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  1. Looking at that do I only get the discount if I go on Staurdays in august or is there general discount on any day for a pepsi can. Thanks for the info
  2. I'm looking for discounts I'll probably go with my family of four (including me) and two friends and is holiday World worth the three hour drive if I've never been there.
  3. Does anyone know if there are any real POVs posted on the ride no the animated one I know it opened just three days ago but does anyone know where I could find one?
  4. I went to strickers grove at around 1:00pm with my friend, because his church was having their picnic and we first had to wait about a half an hour for them to open the rides so we visited the arcade and watch my friends younger brother do horrible on the wac a mole and on dance dance revolution. So they finally open the rides and we went to the Tip Top which is a spinning cups type setup in a giant circle and on half the circle randomly jumps up every 30 or so seconds. Next we headed to the tilta-whirl and my friend said number 4 spun fast, and guess what he was wrong it was horrible. After the tilta-whirl next we went took a brake and ate some hot dogs. Then rode the eagles type ride with the fin in the front so we rode in seperate cars I would swing all the way in and then out we would have competitions to see who could swing the furthest. After snacking and resting we headed to the ticket booth and bought a 8.50 ride bracelet to unlimtedly ride the roller coasters we first rode the Tornado. Not bad of a ride accept for this one hill about 3/4 thru the ride you go up a medium sized hill then a bunny hop then down another big hill and the car I swear is about to rip off the track. After that my friend would just avoid the tornado I think he was afraid but he just didn't ride it again. He loved the Teddy Bear I don't know what it was about it, but he just loved it. Then we just went through and rode random things abunch of times. I rode the tornado 8 times and the teddy bear 15 times or so I'm really not sure. The only thing that wasn't fun was the guy working the ferris wheel. He made us fit me my friend and another guy in the same car and I was just kidding but I said I feel fat, then he said It's O.K. I've fit bigger people. He was a poopface. Then we left around 8 and played Halo at my friends house. All in all we rode everything about 5 times or so accept the rollercoasters we rode those more than 5 times. This is my first trip report so if you have any comments or corrective criticisms let me know.
  5. Was watching fox 19 and they said the lady was in the ICU for a bursted blood vessel in the brain.
  6. brick52


    What is a good way to brush up on my coaster facts and expand my knowledge of coasters.
  7. I've seen that show plenty of times there are really no new good shows on roller coasters.
  8. On what weekdays or dates would be the best time to go yp to cedar point.
  9. I would much rather see a nice B and M invert or floorless than a woodie.
  10. Yeah you'r probably right I was just wondering.
  11. Last year I went to Cedar Point without a platinum pass and saw people going in for ERT before the park opened, but I if I get a platinum pass can I also take my friend in for ERT if she doesnt have a platinum pass.
  12. No im going down with my school to help out at give kids the world village and we can only go to Disney for two days. Trust me I'm patient I just haven't been down there for a while.
  13. If I had to ride two rides in each park which ones should they be?
  14. I am going to disney world in 2 days and I would like to know what i must ride.
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