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    MYSTIC TIMBERS: New for 2017!

    The night of the big announcement. These are the best I could do with a point and shoot camera. The line to get into the announcement was longer than that of Diamondback.
  2. a nice read on Fantasy Farm. http://www.daytonlocal.com/blog/community/memories-of-fantasy-farm.asp
  3. SSR1966

    Dyson Airblades hand dryers

    Weren't we talking about these hand dryers not that long ago? I think we were talking about how gross they were because of the water that pools up in the bottom. http://www.simplemost.com/eww-study-finds-that-dyson-airblades-spread-germs-1300-times-more-than-paper-towels/?source=WCPO&utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=referral&utm_campaign=WCPO
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    I'm New Here!

    It's a TRAP!
  5. SSR1966

    BLOG: Thrill rides an escape route at Halloween Haunt

    I haven't been able to ride anything since last July, do to medical issues, but I'm going to try to get one last ride on Diamondback before the park closes for 2015.
  6. It was great to see Hot Blooded return this year. That Skeleton Crew thing that they had last year was quite boring.
  7. SSR1966

    I'm New Here!

    Welcome! Things are a bit more quiet around here than Central, but that means it doesn't have all the drama either.
  8. New show with Host Joe Bob Briggs that is trying to get picked up as a TV series. The first episode is about the The Amusement Park Drive-in just outside Billings, Montana. It's a drive-in theater built and operated by a former traveling carnival owner. It's a drive-in with a working roller coaster and a few other none working rides that the owner hopes to get running again sometime in the near future. Check it out. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yp6qb-fqUxQ&app=desktop
  9. SSR1966

    The Amusement Park Drive-in

    The Amusement Park Drive-In web page. http://www.amusementparkdriveinonline.com/Home_Page.html They are also on Facebook.
  10. Kentucky Kingdom has... "passed through several operators’ hands, added rides such as one “haunted” coaster and a few others that have set records, and closed and reopened more than once (including one time after a horrifying tragedy) has more twists and turns than Space Mountain. And the question of whether or not the park will stay open in its current incarnation remains to be seen. This is the fascinating story of Kentucky Kingdom. http://www.themeparktourist.com/features/20150903/30524/kentucky-kingdom-s-wild-roller-coaster-ride
  11. The Abandoned Theme Park That Finally Got a Storybook Ending This Maryland amusement park was once an East Coast version of Disneyland and was left for dead until one woman rescued it Read the article here -> http://www.smithsonianmag.com/travel/how-marylands-enchanted-forest-had-its-own-storybook-ending-1-180956318/?no-ist
  12. Inspired by the “American Pickers” reality television show, a pair of collectors is scouring Europe for classic rides to bring back to Cedar Fair amusement parks in the United States and Canada. The duo was sent on the continent-spanning scavenger hunt by Cedar Fair Chief Executive Matt Ouimet, a former Disneyland president who is hoping the refurbished family rides will add a nostalgic atmosphere to the chain’s 11 amusement parks. “We believe that we can bring some classic rides back to the parks, maybe that were there years before,” Ouimet said. The rest of the story can be found here... http://www.latimes.com/travel/themeparks/la-trb-cedar-fair-flat-rides-20150806-story.html#page=1
  13. I remember seeing one episode where they found an old carnival ride in some guys barn, but he wanted to much and they did not get it. They never got a good shot of it so I don't know what kind of ride it was, but I'm pretty sure it was just a kiddie ride. If Ceder Fair did land a "pickers" series, I would definitely watch it.
  14. I wonder if Cedar Fair is hoping to get interest in a TV series with this idea? Seems like a lot of those rides referenced in the articles are still readily available. No need to go searching through old barns to find them.
  15. SSR1966

    Panda Express vs. Chicken Shack

    I can't say that I have ever had Panda Express from Kings Island.
  16. SSR1966

    KI Roller Coasters Info Needed

    Diamondback is very smooth in the front car, but gets jack hammer like the further back you sit. Still, its a steel coaster so it never gets too rough. Banshee is very smooth. The Beast can be pretty rough. Each car has three seats, a seat over the front wheel, a seat over the back wheel and a seat in-between that does not sit on any wheels. Try to sit in that middle seat for it is the smoothest. Also, the further back in the train, the rougher the ride. The last seat on the train that sits over the back wheel is the most rough of them all. These Beast suggestions also apply to The Racer. Going into the Helix on The Beast you get jerked down and to the right pretty hard. The park is always doing track work on the wooden coasters, so some years seem more rough than other years, and I might be crazy, but it seems like weather also effects how rough the wooden coasters can be. Flight Of Fear is pretty smooth. Firehawk is pretty smooth. Invertigo is pretty smooth, but the over the shoulder restraints will box your ears if your somewhat tall and have a wide head like me. Flying Ace Aerial Chase is pretty smooth. The Bat, Adventure Express and Vortex are not rough, per say, but they can be quite jerky. Whereas Beast and Racer are rough up and down because your going over a wooden track, Bat, Adventure Express and Vortex will jerk you left and right. I've punched myself in the jaw a couple of times on Vortex because my face gets jerked to the side into my hand that is holding on to the over the shoulder restraint. Adventure Express has a small divider between the seat backs that will dig into your side as you get jerked left or right.
  17. Isn't it weird how the spam bots always post in the "Rumor Mill" forum?
  18. SSR1966

    Attack of the Spam-Bots

    I just meant it was weird that out of all the forums, they seem to like "The Rumor Mill" the best.
  19. Except for the occasional blue cone, I rarely ever ate at Kings Island. Once a year I would splurge on LaRosa’s pizza, usually when I brought a guest with me and we would be there for most of the day to get their admission fee worth, but rarely any other time. With a season pass I’m rarely at the park before 4 pm so it was easy and much cheaper to eat before and/ or after my visit. It was hard to justify spending that kind of money on a park dinner when I could eat at a steak house for the same amount. This year, however, the park introduced the season food pass. It sounded like a good deal to me so I splurged and went for it. Now that I had it for a season, here are my thoughts on it, both good and bad… Financially, the food pass is a great deal, especially if you go to the park a lot. It’s nice to know that you are already taken care of if you should grow hungry without being worried whether you have enough cash in your bank account to cover it or not. Being that you can use it twice a day is also great because you can have both lunch and dinner. This is especially great if you have more than one kid in your family, you can get food passes for all of them. The down side is if you have a glutton friend who also has a food pass and is determined to use it as much as possible. I have such a friend. Instead of riding something or taking in a show when you first arrive at the park you have to go eat because he wants to make sure enough time passes so that he can eat again before he leaves. Then at the end of the night, rather than getting that last night ride in on The Beast or Diamondback, you instead find yourself at Skyline or LaRosa’s on International Street, getting in that last meal before you leave. His food pass really cut into my ride time, and you could see he was miserable because he’s forcing down food when he is not even hungry. I’ll admit that there were times that I went to the park and only used the food pass once, and a couple of times I never used it at all. I just wasn’t hungry. One of the good things about the food pass is that it gave me a chance to try some other food that I might not normally have given a chance. The down side is that much of the food at Kings Island is really not all that great. The Chicken Shack is not only the newest restaurant, it is also the best tasting food at the park. The amount of food is also great being that it comes with garlic bread and seasoned fries. Hank’s Burritos was my second favorite. I loved the chicken burrito until I had one on Labor Day and it had some kind of sauce in it. It tastes like the same awful sauce Taco Bell uses on their Sausage Crunch Wrap. I had never noticed this sauce in a Hank’s Burrito before and thought maybe it was a fluke, so I had another chicken burrito when Haunt opened. This time I watched closely as they made it and never saw anyone add that awful sauce to it, but sure enough, when I started eating it the sauce was there. I guess it’s mixed into the chicken beforehand so you probably can’t even order the burrito without the sauce… Very disappointed that they made this change. Its also possible, I guess, that the sauce was always there but just to light to notice and at some point they started using a heavier amount. The hamburgers at the park are awful. I’m not a big condiment fan so I always order my plain. I guess with all the fixings that come on it normally, the taste of the meat is not as noticeable, but having tried it plain… I’m not even sure it was beef. Maybe it was Black Angus, the worst tasting beef known to man. I mean really, who like Black Angus? Do people think it taste better because it has a cool name? The burgers tasted the same at both Jukebox Dinner and at Planet Snoopy Grill. I have never eaten anything from the FestHaus that was fresh. Maybe it’s just my timing, but that place consistently has the worse quality of food. We once had chicken tenders from FestHaus (which are completely different from the ones you get at the Chicken Shack) and they were tough and dry. My friend took his back to the counter and before He even said anything, the employee asked Him “Are they too tough to eat? Other people have complained about them also.” He traded his tenders in for something else… a burger I think. At the Chicken Shack, you get your food fast but it takes forever to pay and get out. Hank’s Burrito it takes forever to get your food, but you get checked out really fast. This doesn't really bother me that much. It's more of an observation than a complaint. LaRosa’s is still LaRosa’s, and it’s hard to go wrong with LaRosa’s, but the slices are very small and not worth what you would pay if you did not have a food pass. I’ve also noticed that LaRosa’s in the park taste like frozen pizza these days. It’s still LaRosa’s, but frozen LaRosa’s. Frozen never taste as good as fresh, but I guess having them premade gets people through the line faster. Skyline is always good, but too much spaghetti on the Three Ways tends to bland out the taste. I hate to complain about getting too much food, but they could probably cut the amount of pasta by a forth or maybe even a third. Too much pasta aside, the 3-Way with Cheese Coney is easily the second best food deal in the park for amount versus cost, right behind Chicken Shack. This only applies to the International Street Skyline since I never ate at the Coney Mall location this past season. So my dilemma this year is that my friend has already gotten his food pass. Should I get a food pass even though I wasn’t all that thrilled with most of the food, or should I skip it and just go ride some rides and wait for him to text and meet me somewhere after he’s done stuffing his face? I’m really on the fence about this one. For the money I would spin on the food pass I could just upgrade my gold season pass to a Platinum pass or get a season pass to the Cincinnati Zoo or Kentucky Kingdom. On the other hand, the food pass sure came in handy a few times when I was about starving…
  20. Universal Islands in Orlando has a big new King Kong attraction coming in 2016. It's going to be "bigger and more realistic" than the old King Kong attraction. There is a video at this link that has some conceptual art and it looks like its going to use the same technology used for the Harry Potter dark ride... huge detailed sets, animatronics and digital projection. http://www.superhero...n-2016#/slide/1
  21. SSR1966

    Looking back at 2014: Banshee

    My first time riding this was on opening day. I got reports that earlier in the day the line reached all the way to the Eiffel Tower and circled around it, but by the time I got there the line only went to the entrance of Delirium. Even though the line had shrunk considerably, my friends and I still waited nearly three hours to ride. I like the tombstones that populate the grassy area around the line queues and feel that the purple and blue color scheme of the coaster was the perfect choice for a coaster named Banshee. The lights that randomly flicker inside the train station is a nice touch, but overall, the theming was rather light compared to rides of days gone by. I guess Paramount was the master of ride theming when you think about how elaborate Tomb Raider, Top Gun and even Italian Job were, but even before that you had the mining station of The Beast, complete with flooded mine, and The Bat, who’s haunted house looking station seems a bit out of place now that it is being used by Vortex. Banshee should have had something that looked more like a castle, I think, rather than just a purple box. I guess at the end of the day, however, it’s really not so much about the packaging but the ride experience, and Banshee delivers everything that it promises on the ride experience. The first time I rode I sat somewhere in the first third of the train. It took me up, down, around, back around… I could not tell where I was, which direction I was going in, or even if I was right side up or not. It was like no other coaster I had ever ridden. It was a blast, but the Barrel Role near the end left me feeling a bit nauseous. By the time you reach the Barrel Role the train is moving pretty slow and you hang upside down longer than any other point during the ride. I can still take spinning rides, but hanging upside down agrees with me less and less as I get older. I decided to wait until my second visit before attempting to ride it again. Not only did I not want to wait in that line again, but I didn’t want to push my luck and possibly make myself even more nauseous with a second ride. I would throw caution to the wind during my next visit, however, and ride Banshee three times in row. I had just gotten off work and it was a cold and rainy Friday night. Weather has never been much of a deterrent for me and I figured the park would probably be dead, so instead of heading for home, I headed to Kings Island. My assumption was correct; business was so slow that Banshee was a walk on. I rode the coaster and was feeling a bit nauseous like the first time, but I tried to pace myself. Instead of running around and hopping right back on the ride, I relaxed for 15 to 20 minutes, just walking around and taking night shots of the coaster, tombstones and the attractive, mist producing Banshee sign. After feeling like enough time had passed, I hopped on for another ride. Enough time had not passed. I was really feeling the nausea this second time. I sat down on a wall afterwards and debated with myself if I should ride again or go have a relaxing train ride. I debated this for close to 25 minutes, but then realized the park was going to close in less than 15 minutes and I would never make it to the train in time, so I entered the queue for my third ride on Banshee. Yea… that probably wasn’t such a good idea. I had to hold the rail as I made my way down the station steps. I thought I was going to fall into a rack of souvenir Banshee T-shirts in the gift shop, thanks to the world spinning around me, and I thought for sure I was going to puke up my guts, but hopefully not until I made it out of the souvenir shop. An employee wished me a good night as I made my way out of the exit door but it was too late for that. I sat down on the wall again and questioned myself why I went ahead and rode it that third time. It’s not like I thought I would be skipping away from the ride afterward. The park closed and I slowly started making my way towards the exit, but by the time I got to my car I was feeling perfectly okay. Good thing the park was now closed because I might have been dumb enough to go back in for a fourth ride! I'm a glutton for punishment. I ended up riding Banshee about 8 or 9 more times throughout the summer, although I never again rode it more than once a visit. I have found that I don’t get quite as nauseous if I make a point to sit in the front seat. I’m not sure why, but I suspect that it has something to do with being able to see where I am going, as opposed to all the other seats on the ride that have the view obstructed by the seats in front of them. The kids really love this ride but it’s not for everyone. I met a couple while in Dayton who told me that they made the hike down to Cincinnati to enjoy the day and to try Banshee, but made the mistake of riding it first thing. They both got extremely sick from Banshee and ended up having to leave after just that one ride. Overall, Banshee delivers in everything you could want from a coaster of its kind. Its smooth, the seats and harnesses are comfortable, and it has more than enough inversions to satisfy everyone who likes getting inverted, however, it’s good to know what your body is capable of handling as far as motion sickness goes before attempting. If you’re not sure, save Banshee for last so that hopefully, you won’t have to cut your day short to go home sick. We have come a long way since the Screamin’ Demon.
  22. It seems to me that Delirium was a hit at the park since the day it first opened in 2003. It’s always had a line filling up every line queue on busy days and most of the queues even on slower days. There are some people who won’t ride it either because it spins or because they do not like heights, and maybe sometimes because of both, but judging from the long lines there always seemed to be plenty of people who were not bothered by either. This year, however, I noticed that the line for this ‘Giant Frisbee’ had shrunk considerably. What once might have taken an hour or more of standing in line has become considerably shorter. The day I rode it this past year, I was on after waiting through only one ride cycle, and this was on a nice sunny day. Once the ride started up I think I might have figured out why the ride’s popularity may have dropped off. In years past, no matter where you sat on the ride, you would always reach the top on the upswing. There was no bad seat. This year, because of where I sat, I never made it to the top. I was always on the bottom during the upswing. This seems to be a result of the spinning part of the ride having been slowed down. Maybe the swing is slower also… I can’t say for certain. I can say, however, that I was really disappointed with my ride on Delirium, so disappointed that I never even attempted to ride it again the rest of the season. So now, if you want to get to the top on the swing up, you need to sit on the side facing Banshee. If you sit on the side facing the Fest Haus, be prepared for a very lackluster ride. I ran into a friend of mine one day and he was telling me how he rode Delirium for the first time this year and he had fallen in love with it, but then proceeded to tell me how maXair at Cedar Point was ten times better. What he then described sounded a lot like how Delirum was before its ride cycle got neutered. So now I’m wondering why this has happened. Was the ride getting too old and could not take the higher speed anymore? Does this mean that in two years, when maXair reaches the same age, its ride cycle is going to get neutered also? (Delirium is two years older than maXair, so in actually, it will be only one year before the possible neutering by the time your reading this). Did people complain that they did not want to ride Delirium because it was too fast, and if so, are they riding it now since it has been slowed down? (Judging from the current average length of the line, I doubt it). Was this done because everything at Cedar Point has to be better? (That would be a really stupid business plan so I doubt this would be the case). Or maybe, just maybe, after repairs were done to the ride in 2013 it was just never reprogramed back to its original ride cycle of glory. (But if this was to be the case, was it done by accident or on purpose?) I don’t have answers, just questions and conspiracy theories. The majority of my friends don’t like rides that spin (one of them even claim the Carousel makes him sick), so I never got to ride this as much as I like. With this change to the ride program, I probably won’t even be making an effort to ride anymore. If I do end up riding it again I’ll make a point to ride on the side of Delirium that faces Banshee. Who knows, maybe I will discover that the ride was just having an off day on the day I rode it, and this possible next time it will be like the Delirum that I have always known and loved.
  23. SSR1966

    Looking back at 2014: Delirium

    It’s good to know that I’m not just crazy and that there have been other people with similar complaints. I, myself, haven’t heard anyone else express disappointment or even noticing a change in the ride program. I even did a search over at Drama Central and did not find any discussion on Delirium being slowed down. I just hope Delirium doesn’t turn into another Tomb Raider/ Vault scenario where it dies a slow painful death. In related news, after last year’s introduction of Wipeout at Coney Island, that park is once again adding another thrill ride in the form of a pendulum ride. It’s kind of like a Frisbee, in which rider’s seats spin while swinging back and forth, except on this pendulum, the swing goes completely around in a complete 180 degree circle. According to Coney Island's Facebook page, the ride is going to look like this one.
  24. SSR1966

    Looking back at 2014: The Season Food Pass.

    I didn't watch them make it but I'm assuming they just poor it right into the deep fryer. It came in whipped cream or ice cream. It's been awhile so I don't really remember all the details, but I do remember loving it. I'll try to make it back this summer and get an update with more detail.
  25. SSR1966

    Looking back at 2014: The Season Food Pass.

    I had a Krispy Cream donut burger at the Ohio State Fair this past summer. I was expecting it to be gross but it turned out to be like Heaven in my mouth. Later, for dinner, I had this pizza roll thing that I was not impressed with. The irony is that the Ohio State Fair has a buffet on the property that is reasonably priced and restaraunt quality food. I regret not eating at the buffet instead of having the pizza roll thing. I had deep fried Pepsi at the Clermont County Fair one year and it was also really good. With that in mind, I wonder if a location at Kings Island that would sell carnival type of food would go over big. I could not eat it all that often but I could see items like deep fried everything (esp. Twinkies), corn still on the husk, donut burgers and Bacon on a stick being a cult hit with young people… Well, maybe not the corn so much. I would put the carnival food location in Coney Mall. It might be something worth trying. Funny how I went from saying much of the park food is not that good to pitching the idea of food that is not that good for you. And I agree that Stricker's Grove food is really good, at least it was when I was there last in 2009.