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    have you burnt out Kings Island?

    I once bought a season pass for a friend of mine for a Christmas present. It was a nice gift for him plus I would have someone to go with all the following summer, or so I thought. He ended up buying a four pack for the rest of his family and he went with them and/ or people from his church about two or three times a week until he burnt himself out on the place. Then when we finally went together, we walked around for about two hours, rode like two rides, and then he wanted to leave because he was bored with the place. I ended up only going three times that year, for a couple of hours each time, because I had no one to go with. Now that I'm older I don't think twice about going alone, but it really sucked for me back then. I have been to Kings Island 9 times so far this year, which I think is a summer record for me. I am not burned out yet and don't think I will be. Even though I have been there 9 times, there are still rides I haven't rode yet this year (like Flight Of Fear), stuff I've only rode once or twice, shows I haven't seen yet, shops I haven't explored yet and I have yet to ever go into the water park section. Plus, I have taken or gone with different people which always adds a new slant to the mix. Kings Island is never the exact same experience for me, but it's probably because I take my time, explore stuff I haven't tried yet (or ever) and I never just go there and ride the same seven rides over and over again. Plus it's a great place to girl watch! Scott R
  2. SSR1966

    Trying to Go TOMORROW May 31

    Did you make it or were you swished away in a tornado?
  3. SSR1966

    Bad Storm on 5-30-09

    I was working in the bottom level of a local mall and had no idea that there was a storm until someone mentioned it to me around 3:00 A.M. I totally had no clue. It could have been nuclear holocaust and I wouldn't of had a clue.
  4. SSR1966

    Mysterious Lights Near Lebanon Explained

    When I was standing in line for Diamondback on Sunday, 5-24-09, I (and most people in line) saw two of the sky divers. The third one might have been up there but his sparkler probably had burned out by the time I looked up there. It looked like they landed back by the swim area or somewhere off in that general direction. It was probably about 9:45 PM-ish. I had forgotten about seeing them until I was reminded by this thread. Last summer, I saw people in the parking lot with little hot air balloons that flew by candle power. They looked like glowing orbs that floated almost all the way to the tower before burning out. That was a weird site to see.
  5. SSR1966

    How busy is it thread

    We rode Diamondback Sunday night. Got in line at 9:14 PM and was on the ride by 10:12. That was the longest line we stood in all night. The second longest was Invertigo at appx. 25 minutes. Because it was so crowded we stuck to rides like Racer, Amazon Falls, White Water Canyon, Adventure Express, etc, and was able to squeeze in a lot of rides despite the long lines and large crowds.
  6. SSR1966

    Upcoming Coney Mall Addition?

    As far as my opinion goes, The Back Lot Stunt Coaster can stay but I would really like to see it re-themed. I never understood the logic of putting that ride in that spot. I do understand taking out the antique cars, because ride attendance was down and it takes up a lot of space, but of all the things they could have put in that spot, they went with a warehouse district? All those stacked train cars are just an eye sore in that area. Although I’ll agree that it does go with the theme of the film, “The Italian Job,” they should have put the ride somewhere where it doesn’t take away from the overall scenery of the park, like back by Flight Of Fear.
  7. SSR1966

    2009 Changes and Additions

    That HayStack Dryer looks more like the exit door from the Kings Island Holo Deck program.
  8. SSR1966

    What needs to be removed/fixed at Kings Island!

    Probably not very realistic, but I always thought that if they didn't want to put actors or robots back into the train ride then they should re-rout it so that it circles the park. It would be cool if you could jump on the train in Nick and ride it around to River Town, Old Coney, Octoberfest, Action Zone, Main Street entrance, or back to Nick. It could be a ride and mode of transportation all rolled up into one. I would not get rid of the train, however, because like the merry-go-round, it's part of Americana and should be preserved. I have never swam at Boomerang Bay, but I have always entended to. I sometimes wonder if The Beach closed up shop if Kings Island would start charging a seperate fee for Boomerang by.
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    Nickelodeon Leaving Kings Island?

    Keep in mind that Hanna Barbara has come up with new characters since the 70's. Dexter's Lab, Johnny Bravo, Cow and Chicken, Grimm Adventures of Billy & Mandy, The Powerpuff Girls, etc. But since Hanna Barbara was absorbed into Warner Brothers and the newer characters (Camp Lazlo, Ben 10, Codename: Kids Next Door, etc) are produced under the banner of Cartoon Network these days, I don't know how this would fly as far as using anything created beyond the late 90's. Perhaps the park could just create there own characters rather than base it all on pre-established properties? But then again, who are you really trying to entice into coming to a kid's themed play area? The kids or the parents who will be driving them to the park and paying for the admissions, snacks and souvenirs? It might be a smart idea to appeal to the moms and pops with cartoon characters they grew up with, which in this case would probably be the late 80's through all of the 90's. Just thoughts...
  10. SSR1966

    "Fort Washington" House?

    I rode the train Saturday and made a point to look for the house. Once you know it's there you can see it. I miss all the Calvary shooting from the top of the fort and the other animatronic people and animals. Remember the beaver that would chew down the tree as the train passed it?
  11. SSR1966

    Walk of Shame

    I've done the walk of shame on Drop Zone two years in a row. First time was in the fall and I thought it was because I was wearing thicker clothes, especially since I rode it all that previous summer without a problem. But the next summer I tried it again with just shorts and shirts and it was still a no go. Ironic considering I can ride Delirium with no problem and it has a similar type of seating. But yea, I can relate. I almost didn't fit into Diamondback but then I took my camera out of my pocket and it was a snug yet smooth ride after that.
  12. SSR1966

    31 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Kings Island

    That Bisby's Spiral Airship looks like it would be really fun to ride!
  13. SSR1966

    What needs to be removed/fixed at Kings Island!

    I'll be happy if they just pressure wash the ground this year, especially areas that use bricks instead of black top. But with that said, that photo on this site of the two Diamond Back cars in front of the fountain, the ground in that shot looks very clean.
  14. SSR1966

    What are your opening day plans?

    because its just a rollercoaster. That's what I always say about 'Star Wars.' It's just a movie and I'm not going to camp out all night (or for multiple nights) when I can just go to a 5 o'clock show later that day, or even wait a couple of days until Sunday night, but people still line up and camp out. At least with Chick-fila the first so many customers (like the first 50 or 100) were given a years worth of free dinner coupons. That would be much more worth it than a free shirt. I think the first weekend the line will be longer than an hour, though. Unless it's really cold and rainy...
  15. SSR1966

    What are your opening day plans?

    I was thinking about trying to go on opening morning and be one of the 10,000 (or however many) but then I started to wonder... Do you think people will be camping out all night to be one of the first in line? I remember when the new free standing Chickfila restaurants opened in Eastgate and Anderson people camped out in the parking lots the night before. Then when ever Star Wars or Harry Potter films open people camp out in front of the theater. Why not camp out for Diamond Back? I'm not suggesting anyone to do this, just wondering if you think anyone will try.
  16. SSR1966

    31 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Kings Island

    I've seen the Bannana Splits episode on You Tube!
  17. SSR1966

    31 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Kings Island

    Ahhh yes, The Molly Ringwald movie. The scene was filmed during Winter Fest. Cool trivia fact.
  18. SSR1966

    31 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Kings Island

    I remember that. I wasn't there when it happened but I saw it on the news. I remember quite a few news breaking stories from when the Safari Monorail area was still going at Kings Island. I'm not going to mention them though, just in case they might be future trivia facts. Wouldn't want to spoile them. :D
  19. SSR1966

    Petition To Improve THE CRYPT

    Back when the ride was Tomb Raider, I didn't much care for the ride. It was slow and the way it would pause so that you could take in the decorations like the dripping ice or the boiling lava, it would leave me upside down long enough for my shoulders to be really bruised the next day. The pre-show stuff looked nice (I really liked the giant round door that would roll open) but the audio was always muffled and I never got anything out of what the statue with the glowing eyes was saying nor could I hear what was going on with the "Tomb Raider" video clip they ran after the statue was finished talking. It was just all muffled gibberish to me. Now with that all said, I do miss some of the decor inside the main ride room, particularly the spikes full of skeletons, but they got that thing so jacked up now that I wouldn't be able to appreciate them anyway. The lava and skeletons may be gone but the ride is faster, more wild and much more of a thrill ride than it used to be. It had me screaming like a little girl when I rode it last summer and if I were to die of a heart attack on a thrill ride I'm sure that thrill ride would be the Vault. I think the best thing they could do with this ride, decoration wise, is figure out a way to remove the building and just have it be out doors so that you can see the sky and ground blur past as you get spun around and shaken like a can of paint on a paint mixer. But since removing the building probably isn't realistic, maybe something like a giant strobe light could add some extra bang to an already wild ride.
  20. SSR1966

    Bad days

    Well, I have always assumed it was a security guard. I was more focused on what his left hand was doing and wasn't paying much attention to what kind of patches or badge he was wearing. And I also assumed he was a guard because he looked way past what I would assume to be retirement age for an actual cop, not that I would have any idea what the retirement age might be. I can say, for a matter of fact, that out of all the thrill rides I have rode over the years, I have never been more scared while at the park than I was at that moment. I was just talking to my friend a few days ago, who was with me when this happened, and he says it was on the very last Sunday the park was open that year and swears it was a weekend of the 'Larosas Close The Park Party." I'm not sure about that because it doesn't seem like the park was as crowded as other 'Close The Park' parties I had been to in past years. But then again, I don't remember much about the day leading up to our conversation with Roy at the Mining Store, except that we only got there about two hours before the park closed because we thought it was going to be open later than it was. However, I'll never forget the walk out of the park after our conversation with Roy. And I would like to restate that he only reached for the gun. He never drew it. I don't want people thinking they're going to get shot by some senile old man in a uniform. I would be surprised if that guy wasn't taking a dirt nap by now anyway. At the very least, retired.
  21. SSR1966

    Working as a Ride Operator.

    Front page of the Sunday Cincinnati Enquire today (2-15-2009) was a story about thousands of people showing up for the Kings Island job fair. They had more people apply on the first day then what the park has positions for. I guess that is what a sinking economy will do for you.
  22. SSR1966

    Bad days

    This is my first post here. I love Kings Island and hope no one thinks I'm bashing on the park because my first post is in the "Bad Days" thread. I went on 7-28-08 and it must have been the hottest day of the year. The park was suffering electrical problems (I assume from the extreme heat) and many of the big rides were closed. Since many of the bigger rides were not operating, that of course meant that the rides that were open had really extra long lines. Both of my heals had been feeling like they were cracked for many months, so I hobbled all the way around the park in pain, sweating to death from the humidity, and not riding a single thing because of the extra long lines. I did get to set down for a bit while I watched my friend eat a refreshing cool blue cone over in the Action Zone (I had not enough money to enjoy one myself) and then we left after being there for only about 90 minutes. I get a season pass every year so it wasn’t to devastating to leave without having done anything, but I feel really bad for the people who paid to get in that day. My second worse day was about three seasons ago when I discovered that I was now to fat to ride Drop Zone. That was surprising because I had no problem fitting in the seat the week before that and I figured that maybe it was because I had a coat and sweater on this time (It was October), but the next summer I tried again without the extra layers of clothes and I was still just about half an inch from getting that belt to lock. Weird that I can fit easily into any other ride, including Delirium, but not Drop Zone. It sucks having to do the walk of shame after being told that your too fat to ride… twice! The third worse day was way back in like 2002 or 2003. It was towards the end of the season and the park had closed really early in the day, like 5:00 P.M. or something. We had assumed the park did not close until at least 8:00. We ran into Roy, a friend of ours who worked at The Mining store in River Town and proceeded to talk to him. While we were talking, the park closed and everyone had cleared out without us noticing. Finally a security guard approached us and asked how much longer we were going to be because the park was closed. We told him that we did not realize that the park had closed already and that we were ready to go right now. Keep in mind that it wasn’t even starting to get dark out yet. As we walked out through Nickelodeon and towards the tower, there were guards at every bend, just standing and watching us, like we might try to take off running back into the park or something. To be honest, it was really kind of scary. As we got to the corner of main street, instead of turning left towards the front gate, I instead turned the other way and took two steps towards one of the guards. I just wanted to ask him what time it was and he reached for his gun. Soon as he touched his gun handle I stopped in my tracks and put my arms up and said, I only want to know what time it is. Never taking his left hand away from his gun handle, he held up his right arm and gave us the time. I then turned back towards the gate and got the Hell out of there. I remember saying to my friend, under my breath, That old son of a [system Edit] reached for his gun! My friend was like, “Yea, I saw that!” Now I should point out that he never actually removed the gun from his holster, much less point it at me, but having him even reach for it, especially after being escorted out as we were, it was one scary ending to an otherwise great season. I debated whether to call the park and complain or not during my drive home, but ultimately I decided to just let it go because the guard looked to be very very old and I doubted he would be back the next year. I don’t want to scare anyone off with this story. It was different owners then and I’m sure I looked like big fat red headed terrorist to that old security guard, especially if this took place after 911. I’m sure that the guard in question has retired by now, if he’s even still with us, if you know what I mean. My forth worse day was this past Halloween Haunt. Me and a buddy from work rode in the last seat of The Son Of Beast. It was night. During the ride, something that felt thick, like syrup, hit me in the face. The girl in the next seat up put her head down. The syrupy liquid hit me in the face again. My buddy turns to me and says, “Is somebody up front puking? It smells like beer puke.” I’m like, I don’t think so. But then the third time I got hit with it I could smell that it was indeed beer puke. When the ride stopped, a kid two seats up turned to the girl directly in front of us, and while pointing towards the front of the train, said, “Someone up there was puking!” When we were getting off the train, I saw two college aged guys wearing green army jackets walking the same way that the two guys walk in the movie, “Knocked Up,” after they get high on mushrooms in Vegas. They were walking very quickly and stiff, shoulder to should, and giggling. I think these two guys were the ones who were puking and I honestly believe that they were doing it on purpose. I think the average person leans forward to puke between there legs, not turn their heads inward so as to get everyone sitting behind them. I immediately went to the bathroom and washed my face. And those were my four worse King’s Island days ever! Still, I love the park and go every chance I get. And my worse days were still mostly good, just with bad incidents, with the exception of that really hot day this past summer. That day just blew. Still, I’m happy to report that I have never gotten myself sick at the park nor had to go to the first aid station for any reason. I can’t wait to go back this coming spring! Scott R