would not work as a theme park, IMO.
  12. Are you guys still working on this? I'd really hate to forget about KIE again.
  13. http://www.visitkingsisland.com What do you think of it?
  14. I love The Christmas Ranch! It is really fun where there is a fresh coat of snow on the ground. The lights and the music sync is amazing!
  15. I really hope you are still working on this. Just checking in. :D
  16. Oh my gosh! Thank you so much for doing this! I've always liked KIExtreme but not many people have been posting. I bet if you unveil everything at once you can count it as a "re-opening", and it will bring a lot of people to the site. Let's get this site back!
  17. How is this possible? Already the end of the season. When's opening day?
  18. This looks like it will be a great addition to Kings Island. While I was hoping for a new water slide, I guess a whole expansion will equal that.
  19. This is honestly very annoying...now almost every Cedar Fair park has a WindSeeker.
  20. thunderbeast1968, we got Diamondback in 2009. If we had gotten a Giga then CW would be complaining that we got an awesome B&M in 2009 and now a few years later a Giga. Just trying to make a point.
  21. The pass should be an upgrade of a normal day's admission. When you buy your ticket, you'll be asked "Would you like to upgrade to Fast Pass for $25.00?" instead of that crazy amount of $50. And Gold Pass holders should definitely have a discount on it, at least half the price. It costs almost $20 more than the general admission itself. That's outrageous. -CincinnatiKid123
  22. Well, that was an unfortunate event. Is it still opening tomorrow?
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