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  1. KI-Balla

    Diamondback Ride Counts 2009

    56! ;) Only five yesterday... sure was crowded for a Tuesday.
  2. KI-Balla

    Nick's trip the Shot Town!

    Ah man... Lucky you, I love Chicago!
  3. KI-Balla

    Diamondback Ride Counts 2009

    35 as of Thursday. It was an awesome day, everything was a walk-on! Diamondbacks longest wait wasn't even 30 mins. :lol:
  4. KI-Balla

    Trying to Go TOMORROW May 31

    haha! :P
  5. KI-Balla

    Diamondback Ride Counts 2009

    14.... <_<
  6. KI-Balla

    Rivertown Empty Land- What Would You Put There?

    Wow Ty... That's an amazing idea! :D I'm not sure why they got rid of the old monorail, but maybe they should put the station there and have a trip around the park and get rid of the train.
  7. KI-Balla

    Ride Warriors Coaster Weekend Details Released!

    How exactly do you show them your membership info from a website?
  8. KI-Balla

    Ride Warriors Coaster Weekend Details Released!

    I just registered from another site cuz this one is after February 1st
  9. KI-Balla

    Diamondback's working title/original branding?

    I heard of Outlaw in the early stages when I just heard they were coming out with a new coaster at KI. But B3 kinda sounds cool. But Bionic-Beast..aha!
  10. KI-Balla

    White Water Canyon Game

    Haha, 65,973! :D
  11. KI-Balla

    Right now a Cloudy Opening Day

    Atleast it's not like 40s as high... I guess it's not too bad. I was hoping for like 65+ for high and like 50 for low.
  12. KI-Balla

    Former Cinema 180 Theater Removed?

    I think a big Ferris Wheel would be a great addition there! Nothing there that is a big attraction, just empty land waiting to be used.
  13. KI-Balla

    KI PTR from July

    Nice pics man :lol: They bring back some good KI memories.
  14. KI-Balla

    Is Kings Island Haunted?!?

    I'm sure you all have heard this topic many times, and I researched this on the internet, and I believe Kings Island might be haunted... Is Kings Island Haunted? If you have any experiences or stories share them. And is this under the right forum?