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  1. I doubt it is still in use its just a puny little thing. :lol:
  2. I always wondered why there was a random water tower at action zone. Is it just for theme?
  3. Actually firehawk you have to do more then just say clear and push a button,the control board has numerous buttons,as of diamondback thers only a couple buttons.
  4. It depends,I have a friend that works on firehawk all he does is check restraints and run the rides,he never checks the height.
  5. Yes,I think Kings island does need another woddie! If it breaks another record go kings island.
  6. I've always wanted rct3 but I have a mac so its hard to get the software and im looking forward to getting this game in the next couple of weeks.
  7. Really great pictures.It's amazing how this park really transformed from 1972 until 2009.
  8. Ok i agree.Everyone has their own opinion and people need to respect that.
  9. Well still its diffrent every train.But the front is still the best
  10. Well thats over seas and our country gets everything from overseas.
  11. They will have to sooner or later re-track it. -kings_island~thrill is me I was really expecting some serious work on the blue Racer this off season after how well the red side ran in 08. who knows maybe they will yet. Wow I forgot that blue racer rarely ran.
  12. But why would a little county like clermont make parts for another country when they can be making it for kings island or cedar point.
  13. I agree! In 2007 I loved Beast, but as of 2008 I couldn't stand it and only rode it like three times! I usally rode it i the first 6 seats every other seat is rougher but ill ride it anywere.
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