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  1. Looking forward to seeing where it goes after the second hill.
  2. Do you mean the lift hill when you say "pull out on the drop?" Here is Fury 325, whose trains looks almost exactly like Orion's.
  3. At first I was thinking that I can't believe that the haunted house is still up in front of the entrance, but then I remembered that they re-dress it for Winterfest.
  4. Who ever buys it will probably turn it into office buildings.
  5. I like the one with tower at the top and Vortex at the bottom at the very top of this thread. It would make a great poster!
  6. The owner of a backyard Halloween haunt is suing Kings Island for trademark infringement. He says the name Mystic Timbers might cause confusion over his haunt that is called Mystic Hotel. He claims that this could cause even more problems down the road with his amusement park he hopes to open someday. He is also suing Silver Dollar City over their new ride named Mystic River Falls. He has various other suits pending that use the word Mystic as well. He is also suing a bunch of people for using the word "Holywood" as well. I'm not sure what the connection he has with the word Hollywood. Mystic Timbers lawsuit.
  7. The food and ice cream was good, and affordable!
  8. I just looked it up. They do in deed have one, although the park is only open to the public 4 times a year.
  9. Very nice! I think the owner of this web site got to fly over the park several years ago, or maybe it was someone on the message board at the time.
  10. I had high hopes that Kings Island would at least buy the Tilt-O-World from Coney Island but it was not to be. I think Kings Island feels it is too much like The Monster (which is my favorite flat ride they have) so they probably think having both rides would be redundant. I can't remember if Stricker's Grove has a Tilt-O-Whirl, but if they don't, then it is going to be at least two hours of driving to find another one. That would be at Camden Park, just across the Ohio border in West Virginia, Then about 4 hours away there is one at Indiana Beach. Maybe some of the bigger county fairs will have one, but I don't know.
  11. I always refer to Kings Island Central as Drama Central. This was back when they had posts subjects like line jumpers and kids dribbling basketballs. I agree that these things are annoying about the park, but the threads would go for like 20+ pages long. I got the point after the first 12 posts. Then someone posted a picture of a woman's back side in Daisy Duke cut off shorts and many of the members joined in on insulting the woman and making fun of her. Then Top Gun stole a bunch of my pictures and was posting them like they were his to do so. I walked away and have rarely been back. But I regress, I now have dragged some of that drama to this thread. I shale not mention it again.
  12. I talked to a guy about why there were no lasers and fog machines this year as told, and this person told me they had to sell the laser machines to help pay towards cost of putting on that parade this year.
  13. They are already spending so much money on the new coaster and the revamping of the area leading into Orion that tearing down Vortex might not be in the budget this year, but as most of the time, I am only speculating. I really have no way of knowing.
  14. Look how long they let Son of Beast sit there after it closed.
  15. Last year, I think it was, Six Flags tried to buy all the Sea World parks.
  16. The park said they have no plans for that space so it will probably be two or three years before we know something. Kings Island was originally going to get an Adams Family themed coaster, but they couldn't secure the rights so went with Italian Job instead. The Adams Family coaster went to Dollywood and was themed as Mystery Mine. I would like to see Kings Island finally get that coaster, rethemed to something else, so that they have a cool new coaster and can get more use out of the the old Bat line queue building. If not that, a dive coaster would be cool.
  17. I'm surprised there hasn't been any mention of this here, but a few weeks ago Six Flags gave Cedar Fair a merger offer that offered cash-and-stock to Ceder Fair. The combined company would become the largest amusement park company in the United States (I thought Six Flags was already the largest). Many speculated that this would give Six Flags the ability and excuse to increase their ticket prices. Cedar Fair fans spoke up saying that Six Flags would eventually ruin what makes each park unique and did not want to see this happen. A few kind of liked the idea because they felt like Six Flags would bring in new rides to the small parks that Cedar Fair doesn't do much with. I guess the fans who think that have forgotten how they took out the best roller coasters at Kentucky Kingdom and split, or how Flags mismanaged Geauga Lake and had to sell it, or how Six Flags New Orleans was abandoned after getting flooded by Hurricane Katrina. You know if they were successfully making money with it they would have repaired and replaced what was needed to get it up and running again. I think under Six Flags management, Michigan Adventures would be closed down. But Cedar Fair has since rebuked the offer so I guess we are all safe from all of our parks becoming more generic Six Flags parks. https://www.cleveland.com/business/2019/10/six-flags-pursuing-purchase-of-cedar-fair-including-cedar-point-reuters-reports.html
  18. This used to be fun when I was a kid and to short to get my face slammed back and forth between the over the shoulder harness. But even nostalgia won't make me miss this painful ride. I hope they save and reuse the coaster station for what ever goes in there next. That and Flight of Fear are the only two stations with any class.
  19. I don't know. I go so much I have never had a reason to get any kind of fast lane. I do know, however, that the haunted house fast lane is different from the ride fast lane.
  20. I just read somewhere that the Farmer's Almanac is predicting this winter is going to be a rough one.
  21. I'll be at Haunt opening night Friday and I'm trying to get someone to go to West Virginia with me for the Mothman Festival, on Saturday. So if I don't post anything this weekend, that is why.
  22. "Fans of Coney Island’s rides will have a few chances to experience them one last time as the park opens this Saturday and Sunday. Their final day of operation will be Sept. 21, when Coney Island hosts the Fire Up the Night fireworks competition." "Coney Island will remove all of its rides in order to focus on its Sunlite Pool along with its surrounding water features in the coming months." read the rest of the article here. http://www.bizjournals.com/cincinnati/news/2019/09/09/exclusive-here-s-why-coney-island-s-rides-are.html
  23. As best as I can tell, Redbrush park closed. http://www.jacksoncountyhistory.org/items/show/531
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