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  1. Its amazing to see all of the other parks sending them condolences. Six Flags even tweeted to them. Will Koch will really be missed... RIP
  2. I never realized how much this site means to me! :P
  3. It seem a bit late to start testing...
  4. Guys.... This worries me... KI's Blog Cedar Fair, WTF.
  5. Carowinds haunted castle looked pretty bad [Censored] ! ;)
  6. What will they use the van for?
  7. Why did she quit Carowinds?
  8. well Dani Swords is the PR person at Carowinds... So hes not there. I think he is still at Kings Island.
  9. Wow! thats awesome! Were suppose to get 4-7 inches of snow thur. morning.... i love snow! There are also three more photos from KI's twitter that i found cool
  10. didn't the park threatened to Annex its self to another town if the tax passed?
  11. I confused this case with the 2009 one... (so many to get mixed up :rolleyes:) I hope she wins her case... Now the lady from 2009... thats a different story
  12. Dear Kings Island: You went a bit to far this year. Love, Asa.
  13. Don't rule out SFSTL... I think it is way more likely to get it.
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