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  1. I rode the Cyclone on Friday, on the 85th anniversary!!!! Can't believe I didn't realize the exact anniversary until just now!
  2. Speaking in third person... are you Bob Dole?
  3. http://www.fox19.com/story/16412111/mason-movie-theater-to-close
  4. Can't say I'm too surprised... one of the last multiplexes built before NA switched to stadium seating with the new Springdale Showcase in 1998. When Rave took over this one, they simply covered up "Showcase" on external signs and moved around the "Cinemas" signs on the entrances. Can't say Rave really invested much into this location to better fit their portfolio...
  5. Thanks for the info! Always nice to see new shows! I'm guessing that the British Invasion show will replace "Way Too Much TV?"
  6. Has the park been doing some serious work on the ride? It's possible they're doing comparison tests. Yes it's probably safe that Son of Beast will not go into 'revenue service' in 2010, but this shows that the park still has interest in this ride for the future.
  7. Disney would have a better hit making Monorail, in the tradition of Pirates of the Caribbean and Haunted Mansion.
  8. That's actually a bus run and owned by the Walt Disney World Resort. WDW has a fleet of transit buses not unlike a metropolitan transit authority near you. In this case, a Gillig low floor model. WDW also maintains a fleet of Nova RTS and LFS buses too. http://www.wdwanswerguide.com/DisneyBusFunFacts.html
  9. I just watched Jetsons: The Movie on Netflix. Just one reason why I say the family from the future. Super Bowl XLIV: Colts or Jets?
  10. Note the caption underneath the picture in the DDN article...
  11. The answer to number 2 may be challenged: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nrNjYQOAy9E Still, I guess it's a no.
  12. This report looks credible... prepared by someone who is AICP certified (American Institute of Certified Planners, I went to planning school) But still, after years of shopping around Demon Drop, they're going to MOVE it... across the country?! Weird.
  13. I am also very surprised Prowler, NOT Diamondback, got Best New Ride... I thought people would have more exposure to Ki and DB, than WOF. As for whether a coaster should be classified as wood or steel - I always feel that the TRACK is the deciding factor. If Voyage isn't a wood coaster - Coney Island Cyclone is also in trouble: look closely http://andrewprokos.com/d/cyclone-rollerco..._serialNumber=7
  14. True, guys. At least this isn't a Premier family coaster with theming that doesn't always work - it's an Intamin Giga... Probably the fact that much of the layout stays closer to the ground is more appropriate to the ride's name. However, I have to maybe state that the NASCAR theme would've had even more clout with a horizontal launch (like Rita at Alton Towers). Another thing thrown into the discussion is that Intimidator 305 is a "speed machine, not airtime machine" - the same way I feel with Millennium Force, which was engineered well (maybe a bit too well to minimize -g forces.) And one thing that I must give props to I-305 is the OTSRs - they're easier to deal with than the pain-in-ass short seatbelts MF has. Ideally i'd prefer the Intamin lapbar system, but they seem to have gone away from that. B&M has perfected the lapbar, and that is part of why some here are happier with a B&M hyper in their home park than an Intamin.
  15. I wish they'd give Diamondback to KD. :( I wished they had given Dominator to KI instead of Firehawk (X-Flight)... However... Diamondback FTW this time.
  16. I have to feel the same way... I rode it for the first time, and while I surely liked it, I wasn't impressed too highly. Two more rides that day, I got to like it more riding in different seats with different sensations, and already it's my favorite coaster at KI.
  17. Yes, I would be VERY traumatized if I were facing downward for 4 hours, especially if I were pressed against the restraint for that long, even with a seatbelt backup. Even if I were on something with a floor beneath me for that long, I would consider it "trapped" as I coiuldn't ride other rides, go to the bathroom, eat, etc. Or what if I had to get to work about an hour after riding? I'd be pretty pissed.
  18. If I had to guess... less vertical structure. Not to mention, HW wanted a coaster that was generally an out & back layout. I say generally because rather than having a "meh" turnaround that's up in the air, they stuck close to the ground and even had some banking at 90°.
  19. http://www.holidayworld.com/clubs/ If you are a member of one of many listed coaster clubs, you can get in for $26.95.
  20. And to contact the Loizeaux family.
  21. I wonder what the protests were like for a coaster named WHIZZER? I'm sure it took a toll the cleaning crews to the point Six Flags had enough... "Alright already! We have restrooms in our park! Use them and we'll save your beloved ride!" Seriously, this could just be a publicity stunt. Though I doubt it is. In harsh economic times like these, saving popular coasters around hasn't been that high a priority.
  22. DON'T Taer it Down!!! Surely the best Arrow Suspended around! I like how BGE emphasizes quality over quantity, but I don't buy that they're short on parts. A legendary ride that isn't quite ready for retirement!
  23. 26 so far. 4 rides this past Saturday night after 10:15 pm sure ain't bad.
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