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  1. Disney World is really having a rough year. Attendance is not what they were hoping it would be and have told cast members that they expect to lay off or fire a total of 28,00 employees , between Florida, the still unopened California parks, Disney cruises and hotels. Disney World has just just laid off 950 employees at the beginning of October 8,857 employees. They had already laid off 6,700 more employees will be laid off or fired December 4th. DISNEY LAY OFFS! My friends who live in Florida are saying when they went, certain rides were only open at certain times. So if you
  2. I just read that they added a Vortex track piece to the inside of Mystic Timber's shed. It is hard to see in the shadows on the left hand side of the Mystic's coaster, but added in such a way that it looks like part of the theming that has been there since day one. They say you can spot it if your looking for it when the train stops for the radio.
  3. I believe the trains were sent to Carrowinds to keep another old Arrow coaster running so what ever you buy really would just be a piece of scrap metal. Nothing recognizable like a seat.
  4. My crotch doesn't miss King Kobra at all. *owch*
  5. I've been expecting it since Universal Orlando cancelled their annual Halloween Horror Nights like about two or three weeks ago. I just got an add today that Land of Illusions is opening in like 30 days. I wonder if it will just be the trail open or maybe animatronics only, no actors. I could see various Haunted Trails opening up since you will be out side where it would be easier to keep social distancing. Winterfest at Kings Island is like 80 % performers, and with what attendance has been lately, The park could potentially loos a lot more money than what they won;t make by not opening.
  6. Kings Island is open until 10:00 P.M. tonight! (8-01-20)
  7. Ah, yes. The Beach On Ice. That was a pretty fun event for being such a small budgeted affair. The ice surface for the skating rink was horrible, though.
  8. I rode one at Brown County Fair a few yeas ago, but didn't feel pressed to ride it again when I saw it at Dark County Fair, Coney Island Cincinnati or Michigan Adventures. The one at Brown County would go around clockwise, then change directions and go around backwards. The other 3 went clockwise for the entire ride, and then the next set of riders would go in reverse. It was like they broke the ride cycle into two parts.
  9. Indiana Beach is opening a new (to them) flat ride in the next week or so. They are mostly done assembling it and just need to do the testing. It is the Flying Bobs ride. As a matter of fact it came from Coney Island here in Cincinnati. If they were planning on only buying one ride, I am not sure why decided to pick that one. Maybe it was was the only ride left for sale or the price was just too good to past up.
  10. The Beach had an early model of Water Coaster where you would go all the way up a hill carrying your raft then gravity power would pull you to the bottom. It was a lot of fun. I only ever got to ride it twice, once each on to different visits.
  11. This is my first time hearing of this, but Holiday World opened their water park, Splashin' Safari, this last July 4th. They also debuted their new water coaster on this day called Cheetah Chase. This is the a dueling water coaster that is powered by propulsion with targeted water nozzles. it is also the first closed circuit water coaster. That means instead of starting at the top and getting off at the bottom, you go in a complete circuit and get off in the same station where you got on. The article I read said that this third water coaster makes makes Holiday World the water coaster capital
  12. Because of Corona, 18 rides have not opened this year or have closed. I am speculating that this is just because they do not have enough employees to open everything, although the park hasn't given a reason that I am aware of. The park brings in a lot of foreigners to work, but with all the air travel bans and restrictions going on this has become more of a challenge this year. Surprisingly, Top Thrill Dragster is one of the closed rides, but the park hopes to get it open eventually. The rides currently closed include... the Antique Cars, SlingShot, WindSeeker, Rougarou rol
  13. Not only nuts, but stupid and a real lack of common sense these days.
  14. There is no rush. Just take your time and do a little at a time.
  15. Since your quarantined any way, You should take an hour or two every other day, organize and box all your collection together, like your old CDs and photos. You could give the photos to your kids and sell the other stuff.
  16. Walt Disney World has confirmed that three current attractions have permanently closed. The first is the Stitch's Great Escape ride in The Magic Kingdom, which only opened on extremely busy days because no one liked it and not many people ever rode it. The second is the Primeval Whirl, which is basically a "wild mouse" coaster with spinning seats with hard turns that slammed riders around. It is considered by many riders to painfull and the spinning seats made them sick. The one time I was at the Magic Kingdom I never saw either of these attractions and never heard of either one befo
  17. I have yet to get one of the snoopy ones. I only had enough money last moth to buy the new Halloween Haunt, Phantom Theater, Festhause, Adventure Express, and Vortex (1987 - 2019). This month I am hoping to get a nice new Kings Island pin with the tower on it and Flight of Fear. if I have enough for a third one I'm not sure which one I will get yet. Maybe an Orion one.
  18. I got a new Halloween Haunt that isn't pictured here and this is the first time I have seen Flight of Fear. They also have new this year Snoopy driving the K.I. Train and another of him driving an antique car.
  19. SANDUSKY, Ohio — Three Cedar Point employees have tested positive for the coronavirus, the amusement park confirmed to 3News Wednesday evening. Contact tracing is under way to determine who the associates may have interacted with. No details are being provided on their health status due to privacy concerns, but officials say the individuals were screened prior to the park reopening last week. (I believe Kings Island screens their employees before every shift, not just once a week.) Keep in my mind that just because the employees have caught it, that does not mean that they ca
  20. So a blogger posted this picture complaining about the Disney in Florida not enforcing social distancing. Here is the exact same photo taken from another perspective. These two pictures from Theme Park review shows how you can't trust everything you see on the internet. There just seems to be a whole lot of people out there who want to see the world burn and get some clicks on the internet while doing it. Clicks = add revenue.
  21. SSR1966


    My friend, Jeff Barklage, shot the briefing video that is in the last hut before you go up the stairs.
  22. From Kings Island on July 8th. “We have had an associate who tested positive for COVID-19. Out of respect and for the privacy of our associates, we do not provide details of any individual’s health status. Kings Island continues to adhere to CDC guidelines regarding contact tracing. The affected associate was screened, as per usual, prior to park opening. In accord with CDC guidelines, our associate and guest screening procedures and contact tracing protocols along with social distancing and proper face coverings are designed to facilitate a safe in-park experience for our guests and asso
  23. SSR1966


    My first ride on Orion! My mask slipped down under my nose during the ride. More to come eventually.
  24. cirrhosis of the liver, a giant hydrocele hernia making it difficult to walk or even to get out of bed, stroke like symptoms resulting from ammonia levels getting to high, and causing confusion sometimes, years of a dry coughing, constant fatigue and super sore muscles. Even though I have never drank. all of these are from the liver disease. Then I actually did have a mini stroke or two about two years ago. I am lonely, my house is a junk pile, my brother has been sneaking into my dead bolted room and stealing my stuff, corona, riots, destruction of both private and public property, Amazon Forest is still burning, started by people clearing the land for farming, and over 20% of it is gone. This forest is one of the primary things that produce oxygen and create climates. There are other large forest getting cleared in other countries as well as Austrailia also being on fire. Politicians have reached a whole new low on using their power to align there pocket books and those of their friends. Republicans and Democrats have reached a new low in slinging mud and fake news at each other in attempts to to seize power and liberals want to control what we think, see and hear. !00's of women disappear every day but because it doesn't fit the news' narrative you hardly hear anything about it. Is it no wonder that I no longer care if I catch Corona and die or not?

    1. I Am A Rider

      I Am A Rider

      I'm sorry, just noticed this today, end of August. Yes, the world is terrible, but I'm not ready to give up, in spite of the fact that I have numerous life-threatening health issues as well and have been hospitalized more times than I want to think about in the last six years critically ill. But as long as I can breathe, I will not quit. I hate that your life and so many others are so dire, and I do not have any answers. But I have got to hold on to hope. Anything else is a betrayal of the way my Mother raised me, and I try every day still to honor her by living. I hope that you don't give up.

  25. They started a ticket reservation to ride Orion today that should cut back on how long you will be standing in the hot sun to ride.
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