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  1. What do they gain by vandalizing Lesourdsville Lake? Idiots...
  2. There is an Admiral on that site? No adjunant general though?
  3. It looks great - but had insane lines both times I was up there.
  4. Yeah didn't they call that the Branson Gate of Paramount Studios or something? I could see them keeping the sign up - just getting rid of the Paramount on top of it.
  5. That "I'm going to Kings Island!" thing is hilarious!
  6. What a douchebag. Don will have to fix that when he gets back. What is Paul Bunyan land?
  7. The Sandusky thing on Italian Job was a photoshop. Several people including myself were up at the park that day it was alledged to have been taken - and it still said Los Angeles. It is still a job well done though. That Clockster guy from PKIC did it.
  8. Wow... The Gay Fuel one was hilarious. I don't really get the Michael Jackson one. Has anybody seen Monster Spinnaz?
  9. Yes Beast is amazing now! You can see all the new wood on it. They have really done great with it! I used to hate it - and now it is a must ride! :D
  10. A TopScan would be badass - but its so hard to explain. It is like sitting on a propeller attached to a fan attached to an arm. The propeller blades roll so youre flipping - then the fan spins so you're going around in a circle while flipping. Then the arm with the fan attached to one end of it moves around in a circular pattern up and down in the air so it is like totally disorienting. I hope to ride one next season maybe - at Lagoon.
  11. I am betting it is a new games thing. Give it a shot - give it a try...
  12. Unless you go on that leet TPR trip and end up going to the park anyway.
  13. I would - but I will be at Cedar Point.
  14. I think Intamin should retrack it. Gravity Group track wouldn't be any better than what it has now - and I hear it doesn't age well. Also - PTC trains would be torn apart by the forces... Intamin track on the other hand is very solid and would work great. Additionally the trains are trailered, and are better designed for these forces. You would have a steel coaster smooth SOB ride with Intamin.
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