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  1. Is it possible to sneak into Kings Island late at night and roam around the back paths of the park? I've always wanted to walk behind the rides, see the King Cobra graveyard, and walk behind the Son of Beast and Flight Deck... I know there's like a million places to sneak in from and many holes in the perimeter, but my question is, do they have night security? Does the security patrol the back areas? Is there night-vision cameras that are monitored? I'm not actually going to do it, but if I did, it wouldn't be about doing any destruction or messing around, it would just be to walk around behind the scenes. Anyone ever tried this? Any opinions on it?
  2. Thanks for the info. I've never tried to go right in the beginning of the season before. I haven't been in a few years though, so I need to ride Firehawk, Diamondback, and Stunt Lot all for the first time. So I'm looking to go on a slow day. I'm definitely thinking weekday the first week the park is open through the week.
  3. What is the most optimal time in the season to beat the crowds at Kings Island? I figure opening day is probably really busy. So I was thinking about going on a weekday the first week the park is actually open through the week, which is May 25th - May 28th. I figure the kids won't be out of school then and most people won't have caught on that the park is open through the week yet. Are these days less busy than the initial weekends the park is open? Also, what about once you're in June, July, and August? What are the best days to go then, still the weekdays? I usually always go on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday to avoid the weekends and the extended weekends people usually take off. I'd love to find a day when the park is DEAD! I've been going for years and in the past you would maybe luck out on a mid-weekday. A few years back I remember a day when there were almost no lines for anything! It was bliss.
  4. Are the night shots infrared "night vision" shots or are there really bright lights on around DB at night? It's hard to tell from the pictures.
  5. There's some pretty good images on Google Maps and Microsoft Live Maps. Make sure to look at "Bird's Eye View". B)
  6. I can't get over how close the track is to the entrance of The Crypt. You'd think it would 1) be really loud and 2) a temptation for people (idiots) in line to throw stuff at it and/or do other stupid things. It's completely within range. Maybe they'll have a fence or move the entrance for The Crypt.
  7. Is there any such thing as a Rides Manager, that gets trained on multiple rides, manages people, and still actually gets to operate rides from time to time? Do you ever have to clean up vomit or anything like that? What are the really negative parts about operating rides? Boredom and repetitiveness? Also, what are the various security positions? I saw on the website there were Perimeter Security Associates, Theme Park Security Associates? Is there any that work 3rd shift? Like when the park closes to when it opens?
  8. So it's unlikely that all you're going to do is run the control board... you'll also have to check restraints and do the other jobs around the ride as well? What's with all this "info" you learn that you're not allowed to share? Is this serious? How long do the shifts usually last? What are the usual hours for a shift (like how long do you have to stay at night to close the park)? How many days a week do you work? What hourly wage is typical? I find ride operation fascinating.
  9. Welcome to KIExtreme!

  10. Hi folks, I was curious about working at Kings Island as a ride operator. I'm currently a freelance graphic artist and I'm looking to augment my income this Summer. I grew up going to Kings Island and live near Cincinnati. I was curious if anyone knew if you could just "request" to only work as a ride operator, or other cool job like a maintenance assistant or a "behind-the-scenes" assistant. I wouldn't want to work in food and beverage or in games or something else boring. I also probably wouldn't want to work "kiddie" rides either. I know I have a lot of requirements, but I'm wondering if they'll be cool with that or they turn away people who say "Okay, I'll only work as a ride operator on one of the major attractions." My other question is if you work as a ride operator, do you have to take turns being the person that checks the restraints and check people's height? Or do the workers that actually run the controls only run the controls? I'm thinking of applying online and also going to the job fair. Does anyone know about working all Summer as a seasonal worker and then securing some kind of position in the off season as well? Thanks in advance! This is my first post. But I'm digging this site and forum. :) Ross
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