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Where to start? I live in a small town in Illinois that you would want to avoid like the plague, last time I knew one of our cities bragging rights was that we had the highest cancer rate in the state! Life is pretty boring around here…that is why Kings Island is such a special place for me. I try to visit the park about 3-5 trips a year. (I always make them 2 day trips to get my moneys worth.)


One thing that I would like to point out about myself, in person I am very sarcastic and unfortunately that does not always come across well on a message board. So please keep in mind I would never post anything mean, most things are supposed to come off somewhat of a joke. I know that everyone has the right to their own opinions…and even if I may not agree with them, I respect them…and I think, it is those differences that make this an entertaining place to visit.


Here is a small list of why I love Kings Island…


I like the rides...but honestly they have become almost secondary to me...except for the enjoyment it brings me watching my family on them.

I like the “nostalgia” of having our National Anthem played in the mornings.

I like the fountain, it's irreplaceable.

I like sitting underneath the shade trees by the fountain.

I like that the train engineers will try and time the train so that everyone on board can see Diamondback coming down the hill.

I like the ride operators who have smiles on their faces because they are just as happy to be there as the guests are.

I like the lemonade at Subway.

I like the Gold Pass Meal Deal at the picnic ground…I even like the food there.

I like standing on the bridge and getting soaked at Congo Falls.

I like the new Rivertown cobblestone walkways.

I like the refill cups.

I like the ride operators at White Water Canyon waving to the train passengers.

I like feeding the fish at Outer Hanks.

I like that the park has special events for enthusiasts like us.

I like going up in the tower at night and just looking around, it seems so peaceful.

I like hearing the screams coming from Viking Fury.

I like that Wings is no longer called Wings.

I like the 2009 snow/glitter globe with the park rides in it.

I LOVE that this site exists so that I can talk about Kings Island…because my family is sick of hearing about it!

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