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  1. This guy is a flippin' idiot. Please, lock the guy up immediately.
  2. I would love to go to New York and ride this classic coaster It looks like it would be a lot of intense fun. Has anyone rode the Cyclone or any of the "copy' or re-makes of this classic coaster? I don't recall which parks have a remake of the Cyclone. I have read that the copy/remake is not quite as good as the origional?
  3. I personally miss The Bayern Kurve, and I also loved the Screamin' Demon.
  4. Thanks for your help. I thought RCDB would have info on the park. I guess not. I will Google it and check it out. Thanks again I Am A Rider
  5. I was looking on Roller coaster data base for this park. I was trying to find photos, while the park was in it's glory days. I found four parks, but nothing in Maryland. Gonna try Google/Yahoo maybe. Does anyone have a link? Parks that I found with the name Enchanted Forest. Oregon, Indiana, Rhode Island, and Illinois.
  6. They need to head up to Geauga Lake and bring the Big Dipper to their new park. It would make a nice restoration project. While they are there, go ahead and bring Raging Wolf Bobs.
  7. I like the new color choices. Now, I would love to see the paint job on the roller coaster trains.
  8. I like the new color choice. Last time that I was at the park, my brother and I thought that Invertigo needed much love. Is the train getting a make over too? I would believe so, but who knows?
  9. Great photo set. Brings back the memories. Thanks for posting.
  10. I did some research and found some info, the photo galleries were the same. It seems that if someone wants to build a park, land ownership details should be worked out before any construction would to begin. I am curious if any contracts(pre construction) were signed? Money had to be fronted to get construction moving. Just like Hard Rock Park, it seems to me (only opinion) that the park had no money to sustain after opening. Park tickets that were around $40.00 is too much for what little the park had to offer. They should of started with a ticket price around $20-$25. I think it would of drawn a few more patrons to the park. I am sorry to make this a Hard Rock Park forum, but I think the park was doomed pretty much from the beginning.
  11. So, what happened? I haven't heard of this park before. Lack of funding? Laws and regulations? It is a shame. Maybe I will Wiki this?
  12. I really hope Cedar Fair decides soon what to do with Son of Beast. Every time I visit Kings Island, I wonder what the fate may be?
  13. I agree totally, with you and the ride choices. Re-vamp Coney Mall with the classic rides. Bayern Curve is STILL my favorite flat ride. Rotor, Wheel of Fortune ect. One concern I read was the rides being old and hard to fix, my question is, How does Kennywood do it? They have some "older" classic rides, that must have parts available somewhere??
  14. Please correct me if I am wrong. Is this supposed to be an August announcement? Well, August is over(in matter of hours) So, what gives?
  15. I know that Kings Island has not made the "official" announcement. That said, I have heard that the expansion to the water may be an investment for the future, and maybe an expansion to the Dino-park (only rumors) The SOB needs love too.
  16. LOL, yeah, I know, but we did get that awesome dinosaur attraction (just kidding) saw it once, now I'm done. Cedar Point DOES NOT NEED A DINO ATTRACTION!! I would love to see a Gravity Group coaster, bigger and better than the Voyage. That is my 'short" wish list.
  17. Being a Kings Island fan, I am not happy at all. CW just received in 2008, an awesome B&M Hyper, and now a few years later a Giga? Where is "our love" we stinking got dinosaurs???? I do NOT want another expansion to the water park. I would prefer a great new Woodie, or a re-make to Son of Beast. I understand Cedar Point may be getting Dinosaur attraction also? Bad idea, it is available for me to see a few hours down the road at KI, if I want. I personally think that is a waste of time and money.
  18. This topic should be closed, by the way that I understand, Vortex is running again. I have not been to the park in the last few weeks so..........
  19. Thanks for the wonderful footage. I would of loved to see Coney Island in all it's glory. I was only 3 at that time. I remember going to Kings Island when the park was pretty new, but I do not recall what year that might of been when my parents first took me.
  20. That sure is a shame. I know a lot of people that will be disappointed. I wont' get to attend until later, so you guys enjoy, when then do finally get it up and running safe.
  21. 1. Busch Gardens- Virginia 2. Cedar Point 3. Kennywood 4. Kings Island 5. Kings Dominion
  22. Try you tube and look up Lidsville. It is silly.
  23. I think Martha Rae was on the Bugaloos. The only other thing I remember from her was a commercial in the 80s for Super Polident(LOL) Don't ask me how or why I remember that.
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