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  1. I personally love the water park.For alot of reasons for one since Im not 12 like a lot you on here I like most of the scenery at the watepark and I enjoy the slides and being cool on a hot day. Im not a huge coaster fan because the ones I have rode (racer,adv. express,) beat and bang in the car and hurt my knees. Im not a big fan of going upside down and so I like the smaller rides and love the water park. I think that with all the complaints on it son of beast should be taken out for a coaster that would actually work most of the time and not always be hurting people and getting complaints. I would also do away with top gun,adventure theater and any ride with low ridership to make way for newer more possibly successful rides that actually operate. For you young people on here here is a thing about buisness in order to make money you need to draw a crowd it is simple economics that if rides are down more then up the draw for those rides are small as the ride is questionable and you could use the room for something new.Look this year KI puts diamondback in and will have a huge crowd all year because of one ride.In order to draw more interested friends spend the money to remove older less rider ship rides for new ones that will get people in the park! That is how you will make money.In order to get a return you have to inVEST! Also I would try someway to make the train more interesting for people. If you are not hitching a ride to BB it is extremly boring! I would either make it the way it use to be with live actors and props or take it out for a more modern faster tram that would have a couple hills or curves. The L train in Cleveland is more fun to ride then the KIMVRR!
  2. I could to look at all the villian characters you could spinoff onto their own rides! Ozark witch,mummy,knight,tar monster,high voltage ghost, etc.. then of course the fairly odd coaster could be scooby doo again! Then you could also use shaggy,velma,daphine,and fred with their own rides as well. Dont forget my favorite scooby character THE CReePer! Around Shaggie's rides you could have like a purple fog machine that would be cool :rolleyes:
  3. How about Family guy land? Or land of the simpsons? I think it would be funny for stewie and the gang to be walking around and I would love a picture with QUAGMIRE! Not to mention getting one with bart simpson , homer or the comic book guy. Retheme the rides after those shows I think people watch both and it would work!
  4. In the town I live in which is 35 miles east of Indy (New Castle) which sits on 70 there are serious talks going on about a good sized water park. This was on the front page of our local paper a couple months ago and now with summer approaching the talks are now continuing for a plot of land just outside of the town. It was said to maybe employ like 300 people so it must be pretty good sized water slide park. Now all they will have to do is put up some other rides and a couple coasters and boom a family sized amusement park. New Castle is about an hour and a half from Kings Island and 4 hours from Holiday World and about 2 and a half from Indiana Beach. Pretty good spot for one. The article said more details will be released soon. I cant remember the companies name though!
  5. Indianapolis and other towns in Indiana all had small Amusement Parks back a few years ago. Indianapolis still has a park that bears the name of their park. Riverside Park which is just West? Of Downtown was once a pretty good sized amusement park. It had two rollercoasters that operated into the late 60's. This park had other rides as well. I have heard stories from my family members about how fun the park was.But lack of money and INTEREST doomed the park and it eventually went under. You can read about this and other parks at WWW.RCDB.COM--just type in Riverside park in the search I remember myself going to Old Indiana in the 80's when I was a kid.This park was just up I-65 in Thorntown but everyone called it Indy's amusement park. It had some rollercoasters,a water ride and some fair type rides as well. My favorite was the wild mouse ride! It was only a few miles NW of Indy. It was an average size Park a family park! I think the fairgrounds would make a nice area for a big theme park! Maybe a Basketball themed park? Also their was a amusement park started outside of Mooresville (south of Indy) called Garfield park but never devoloped. Six flags bought the old indiana property and even brought some coasters from the old opryland park but they were never built and they were later sold or scrapped!
  6. Since Diamondbacks are from the west I would add a western theme on both sides of the sign maybe some cactus or some tumbleweeds on both sides with Diamondback kind of coming out at you kind of maybe like a 3-D looking sign or maybe put the word diamondback in the shape of the snake
  7. I still remember the first time I rode Phantom theater. We went to the park with the employees of the restaurant my mother and I worked at as we were closed on Mondays and it was probably August I cant remember the year. I was probably 15. The whole group went there first and I didnt really like the looks of the outside so I didnt go in and decided to wait outside. The group rode the ride as it was early in the morning and so they were on and off. Later the group of about 20 split up and rode different rides and enjoyed the day. So I found myself with my brother and these two girls and we went and waited to ride WWC and it was getting dark and so we got soaked and then got back on about 5 times in a row. Now it is dark and we are soaked.The girls want to go back to the beastie(in those days) but when we get there they change their minds. So we come on up and the girls say lets go to the eiffel tower. So we come across phantom theater and my brother and this girl want to ride it as it is dark and of course dark in there and my brother was 13 but adhead of his time!Well the girl of course wants all of us to ride and I was kind of scared earlier in the day but the girl I was with said come on I will ride it with you and she grabbed my hand and held on to it and me in the small line as we watched the maestro work his craft from his loft and scare all of us.(the girl had been flirting with me all day and I guess I didnt catch on right away but I slowly did! we went to school together and kind of ran in the same group as I was an athlete and she was a cheerleader but anyway I never thought she liked me). My brother and the girl got on before us and rode and then we got on and I got even more scared as it got darker!We cuddled up together on the ride and even got a kiss during the ordeal. We got off the ride and went to the eiffel tower, the fireworks going off and the fountains all different colors was amazing and Im also holding on to the prettiest cheerleader I had ever saw! I would like to say we lived happily ever after but after about a year of dating we split. But I would have to say that was a pretty memorable trip to Kings Island. I hated when Phantom theater was taken out as every time I rode that ride after that I would remember that moment. I can still remember that moment but with scooby doo in that building now it kind of rains on a once fond moment! Rest in Peace --Phantom till they bring you back!
  8. Not going on Opening Day. To cold and to many people! I like going when I can enjoy myself and I cant stand being cold and having to wear layers. I dont really ride coasters although this year the beast and I turn 30 so I am going to ride it but it will be later on in the year. I would imagine June because I will wait for the water park to open up as that is a big part of my trip. I only went one time last year! This year I am going to ride the racer,beast,vortex,adventure express,Stunt track,log ride,scrambler,white water canyone,effiel tower,scooby doo,fairlyodd coaster(i have never rode), maybe flight of fear, of course the train, and all the water slides! I will eat pizza and drink beer and then stay from open to close and of course on the way home it will rain but it is always a cool rain! I doubt I will ride top gun or rugrats I just am not impressed with the coaster hanging under the track for some reason! I doubt I ride FOF,firehawk or the crypt!
  9. I would like to go to opening day the first year. I would also like to go during the 70's as my mom told me it was a pretty happening place. She also told me she was there on grad night when the accident occured. I myself liked the park at night and If I remember right the Demon had yellow lights that you could see from the fountains that wrapped around the loop. I would like to ride the older rides that are no longer there and go back and visit the characters that made the 80's the greatest time to be a kid in hanna barbera land. Go on the smurfs and the lion safari ride. Does anyone else remember how freezing the inside of those tram cars were? Or to go back and drive the old fashioned cars one more time or see the dolphin show or of course the train ride with the scenary and the story going!
  10. The closest Mcdonalds to downtown is either the one inside Riley Hospital or the one on Shadeland? I love Cincy's Skyline and I especially love sitting at a reds game and looking across the river at night. Not to mention being in Mason at night checking into your motel and continually looking across the street at Kings Island watching all the rides go at night knowing you will be there the next day. I use to work in Indy and live only 38 east of there. Indy has alot of fun stuff to do and see but I would not want to live there. If I lived near Indy I would live in Carmel or Fishers for sure! My favorites in Indy are: Bennihana restaurant,ruth chris steak house,children's museum,circle center mall,castleton mall, Indianapolis Ice and Indian games and not to mention going to awesome outside concerts at Deer Creek which technically is Noblesville but it is labeled indy. I also enjoy going to COLTS GAMES! Huge Colts fan!
  11. Indy is a mostly dumpy city outside the direct downtown area or if you are in keystone,castleton, or speedway. I use to work there and hated being out of direct downtown or those areas. Dude Lucas Oil is not a big waste of money--It is home to the colts, do not bash the colts they are the class of the NFL. I notice you have no pics of Conseco which is not a very attractive building itself. You must not be a sports fan. I did however see that alot of huge wastes of money are being closed down and one is in indy and that is skate parks.
  12. What in your opinion is the best time to ride White Water Canyon day or night?==night Which was better the big log ride or the small log ride?--big Would you rather ride The Beast in the light rain or hot beating sun?--never rode it Would you rather walk or ride back to Boomerang Bay?--ride The better food is potato fries or LaRosa's pizza?--fries Would you rather ride Racer or Adventure Express?---adventure express Be on Eiffel Tower first thing in the day or last?--last Front seat on a rollercoaster or very back?--back Where do you start your day at?--hanna barbera land Do you have a certain routine while at the park?--go in a horseshoe type way Best ride other then a coaster or Crypt?--scrambler What ride if you could choose should be put in the Phantom Theater building?==phantom theater The best name for the Fairly Odd Coaster is?--beastie Favorite color the fountains turn?--red-gold Favorite part of the park is?--rivertown The ride you have rode the most on? the least on?==most adventure express/phantom theater/most rollercoasters except adventure,racer A ride you have never been on?==2 many to list Do you go to Kings Island with people? How many?==yes,depends When do you get to the park?early in the am How long do you stay at the park? usually two days Favorite food at the park?fries,pizza,fudge Favorite drink at the park?==beer Favorite game in coney mall?softball in the peach baskets Favorite game overall?==softball in the peach basket/basketball Do you ever go two days in a row?yep alot Do you stay all night?where at?yep usually super 8 Where do you like to eat at outside the immediate park area? basically Mason?outback Best hotel outside of the Great Wolf Lodge?super 8 I'm bored so dont mind me! I wish I lived closer to the park I want to work security there bad but dont want to drive that long drive everyday!
  13. the guy's afro at 304 is cool/ cool video in general I love behind the scenes stuff!
  14. You know I dont think I have ever been to kings island when it hasnt rained! I went last year one time with a friend of mine. We spent most of the early opening part of the day in the park and then after lunch we headed to the water park. At about 4 you could see the dark clouds start to accumulate and slowly move in. At 5 they sounded a warning that thunderstorms would be moving into the area momentarily. Here soon the sun went behind the clouds and the wind picked up and we decided to leave. We changed clothes,got on the train and then walked through rivertown when it started to sprinkle.We walked over to look at firehawk and then it opened up and let loose on us.When the rain slacked up we walked to our car and went to mcdonalds across the street. When we got sat down to eat it opened up again and let loose and it was nearly dark as night and it was like 7pm. It also rained on us all the way back to our house in central Indiana. It was a cool storm though. Something just seems to be cool about rain at kings island as long as it doesnt ruin your trip.
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