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  1. I think they only did it one year because it lost money. I remember you had to pick a date and buy your ticket in advance. I guess they did this so that they would know how many people to schedule to work by how many tickets were sold. People did not like this system because if it was raining or some other kind of bad weather, they could not get a rain check or trade the tickets in for another day. With the current way they sell tickets, where you can buy them at the gate or get them off line on the day that you are going, people might skip a rainy night but come on another night. With Paramount you were locked into that date you purchased and if it was too wet and miserable to go, especially for your kids, you were just out that money. Paramount was afraid of losing money on a dead night where as Cedar Fair knows that if they don't get you this weekend then they will most likely catch you next weekend. This works for the park and it makes the guest happy to have options. Plus Cedar Fair allows season pass holders to use their passes where Paramount made pass holders pay for the event. Although Cedar Fair is not making any more money for pass holders to get in, the pass holder is still buying t-shirts and funnel cakes and that is just extra monies that the park might not otherwise make. This is just my best guess though. I don't claim to know Kings Island's business and I could be way off.
  2. Here is the Santa Toy Factory show from the year Paramount attempted Winterfest. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hVNTZpILwOY
  3. Although there are a quite a few differences between Santa's Toy Factory and Tinker's Toy Factory, you can see how the current Tinker show evolved from the 1991 show. Some of the same scenes and songs, just no Tinker character. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mC89J7DhHzw
  4. LOOK WHAT I FOUND! Now, I never went to the 2005 Winterfest, but the fact that this footage exists probably means the idea was also used in earlier International Theater Winterfest production. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m12T5VUE790
  5. Although I remember the roof scene with the dancing reindeer quite vividly, I can't find any record that it actually existed in the 80s'90s version of "Tinker's Toy Factory" (Called "Santa's Toy Factory" back then), but I did find this. it's a 1992 show called "Santa's Christmas Wish" which has the scene as I remembered it (stars overhead in the night sky) except it's two dancers dressed like snow flakes instead of reindeer. They still use that mad cap puppet technique were the performers are invisible wearing all black body suits and the snow flakes are fluorescent lit with a black light. I'm probably getting the two shows crossed in my memory, even though I remember "Santa's Toy Factory" but have no memory of ever watching "Santa's Christmas Wish." You can see the dancing snow flakes around the 11:08 minute mark. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wJlkSW0a99U
  6. I think it is like having a business in the dead wing of a mall. Unless there is a popular store to act as an anchor, hardly anyone is going to come down to your wing. Cedar Point has two separate antique car rides and they could be looking to re-locate one. Still, I'll believe it when I see it or it's officially announced. It would make a great family ride, and like I said earlier, that area between the carousel and Coney Mall would be a good fit as far as the theaming goes, but the space looks so very small. Personally, I would like to see the train re-routed around the perimeter of the park. Once they figured out how to get it to cross the park entrance without disrupting the flow of pedestrian traffic, it would in theory, be smooth sailing to lay the rest of the track. I guess you would probably need Disney money to pull off that much investment into a train ride. You ever notice, with the exception of Dollywood, park trains always run in a clockwise direction? It could be a brand new flat, like Windseeker was before it opened. Something so new that no one is even thinking about it. I guess about 4 months from now we will have our answers.
  7. I guess we all know now that the "major attraction" that is leaving is Dinosaurs Alive, especially considering that it is already gone. I do miss the T-Rex standing at the park entrance. As far as new rides, if they put antique cars where the construction is currently going, it would be a very tight and/ or very short ride. Maybe not if you include Tower Garden in the antique car space. Having thought about it, putting antique cars on the Dinosaurs Alive path would be a bad move because it is so far off the beaten path, back behind The Racer. No one would ride it because out of sight, out of mind. A big new coaster could thrive back there but not a antique car ride. I think this is The Bat's problem as well. A mile away from the next closest ride (Banshee) is just too far for regulars and hidden from new guests. Plus, I would think the park would want the cars visible, and between Coney Mall and the carousel would be perfect. I thought about the rumor of a barbecue restaurant going into that space but the space is too big unless they're building another Festhaus type of place, but that is awfully close in proximity to the Festhaus. A regular sized restaurant would take up even more of that small space for antique cars. Personally, I would get rid of those awful burritos and convert that space to barbecue. Also, if it was just going to be a normal sized restaurant, they could have just customized the building that was already there rather demolishing and starting over. For Winterfest, they converted the burrito place to a loaded mac-n-cheese or loaded tater tots place and it is very good. They should just convert and serve that year around. I wouldn't be surprised if the park didn't get any new attractions at all. Mystic Timbers last year was good enough that no one should be able to complain if there is not any new rides next year... but they still will. Maybe throw in a couple of classic midway carnival rides and call it a day. A Tilt-O-Whirl would be nice but it's not that much different from The Monster. .
  8. I actually made the trip to Darke County Fair because you had mentioned that you saw a Zipper ride there. What a trip that ride was.
  9. Personally, I found it to be the lamest county fair that I have been to. After being to Scioto, Brown and Dark County Fairs, this one was very small. Batavia is also very small, but the rides and crash up derby were free with admission. Butler charges for just about everything separate. And like you said, the animals looked sad, but they may have just been bored in a pin at a new place when they most likely have more room to roam at home.
  10. The Butler County Fair happens every July at the Butler County Fair Grounds in the city of Hamilton. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lr4IZGZJtvI&feature=youtu.be
  11. Here are the stats of my Youtube Channel, on the most watched to the least watched. Beverly Hills Supper Club 556 Mystic Timbers opening line 225 HorrorHound Cincinnati 177 Wonderfest 111 Cinema Wasteland 99 Smokey Mountains Knife Works 75 Kings Island Halloween Haunt 2016 51 Covington Spring fest/ run with goats 39 Johnny Cash Museum 29 Neon Lights on Broadway in Nashville 27 Aquarium Restaurant Nashville 27 Sycamore Park in Batavia 29 Cedar Point Main Midway Arcade 25 Camp Dennison Memorial Triangle 23 Kenner Toys: Building An Empire 20 Cedar Point Shores 19 Maverick Cedar Point coaster 19 Starlite Drive-In 19 Star Wars: Power Of The Costume 18 Cedar Point 17 Red, White and Blue Ash 17 Covington Maifest 16 Newport Italian Fest 16 Garden Of Hope 15 Covington Geotta Fest 15 Grant’s Boyhood Home and School 14 Magnum Cedar Point roller coaster 14 Newport Aquarium 13 Cifton Gorge 11 Valravn Cedar Point roller coaster 10 Trenton Yard Sales 6 A lot of people must really be interested in the Beverly Hills Super Club and no one gives a crap about Trenton Yard Sales. I thought Halloween Haunt would have done better than it did. It's kind of funny to me that more people are interested in the Cedar Point Arcade than the actual park or roller coasters. .
  12. The final Cedar Point video... until the next time I go. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f_O5CNYRG9M
  13. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zld3Tl_qmDQ
  14. Although I like the location of Cedar Shores being on the Beach, Soak City at Kings Island is like 3 or four times bigger, more modern and over all, a better water park. I guess if Cedar Shores was included with park admission it would be at crowd capacity almost every day of the summer, because it is so small.
  15. A quick look at Cedar Point's water park, Cedar Point Shores.
  16. One of the best coasters for masochist. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Os7YpF6k2SU
  17. A quick look at Valravn at Cedar Point. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ohegh-lZuUo&feature=youtu.be
  18. A quick look at the Cedar Point coaster, Maverick. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bJiC13vd4M4&feature=youtu.be
  19. Firehawk attendance seems to be down as well, from my observation. I think because the wait is so long to ride, even on days when the park is not busy and the line is short. I wouldn't think they would move that one, however, because it is the only thing like it at Kings Island. Even it has a history of being moved, relocated to Kings Island from Geauga Lake in 2007. Unlike Vertigo, which seems kind of pointless since Banshee opened, despite the fact that visitors can ride backwards for half the ride. Removing Adventure Express or Vortex leaves a lot of open space for another coaster down the road, however.
  20. The latest rumor is that a major attraction will be leaving Kings Island this year. Normally, my first guest would be Amazon Falls, because no one hardly rides that... but calling it a "major" attraction is being rather generous. So my second guess would be Vortex, because more people hate getting beat up on that ride than there are people who enjoy it. My third guess is Adventure Express, because most of the rides' dark elements haven't worked in a very long time and there is barely any upkeep on the elements that do still work (statues beating drums). Also, the company that made those coasters (Adventure and Vortex) has probably gone down hill, if it still exists at all, since the owner passed away, so replacement parts are going to become more difficult to come by (unless it's something that another company can duplicate, like a lift hill chain). But this is all just theory. I have no claim as to what is really going on with Arrow Dynamics or Kings Island. The second rumor is that Ceder Fair is adding coasters to five of its parks in 2018. So my other theory is that they could take out Vertigo and move it to a smaller park, like Michigan Adventure or something, and replace its spot at Kings Island with a flat ride or with nothing at all. A used coaster is still a new coaster for a park that doesn't already have one like it. I can't imaging Kings Island getting another coaster after just debuting Mystic Timbers this year, but I guess stranger things have happened.
  21. I only mentioned that the ride broke down because it was part of the 'waiting in line' experience. I'm not insinuating that the ride is a lemon or anything like that. My guess is that fixing it each time just consisted of someone pushing a re-set button.
  22. The longest line I have ever waited in for a ride. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bqrrDd8VvNw&feature=youtu.be
  23. I've had lots of photography published, but the only art I had published was the cover I drew for my high school yearbook. My drawing aren't really that good, I just use a lot of texture to fool people into thinking that it is good.
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