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  1. Hey I just went on the website and watched the new videos they put up. On BSC it looked like water was shooting up before the tunnel. I don't remember it happening when I rode it. But, I have only had the chance to ride it once. Did it shoot water once and they quite it and whats up? Thanks in advance just curious!?
  2. I have so many memories, but the one I remember the most was in the mid 90's. My mom, step-dad, grandma and grandpa went. I was an only child and always rode the rides by myself. Well, I talked everyone to riding WWC. It was hot that day and we waited around 2 hours to get on the ride. I'll never forget the look on my grandma's face when she saw the dip and all that water splashed on her. Then at the end alll the people shooting us with water from the overlook. I took a picture of all of us as we were going up the hill to get off. I'll treasure that forever all of us laughing and haveing a blast. My grandma died in 2001. But I'll always have the memory of white water canyon with me and the picture. R.I.P mammaw I'll always love u!
  3. I was on my way to ride firehawk sat night and it was closed. I had seen it running in the day, but wanted to save my first ride on it for night??????
  4. the beast for sure. I rode it once Sat in the day then went back at 11:50. The second one was awsome! It was dark and foggy! Loved it!!!!!!!!
  5. I will be visiting KI July 25 for the 1st time in 4 years! I will greatly miss the backward racer. I always loved it.
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