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  1. Yea, I'm not at all surprised.
  2. Walt Disney's great niece calls out Disney World visitors during coronavirus Walt Disney'great niece, Abigail Disney, can't believe how busy Disney World, park was on it's last day open and isn't afraid to call the out the park's visitors. in a tweet, from Disney" World News," It showed massive attendance at Disney World in it's final performance of the the night of the show "Happily Ever After." When Abigail got wind of the massive crowd, she ethered the guests collective irresponsibility with "are you effen kidding me?" I was so tired when I posted the original message that I couldn't even read it. I THINK its fixed now. Sorry if it was full of errors and didn't make much since. I was falling asleep there.
  3. I never realized that the last tunnel covering the lift hill was so long. Seems like only a forth of that when your zoming into it on the train.
  4. I'm going to see the original King Kong, playing at the cinema today only. Also, I need to go out and buy a water heater. We haven't had hot water in almost 4 weeks. It's like taking the ice bucket challenge when you shower. I must boil a pot of water and poor it into the sink to wash the dishes and I might have to go to a laundry mat to wash some clothes. Everything is coming up dead roses for me.
  5. Dollywood opened today for season pass day but then decided to close for two weeks.
  6. I love the closeness and angle of Diamondback.
  7. 16,000 Americans have died from flu this year, only 2,810 people have died from the coronavirus virus WORLD WIDE. Most people who are effected with coronavirus usually get better, although they may be wishing they are dead when it reaches it's worse point. The ones who generally die have either diabetes, heart disease, late stage cancer, are elderly, have lung disease and anyone else who might have some kind of medical condition that could compromise their immune system... like cirrhosis of the liver as another example. If you feel flu like symptoms coming on, get to a hospital pronto, do not try to ride it out because it could be coronavirus and not the flu... although you should go see a doctor even it turns out to be the flu, because you are more likely to die from that than coronavirus. I gathered this info from reputable medical and science sites, not Fox, NBC or any news sites exaggerating headlines to create ratings and clicks.
  8. To promote their 150th season this year, Cedar Point will be returning to it's roots. Just like the parks of yesterday, it will be free to get in and roam around, but if you want to enjoy one of the open attractions you have to purchase a ticket for that attraction. Think of the E-Ticket system that used to be at Disney or any carnival or fair today. If you want to ride everything and see all the shows, you can buy an "all day" wristband for $20.20. Otherwise it might cost you like $4.00 for one ride on Valravn or $3.00 for one ride on Wicked Twister. I'm just giving an example here, they haven't said how much each ride and show will cost as of yet. It will only be for two of the midways, the main midway and the lakeside midway, so no western town. This event will happen on May 2nd and 3rd. It would be something neat to do if you just want to go, walk around and reminiscent about going as a teenager, but not as much if you want to ride stuff all day, although $20.20 is a pretty good price to be able to do that on the rides that will be open. Valravn and Gate Keeper are going to be the two most popular. Reservations to do this must be done in advance. Just for Fun Weekend featuring free admission
  9. North American theme parks remain open even with the virus spread, although parks in other countries that are highly effective have been closed. The Walt Disney Company and Universal Studios parks remain open and are taking steps to ensure safety during the outbreak. I will be going to both Disney Studios and Universal Horror Nights this September. The plane tickets have already been purchased.
  10. I was just thinking earlier this evening that a great place to catch the Coronavirus would be at a fast food restaurant. Some kid teen could catch it and then he or she is making your tacos or Big Mac, and you know they're kids so they will not have the best hygiene and washing their hands enough, if at all. And you know some of them will take short cuts on proper cleaning of dishes and equipment to get out of work faster, especially the boys. I just read that Target, even though it already has very clean stores, is increasing their cleaning budget to get them even cleaner to help prevent the spread of the virus.
  11. Don't you have to pay via auction? Money is so tight for me currently, between medical bills and having to get a new water heater I haven't even had enough money to get my 2020 season pass yet. So there is no point for me to go to 'First Rider' auction weekend.
  12. When I was a drive-in manager they did not have to pay over time. Movie theaters, circuses and other forms of work in the amusement industries were all exempt from over time. In fact, they were even allowed to pay Student Wage which was less per hour than minimum wage. I don't know what the rules are today and if they have changed or not. Walmart pays what is often refered to as a slave wage and many of their employees are on government assistance, so it doesn't sound like things have changed too much if it has changed at all.
  13. A former employee of Cedar Point’s parent company claims she didn’t receive payment for overtime. A former employee of Cedar Point’s parent company claims she didn’t receive payment for overtime.
  14. Apparently, a woman jumped to her death at Disney World's Contemporary Resort. The Contemporary Resort is the big "A" framed building that the monorail goes through. I guess killing yourself at the happiest place in the world takes some of the sad edge off of the depressing act you are about to do. Disney seems to be having a really rough time lately... Story Here
  15. Some ambulance chasing lawyer probably combed records and stumbled across the record and saw dollar signs, convinced the people involved that Disney had deep pockets and that there was money to be made. The ride only reaches speeds of 7 miles an hour so I doubt any one was hurt very badly. I remember when two Disney monorails collided. They go much faster and I think someone died, probably the pilot/ engineer that was in front driving.
  16. Two sets of tourists say they were injured on Disney World’s PeopleMover when the carts crashed into each other during separate incidents They are all suing the park. PeopleMover carts crashed into each other at Disney World.
  17. Back at the end of February in Orlando... The artificial river that the boat travels on is only about 5 feet deep, so it would be hard for any rash and calm person to drown. They can just hop out and walk to shore, unless the person is like 4.3 feet tall or shorter, like maybe kids. Jungle Cruise boat at Disney World takes on water with passengers on board.
  18. Yet Kentucky Kingdom seems to be thriving after Six Flags closed it for the same reason. Some times it just comes down to management.
  19. I guess Speedzone in Texas was another one they closed.
  20. I wouldn't think that Fun Spot would be big enough of a company to afford Indiana Beech anyway. I would guess that the property that their Orlando location sits on is their most valuable asset. Today their was a rally in front of Indiana Beeches front gate holding signs that said "Save Indiana Beach." The local government has now tasked themselves in helping to find a new owner. Save Indiana Beach rally.
  21. Apex, I believe, said they will be closing three more parks besides Indiana Beach. I wonder what who the other two parks will be? Fun Spot recently looked at Indiana Beach and passed.
  22. Seems to me that the state could stop the company from taking any rides until everyone gets their full refund. People looking for refunds while company makes plan to move the rides to there parks this spring.
  23. I'm thinking it was someone in charge from corporate.
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