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  1. jdtillich

    Kings Island Opening Day 2009 Itinerary

    ^^^^^ Yea I got this off of another site today. It said it was official but I am just going by what they say. Not everything on the internet is 100% reliable.
  2. Kings Island Opening Day 2009 6:00am - Parking Lot Opens 6:00am - Season Pass Processing/Sales Begin 6:00am - Auction check-in outside Front Gate 7:00am - Auction check-in at Rivertown Junction (All first riders must be checked in by 7:30) 8:00am - Auction Ceremonies Begin 8:00am - Right side of I-Street Opens up to Starbucks 8:45am - Gold Pass holders escorted to Diamondback 8:59am - Auction First Rides End 9:00am to 10:30am - Character Breakfast in the International Restaurant 10:00am - National Anthem/Rope Drop - 2009 Is Officially Under Way!!!
  3. jdtillich

    31 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Kings Island

    Since I have worked in a music store for eternity I can relate to this. I will see in Billboard Magazine where it will say something like :THE BIGGEST SELLING SINGLE EVER* Then you read the asterisk part at the bootom of the page and you find something like this: *By a male artist born in South America between the ages of 34-38. I don't even bother believing the hype anymore. Thanks for the interesting facts! I totally agree! It is just a ploy to sell or get more attention. Whether it be music, cars, or roller coasters.
  4. jdtillich

    31 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Kings Island

    I added a picture I found of it. Apparently, 2 weeks after the ride opened with the stand up trains, a woman was fatatlly wounded. The park quickly restored the roller coaster back to its orignal state.
  5. jdtillich

    31 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Kings Island

    Also in the same year that the King Cobra opened (1984) at Six Flags St. Louis, they added standup trains to their mine roller coaster (River King Mine Train) and called it Rail Blazer. This also lasted for one year like the Extremeroller due to mechanical problems.
  6. jdtillich

    Diamondback! Size Restrictions?

    No it will be the first functioning one where it locks in to provide a real feel. There is a button that releases it. So this will be there first one at kings island.
  7. jdtillich

    Kings Dominion 4/10

    I checked it on mapquest for you!
  8. jdtillich

    Kings Dominion 4/10

    Still go and take your chances. It is a great park! Also Busch Gardens is only about an hour away and not 2 hours. It is definitely worth the drive!
  9. jdtillich

    Diamondback! Size Restrictions?

    It is something that hasn't been displayed out front of a ride before. I am interested in seeing it.
  10. jdtillich

    Diamondback! Size Restrictions?

    There will actually be a full functioning seat outside of Diamondback. It will mimic an actual seat on the ride. This was brought up a couple of months ago by Don.
  11. jdtillich

    31 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Kings Island

    That is what I thought cool thanx!
  12. jdtillich

    March 2009 Kings Island Quiz

    When will the April quiz be availible or is that still unclear?
  13. jdtillich

    Official Diamondback Testing Thread

    Possible photo opp for Diamondback?
  14. jdtillich

    31 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Kings Island

    Where did the Grand Carousel operate before Kings Island? Was it Coney Island?
  15. Welcome to KIExtreme!