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  1. 10/10, well you obviously like flat rides, you flatride freak, lol. 10/10 ITS CANOBIEFAN!!! YAY!! OH CRAP!! How do you delete your posts?
  2. Revenge of the mummy is in Universal studios, dude. So therefore it has 2 good coasters, well 3, but 2.
  3. CANOBIE LAKE PARK!!! W00t w00t!! I would say SFNE, can't go wrong with the number 1 rated coaster at one point in time.
  4. Wow.....and you are staff? Great answer....
  5. Don't you rate the signature also? State whether you are rating the sig or the avatar. Avatar- 9/10 its staff sig- 10/10 IJST!!
  6. I joined after they crashed. I like it here.
  7. http://extremepki.com/forums/index.php?sho...&st=0entry354 Did you also delete my post in that thread? How come all of my posts are missing? :huh:
  8. Oops....was that me. What did I do? My post was deleted. :grinch: :snowman: :santahat: :pacman: Winter......
  9. I have a question. Since when is Paramounts Carowinds hell? OMG IT HAS BORG!!!
  10. In this thread you will rate the avatar and sig above you out of 10. Go!
  11. A Cedar Point themed restaurant! YES!! But seriously, a happy days diner would be cool. Probably one of the best ideas possible. the only idea that could beat it would be a Tommy Boy diner, lol.
  12. Geauga Lake, their waterpark is going to be HUGE.
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