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  1. I don't care about periods as long as I get my point across
  2. you all blame Cedar fair for,possible happenings,nobody knows if they will change it.. UNTIL KINGS ISLAND SAYS HERE COME PLANET SNOOPY OR WHATEVER THEY PLAN TO BRING IN.. stop hating Cedar fair,what about Paramount, THEY TOOK OUT THE HAPPY LAND OF HANNA BARBARA AND THE ANTIQUE CARS AND THE FLYING EAGLES to put in something so stupid, so pointless and so in a place that it does not fit at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So before you start hating CF think about all that Paramount did to take the wonder and originality out of the park to make it like a movie,CF is trying to take it back to "72",so STOPPPPPPPPPPPPPP, you don't even know its going to happen, so wait until something is announced and then complain about a company who is trying its hardest to fix a park that was screwed up by a stupid movie based park industry
  3. If you go in thee it is kinda a museum, ever been in the old conference room, or the executive room......whooo I tell ya its amazing!!!!
  4. You know I'm kinda thinking that because Kings Island was the first park to incorporate Hanna Barbara and it was so popular maybe they might just change it back, cause maybe it won't be so expensive to get the rights again!!! i ONLY HOPE
  5. Lately I've noticed a kinda fight between Paramount and CF, from the site.. So I'd like to here everybody's opinion about the park now and then(Paramount) I've already expressed my view on the park owners....And if you didn't get what I was saying I think Cedar Fair is much better for the park and I'm not saying that because I'm a employee I've noticed it before I started!! Who's better Cedar Fair Or Paramount
  6. I agree with you, and Cedar Fair is making Kings Island as it was when it opened in '72' more original and more magical the biggest thing Cedar fair brings is the guest happiness CF cares more about there guest experience and as a employee the most important thing is our guests, do you know our philosophy Safety-Service-Courtesy-Cleanliness INTEGRITY Or as we call it the Cornerstones of Integrity I don't know what Paramount's was but probably was If you Don't make us money your fired.. Today if you don't MAKE OUR GUEST EXPERIENCE THE BEST,SORRY YOU GOTTA GO... The guests are the most important and thats why I love Cedar Fair..Paramount cared less about the guests and more about $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ Guests are our highest Priority Here at Cedar Fair's Kings Island!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Okay, oddly I heard about this from my teachers 2 years ago or so and remember it a few days ago and thought that y'll be interested...... EXTREMEPKI.COM
  8. Go to bottom where it says 2009 additions Wiki page for ceder fair
  9. “I’m very excited about my walk at Kings Island,” Wallenda said. “This is going to be the highest walk I’ve ever done. I’ll be taller than the new Diamondback roller coaster!”-Nick Wallenda- This will be his highest walk and its going to be higher than DB, so most likely from tower to drop tower.
  10. How Do You Make A Eiffel Tower, I have the RCT3 Platinum , how do you make the eiffel tower and building structures
  11. Ya, but being open year round would make it harder for construction!!
  12. Does any =one beside myself miss the backwards Racer. I mean at first I liked the idea of having the Racer back to its original format, made the park feel more , you know like a amusement park instead of a theme park. But as I ride all the ride millions of time they become less thrilling, and not have time, or money to go to Ceder Point I really need a thrill, I wish the backwards Racer was "Back" again. I go everyday to KI and nothing is really all that "AWWWAAAWWAAAYAAAH" feeling like it was at the beginning of the year, the backwards Racer was always thrilling. Hey maybe I should suggest to the park to make Diamondback go backwards, or make at least one train on every coaster go backwards. How awesome would that be!!!!!!!!! Tell Me how yall feel
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