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  1. The first one I really remember was front seat on the racer in '79 or '80.
  2. I always thought WWC could have easily been themed to Paramount's Without a Paddle. It wasn't a blockbuster, but it could was a fun movie, and could have been an easy tie-in.
  3. I'm hoping KI gets Macho Nachos like CP has, they are huge and less than $7.00.
  4. I love the ride also, just my preference, but I enjoy it a heck of a lot more that MF @ CP. It's like SOB is Hard Rock, and MF is bublegum rock.
  5. The Partridge Family episode is on season 3 not released yet, (probably next year) episode 66 I Left my heart in Cincinnatti Go Bucks!!!
  6. Season 3 is coming in Sept, but The Cincinnnati Kids (the KI episode) isn't until season 4. I did manage to record it on TV Land during a marathon. It was the pop-up brady edition. During the episode, speech bubbles with trivia pop up with behind the scene info.
  7. August - Busytown cafee family meal deal $24.99 2 Adult meals w/ fries, 2 reg soft drinks 2 kids meals w/ fries & 2 kids soft drinks August - Stunt crew grill meal deal $24.99 4 Footlong hot dogs, 1 large basket of fries and 4 reg soft drinks :) You can pick up your 2005 Gold Pass owner's manual at the kiosk by the Eiffel Tower. It will list all the benefits for the remainder of the year.
  8. I just called PKI. There is a discount if you are renewing from 2005, $269 to renew a four pack instead of $299 for 4 gold passes, this includes free gold upgrade and parking. I'm not sure what the individual renewal is but I would guess it free upgrade and parking also. I don't see any info about this on the website, but if you call 1-800-288-0808 and listen to the message it says to let the operator know if you are renewing. This price is not available online. $269 is exactly what we paid last year. I hope this saves some of you a little $$$.
  9. Saturday morning Delirium staff told me it still had not opened but the earliest they anticipated was Sat. afternoon. They were right it opened around 3:00 to a 1 hour wait. I came back at 5:15 and rode it @ 6:00.
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