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  1. Thanks for part 2! :) The one shot of the tower & the trees looks really nice...I wish Kings Island had more trees.
  2. I like finding out these little details. (Just as I think it is funny to finally see a moderator on another site now bashing SDATHC now that it's gone!)
  3. Oh joy. I still don't understand why there are so many repetitive names...no Lucy, Shroeder, Peppermint Patty, Marcy, Pigpen... Sigh.
  4. ^I would answer your question...but I am not experienced enough. I have not been to a Six Flags park in years.
  5. Ketchup or Mustard I love mustard...when I was a kid I used to eat mustard sandwiches...and sometimes with potato chips. :) Chocolate Milk in a jug/carton vs. Nesquick
  6. Video games or computer games I will show my age here...neither. I wish video games were never invented. It makes me sad to see so many young people throwing their lives away on them. Like I try and tell my nephews, if the day ever comes when I am old and sitting around in a wheel chair at least I will have fond memories of doing actual physical things like basketball, hiking, swimming,bicycle riding...not sitting in front of a TV screen for hours and hours on end...it just kills me to see this happening. Spotlight vs. Hide And Go Seek
  7. Working Hard or Hardly Workin? I could lie and make myself look good by saying "Working Hard"...but that would not be true, neither would "Hardly Workin"...the truth lies in between, I like to be busy enough where time flys at work...but does anyone really want to be working hard? Morning person vs. night-time person (I am a morning person.)
  8. Thanks for the trip report...it was NOT boring! :) (The photo of your burrito meal looked like someone threw-up on the plate. :P )
  9. Great Wolf Lodge vs. Kalahari I have never been to Kalahari...but I went and Googled pictures of it. It looks like it blows Great Wolf out of the water. (Pun intended) Kings Island vs. Cedar Point I have only went to Cedar Point once...and that was enough for me. I admit they have some great rides...but I didn't care for the atmosphere.
  10. Congratulations Mitchell! :) Not that it wasn't a tough choice...but I did vote for your photo. And once again thanks to everyone for letting us see their work. :)
  11. ^My goodness...you're a tough guy to please! :P I'm glad I didn't have you as teacher back in the day. I can find something redeeming in all of the photos entered...sure some are better than others but I am glad to see all of the submissions.
  12. ^Interesting little side observation....that is also what I am hoping for. Cedar Fair continues to own Kings Island or Apollo owns Kings Island? This is a tough one. I have not been happy with Cedar Fair for the most part...but at least it isn't awful...with Apollo I fear that it could be worse...so I guess i'll stick with Cedar Fair. The Flintstones vs. The Jetsons
  13. We still have quite a bit of offseason left...so I thought I would revive this thread. Flordia Gators vs Cincinnati Bearcats I am not into watching sports...but I will base this one on who I would rather have as my "home" team...which would be Florida...I love warm weather! :) "Lost" Season 1 vs "Lost" Season 5 (Personally I prefer all of the seasons over season 1...I thought all of the random strange things in season 1 got old quick...I though season 5 was one of the best. I am really looking forward to the beginning of the last season this week.)
  14. No matter what way a parent loses their child it would be devastating...but can you imagine having that death tied to such a beloved place? You would be reminded of it whenever you saw a Disney movie or commercial, heard a song on the radio... or glanced at a product in a store while you were shopping. It's hard to NOT come in contact with something Disney related on a daily basis...I feel so sorry for the families involved.
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