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  1. Coney Island Rocks

    Son of Beast update

    I'd say Texas Giant looks amazing with its new supports... Very flashy. The way the supports are barely connected with the track, they appear to be floating there... Very futuristic!
  2. Coney Island Rocks

    Planet Snoopy Ride Names Announced!!

    The name has not been released yet... And knowing Cedar Fair, it will probably be at least a week and a half till it finally is.
  3. Coney Island Rocks

    Planet Snoopy Ride Names Announced!!

    No. Scooby Doo and the Haunted Castle will be some type of "new" attraction that still uses the guns... Probably just SDATHC without Scooby Doo, but few people know whats going on in there. If you've missed Kings Island's daily 5@5 questions, you're really missing out. Many questions were answered, including the above. (I would post the link, but Facebook is blocked on school computers. :wacko:)
  4. http://www.observer.com/2007/coney-island-worth-saving I know this is an old article, but it is interesting how much more true it gets every year.
  5. Coney Island Rocks

    Demon Drop to Dorney

    With all this hurrying, I wouldn't be surprised if Demon Drop is never reinstalled... More than once, rides have been too poorly marked, or too damaged in removal to ever be rebuilt... this hasty moving shows how little Cedar Fair cares about Demon Drop...
  6. Coney Island Rocks

    Kings Island 2010 - What's to come ?

    My predictions for next year- 1. Planet Snoopy's atmosphere almost exactly the same as Nick's. 2. SDATHC converted to standard Sally Corp Ghost Blasters. 3. Fairly Odd Coaster renamed to "Woodstock Express" and something like the original color scheme. 4. 1 new Planet Snoopy flat; 1 removed. 5. Most of Wild Thornberry's River Adventure's theme kept. Renamed to something Snoopy. 6. Son Of Beast SBNO. 7. New or "New" International Street Restraunt. 8. The Crypt recieves minor improvements, like last year's. (Spooky Music in the que, more rock texture, more vines, replaced que lighting, more realistic skeletons) 9. New Haunt attraction. 10. Backlot "downgraded" more. 11. More chain linked fences being replaced. 12. Something will be repainted (Not Flight Deck)
  7. Coney Island Rocks

    This vs that

    Kramer Its hilarious how he randomly bursts into Jerry's room. Seinfeld is such a funny show. ;) Survivor vs. The Mole
  8. Coney Island Rocks

    This vs that

    Golden Corral. More options, more locations, and I like the food better. Kentucky Fried Chicken vs. Lee's
  9. Coney Island Rocks

    This vs that

    Millenium Force wins for me. Looking at the concept, Intimidator 305 seems to be missing forceful overbanked turns. The turns are more gradual on Intiminator 305. Mille also is faster, longer, has more large drops, and has neat tunnels... Coney Island 1970 Vs. Kings Island 1972
  10. Coney Island Rocks

    This vs that

    Werewolves. It is just so neat imagining a human morph into a wolve at the sight of a full moon. I used to like vampires a bit more than I do now, but Twilight ruined it for me. Seriously. Enchanted Voyage or Phantom Theater?
  11. Coney Island Rocks

    Goodbye Cedar Point, hello... Knott's?!?

    Dissapointing... I was really hoping Kings Island might get Demon Drop. But a Screamin' Swing would be great, quite possibly a better addition. And for ride exchange, I could see Kings Island losing Flight Deck or Invertigo. Especially now that SOB is closed, Flight Deck is pretty far away from everything else. And Invertigo is the kind of ride that gets moved around all the time...
  12. Coney Island Rocks

    Strange reports from Fantasy Farm/LeSourdsville Lake

    Thats Wonderful! As a small child I went to Americana often. My first coaster was the kiddie coaster there and I enjoyed walking through the fun house quite a bit.
  13. Coney Island Rocks

    Strange reports from Fantasy Farm/LeSourdsville Lake

    Could this mean the return of Lesourdesville Lake? (or at least Fantasy Farm?) Guess we'll have to wait and see... Does anyone know how close Fantasy Farm's site is to the Screechin Eagle site? Sure hope Screechin' Eagle isn't damaged beyond repair, though it probably won't get reopened...
  14. Coney Island Rocks

    Planet Snoopy- New in 2010

    Yes, but they could hire a private company to design a dark ride for them...
  15. Coney Island Rocks

    Planet Snoopy- New in 2010

    Yes, but without Cedar Fair we wouldn't have Diamondback, Firehawk, probably would have lost Flight of Fear, and wouldn't have recieved the new, exciting line of shows. There are two sides to this and in my opinion, Cedar Fair is a much better company to own Kings Island.