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  1. http://www.screamscape.com/html/kings_island.htm if you scroll down to the stop sign at 2014...it says it will be a winged coaster called "banshee" please forgive me if this is a repost of the website
  2. It's possible that they will stick with the beast naming. They might go for what old monster movies did (Dracula, Son of Dracula, Revenge of Dracula, Frankenstein, Son of Frankenstein...you get it). So we might be getting Bride of the Beast, Ghost of the Beast....maybe even an Abbot and Costello meet the Beast.... "ignore the screaming....in the woods.."
  3. so apparently it's something to do with boomerang bay according to wlwt. tomorrow at 2 the announcement will be made.
  4. All i can say is i hope the rumor about the fountains isn't true
  5. I would always love cheaper prices! Planet Snoopy doesn't bother me, but I don't spend any time in the kids area anyway. And at my age (24), I don't really know the nick characters all that well. I DO know charlie brown, linus, lucy, peppermint pattie, pigpen, schroeder, sally, snoopy, woodstock, violet...all of the above. I'm also a huge dork. Anyway...Scooby Doo haunted ride...I was upset when they put that in because I was all about Smurfs (which I was sad about) and The phantom theater (which i STILL miss). I didn't feel anything towards scooby doo, i just liked scoring points. No matter what they put in there, I'll still ride it once or twice and that'll be it. Diamond Back is WAY too great to lose any popularity. It's such a good stress reliever. it's like millenium force. Anyway...again...i don't see much happening in the future other than maintenance. Money is too much of an issue to do anything risky. What i'd like to see happen..1. SOB taken down. It's a dead spot in the park. I doubt it will reopen...I never enjoyed it much to begin with. You had to sit in the exact right seat to make sure you had a good ride...and that was only 1 seat. 2. General clean up...getting everything back to it's original glory (e.g. top gun's fog and lights, adventure express themes). 3. something to happen to tomb raider. I've heard so many things about it i didn't even go on it last year. 4. Fairly Oddcoaster aka Beastie...be the beastie again. just makes sense...it sets little kids up for the beast I dunno...thats just me though.
  6. I agree with most of the points being brought up here. Even the points that counteract each other. I think that SOB and Top Gun's fates are interwoven. In my opinion...SOB has been closed for too long now and I'd much rather see it torn down. It's a dead spot. I would not be sad to see SOB go. However, Top Gun was my first "real" coaster. I saw the signs saying, "this ride uses artificial fog and lights" and I want to see what that was like. But then again...that area of the park has GREAT potential for something awesome. It's huge. So...in general. Keep top gun but return it to it's glory days, get rid of SOB...and put in something that will blow our minds!
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