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  1. Buckeye-Beast

    First Ride You Ever Rode at KI?

    The first one I really remember was front seat on the racer in '79 or '80.
  2. Buckeye-Beast

    What Paramount theme did you most want?

    I always thought WWC could have easily been themed to Paramount's Without a Paddle. It wasn't a blockbuster, but it could was a fun movie, and could have been an easy tie-in.
  3. Buckeye-Beast

    FEED ME!!!

    I'm hoping KI gets Macho Nachos like CP has, they are huge and less than $7.00.
  4. Buckeye-Beast

    What's Wrong with SOB?

    I love the ride also, just my preference, but I enjoy it a heck of a lot more that MF @ CP. It's like SOB is Hard Rock, and MF is bublegum rock.
  5. Buckeye-Beast

    Do you think the bradys should return to PKI?

    The Partridge Family episode is on season 3 not released yet, (probably next year) episode 66 I Left my heart in Cincinnatti Go Bucks!!!
  6. Buckeye-Beast

    Do you think the bradys should return to PKI?

    Season 3 is coming in Sept, but The Cincinnnati Kids (the KI episode) isn't until season 4. I did manage to record it on TV Land during a marathon. It was the pop-up brady edition. During the episode, speech bubbles with trivia pop up with behind the scene info.
  7. Buckeye-Beast

    August Gold Pass benefits

    August - Busytown cafee family meal deal $24.99 2 Adult meals w/ fries, 2 reg soft drinks 2 kids meals w/ fries & 2 kids soft drinks August - Stunt crew grill meal deal $24.99 4 Footlong hot dogs, 1 large basket of fries and 4 reg soft drinks :) You can pick up your 2005 Gold Pass owner's manual at the kiosk by the Eiffel Tower. It will list all the benefits for the remainder of the year.
  8. Buckeye-Beast

    2006 Season Passes

    I just called PKI. There is a discount if you are renewing from 2005, $269 to renew a four pack instead of $299 for 4 gold passes, this includes free gold upgrade and parking. I'm not sure what the individual renewal is but I would guess it free upgrade and parking also. I don't see any info about this on the website, but if you call 1-800-288-0808 and listen to the message it says to let the operator know if you are renewing. This price is not available online. $269 is exactly what we paid last year. I hope this saves some of you a little $$$.
  9. Buckeye-Beast

    Delirium Reopen!

    Saturday morning Delirium staff told me it still had not opened but the earliest they anticipated was Sat. afternoon. They were right it opened around 3:00 to a 1 hour wait. I came back at 5:15 and rode it @ 6:00.