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    Kings Island
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    wood- Beast/ steel- Vortex
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    1993 estimate

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    Cincinnati, Ohio
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    Along with coasters, I'm a musician, with my instrument of choice being the alto saxophone. I also read a bit, tend to take interests in astronomy, music in general, and keep up on local sports (Reds, Bengals if they're doing well, HUGE UC fan, Xavier) I also attend the University of Cincinnati under a undecided major and am a proud member of the Bearcat Bands.

About Me

Top 10 Wooden Coasters

1. Beast

2. Thunderhead

3. Lightning Racer

4. HP's Wildcat

5. Comet HP

6. Racer

7. Blue Streak

8. Mean Streak

9. Grizzly KD

10. Rebel Yell


Top 10 Steel Coasters

1. Millennium Force

2. Magnum XL-200

3. Storm Runner

4. Medusa east

5. Volcano: The Blast Coaster

6. Top Thrill Dragster

7. Vortex

8. Flight of Fear

9. Great Bear

10. Raptor


Cheer Cincinnati

Cincy Will Win

Fight to the Finish

Never Give In

Ra, ra, ra

You do your best boys

We'll do the rest boys

Onward to victory!


Oh Cincinnati magic name

I proudly to the world proclaim

No sweeter word e'er charmed my ear

None to my heart was e'er so dear

A Tower of Eternal Youth

A Tower of Strength

A Rock of Truth

Oh varsity, dear varsity

Thy Loyal Children we will be

Thy Loyal, Loyal Children we will be



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