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  1. I'd like it if they did a ride in there.. Something along the lines of The Great Pumpkin or something, and then turn it into a haunt for September/October. I know that KI closes for like 2-3 weeks in September to prepare for Haunt, and they could easily do it then. They could easily use the ride for the Haunt, and have the cars go through it. Heres a few ideas for the haunt: The Production Line It could be like you are in a factory and the cars go through multiple scenes of different scary things such as: 1. Maybe some kind of Frankenstein-esque monster being created 2. People being slaughtered by machines that are supposed to be making things The Toy/Doll Factory (something to do with dolls and scary toys) Same kinda idea, but its a toy factory and scary people who look like dolls haunt the factory.. Maybe some freak took human victims and turned them into dolls... If it was just toys in general they could use that jack-in-the-box that was in Coney Mall/Maul this year.
  2. I was there that night. It was actually kind of fun, haha.
  3. Hey! Opening day was awesome, along with Diamondback. Diamondback is undescribable, thats how amazing it was. PARKING LOT ARRIVAL: Approximately 9:23 AM. First ride: Diamondback I got into the park at about 9:30, and cut through the crowds to get my ERT. I got in the line for Diamondback which what they estimated was 5 hours, and it was wrapped around near The Crypt (I finally gave in to call it that). I ended up waiting for about 2 1/2 to 3 hours to ride, let me tell you, it was worth it and a whole bunch more. The time went by fast by the nice people I waited with. I actually had fun waiting. :D I was amazed by the frist drop. I didn't staple myself, but I didn't have too much room, but the airtime was awe-inspiring. By the splashdown, I had a tear in my eye. Maybe it was the sheer speed or maybe it was how awesome the ride was. I couldn't tell. Second ride: Reptar My brother arrived with my mom, about the time I got off Diamondback. I decided to take him on Reptar, which was a 30 min wait. I didn't like it much, but he did, and I was happy for him. Third ride: Advencha Express I took my brother, who is 48" this summer, on AE, and he loved that too. It was all the way out of the entrance, and the entire queue was SWARMING with bees. Fourth ride: Flight Deck This ride, also packed, was pretty fun. Fifth ride: The Crypt I was very surprised with this ride. The new area around it looks very cool, and I love it. They used little torch lights in the queue that I think might have been used when it was TR:TR, instead of the ugly red floodlights. The ride broke down twice while in line, and twice not in queue. I got up to the original preshow room, and the big demon things on the other side of the room from the bat were illuminated. I got into the ride, and THEY PLAYED THE DRUMS AND FLUTES SCORE! I was so excited. It sorta felt like the ride system changed, but I'm not sure. It always feels like it changes. Sixth ride: SDATHC This line was supposedly 45 minutes, but it took about 20. My brother had tried to ride this 4 times over last summer, and was too scared. I FINALLY got him to ride this time. He loved it. DEPARTURE TIME: Approximately 5:02 PM. Here's my on-ride photo from DB. I was screaming "YEAH" with my hands up the whole time. At the crest of the hill, I just let go and enjoyed it. I am on the outside row on your left. That's my brother screaming next to me. (Not the one who just became 48") In front of me on the left is my friend Danielle and my dad on the other side.
  4. Do you know what these coasters were called? Do you have any pictures of them? How could they get away with that?
  5. http://www.visitkingsisland.com/corporatep...atepartners.cfm Yes.
  6. Oh then nevermind, I wasn't even born. One time I went in like 01 or 02 and there was a thunderstorm and the first strike of lightning happened while I was in the pirate ship pool (I think its called Kookabora Bay) and it scared me to death. The wind was awful, and I could barely walk. Yeah, I was little. Then again, in like 06-07 I want to say, I was at BB with my friend Jared, and we also saw some of our friends from Indiana. So, it was basically a perfect day, sunny, warm, nice. Then there were really bad big clouds on the horizon. We ignored them, and headed over to Tasmanian Typhoon, and waited in line. We were on the last flight of stairs when they made us all get out of line. The wind was so bad your eyes couldn't stay open, and the were these umbrella tables that were like being pushed across the ground. It was hell, and I couldn't find my parents or anything. There was a tornado I'm pretty sure, just not at Kings Island, but close.
  7. Do you happen to know exactly when this was? I may have been there.
  8. Thanks! :) Trust me, though, you're not the only one that misses it.

  9. Good idea! I hadn't thought of a kid's area, that IS much needed for the kids!
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