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  1. Well that sale was on during opening day! But I would rather have Snoopy then something generic. It'd be better because kids do know Snoopy, not random little cut outs of other kids just sitting everyhere.
  2. No, that is not true. The Crypt is the only GIANT Top Spin (it had double the capacity of typical top spins... Now 22 of it's 77 seats were removed so it's closer to typical top spin capacity, but the structure itself is still much larger). Now, there ARE rides which look like a Top Spin, but have two independently moving arms. This person in line was likely talking about Tomb Raider: The Machine at Movieland Italy. TR:M looks like our Crypt and Kings Dominion's Crypt, but it's not a HUSS Top Spin, it's a Zamperla Windshear. So for portions of the ride is does the "Top Spin" movements, and for other portions its arms move separately. Wow! I never went on TR:TR,I cant believe thats how it looked! I thought it was similar to whats now,just the goddess,but man that looks awesome,too bad ill never be able to experience it.
  3. Haha that new concrete by WWC they put a flower pot.I guess they do this with everything they build,put a flower pot in front,or in it! Like the Diamondback footings last year. :) Oh and great PTR!
  4. Those are awesome pics of Phantom Theater! I love them! And the Adventure Express ones,the comcept art is fanatstic!
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