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    Paramount VS Cedar Fair

    I'm sure that the fact that Paramount ownes Nickelodeon played a major roll in the decision to go with Nickelodeon characters. In fact, I would bet that played a bigger influence in that decision more than anything else. I like the water maze thing that you can run through, but other than that, I much preferred the Hanna Barbara Land from when they had the Enchanted Tree puppet theater and the House Of Cards with the trick mirrors and the giant Play School People area. Even with the Hanna Barbara characters it seemed less commercial than Nickelodeon. But at the end of the day, I really don't spend very much time over in that area of the park so I'm not too concerned about how they theme it, just so long as it appeals to kids. But back to the original question, I feel both owners have their ups and downs. I like how Cedar Fair seems to be more aggressive at trying to get people into the park and the park is much, much more clean under their management. I like that the rides they have brought to the park are more about giving thrills instead of placing priority on flash over bite. I do like flash, but the ride needs to have a pay off as well. It's not unlike watching a movie with millions of dollars spent on special effects but with a lame story. On the other hand, they might be placing too much emphasis on the thrill. By doing away with the small classic rides (American Eagles, Tumblebug, etc) and the loss of the family theme rides (Enchanted Voyage, Phantom Theater), they are alienating a whole group of potential park goers. Not everyone likes to be flipped upside down or race down a hill at 35 MPH. The number of rides that none thrill seeking parents can ride with their kids is getting smaller and smaller. Parents are either to big to ride Nick rides or the ride is to big for the kids and parents. Paramount was better at creating more family friendly rides, although they are also guilty of doing away many of the smaller flat rides. But on yet the other hand, would either owner have done away with a ride that wasn't worn out and still had a lot of people riding it? I think I'm leaning more towards Ceder Fair. Most people don't have a lot of throw away income these days and the park owners need to save money anywhere they can if they want to continue to profit and grow. If cutting back on the water bill and not having to pay royalties to Nickelodeon and Paramount helps keep the park in the green then I can't really fault them for that.
  2. SSR1966

    Ohio State Fair at Cincinnati Mall

    Thanks Ty, it was a lot of fun. My night at the carnival has totally sold me on the idea of Kings Island needing more flat rides. The Banzai, Fire Ball and Extreme Adrenalin were just as scary and fun as any of the 'epic' sized rides at Kings Island. I remember Kings Island having a Ferris Wheel back in the 80's, but I don't think it was as big as this one and the Zodiac was too far back in the corner. The Zodiac should have been put somewhere in the middle of things, where there was something to see besides the back of Coney Mall and a whole lot of woods. A Ferris Wheel would be nice because it offers a relaxing view and it's something for people to ride who aren't looking for thrills. Maybe Kings Island needs a few more rides that aren't thrill rides to attract a different demographic. With the loss of such rides as the Antique Cars, Sky Ride, Dutch shoes, Bavarian Curve, Tumble Bug and so forth, there isn't much left to ride for people who aren't looking for the next ultimate thrill. Here are a few more pictures of the carnival. Thursday night at the Carnival Ferris Wheel for the kids. Dodge Cars MTV themed Fun House. Except for the MTV theme, this fun house was just like the one Danny and Sandy sing and dance in at the end of the film, "Grease." Fire Ball is sort of like Delirium, except smaller, the seats face inwards instead of out, and it spins incredibly fast. The Mardi Gras fun house was no where near as interesting as the MTV fun house, but the most lame was a SpongeBob Squarepants fun house. I would have felt ripped off if I had wasted tickets on SpongeBob instead of having the 'all you can ride' stamp.
  3. SSR1966

    Ohio State Fair at Cincinnati Mall

    This is now my newest "scariest ride I've ever rode on." Extreme Adrenaline spun so fast that my legs and feet went numb and it was at least 25 minutes before I could walk comfortably again. It was a trip and a half!
  4. SSR1966

    Ohio State Fair at Cincinnati Mall

    That is a pretty big Ferris Wheel. Looks like a good wind could blow it over into the electric lines. Doubt it could actualy reach the electric lines, but from the exit ramp it looks as if it could. It runs today (Weds) through Sunday the 16th.
  5. SSR1966

    Son of Beast Closed for Rest of 2009- Maybe Forever

    Well, if the ride has passed all the inspections but they have decided to get rid of it anyway, then I would re-open it for the rest of this season and use the closing as selling point. Get people to come to the park to take one last ride before it goes away forever. Figure out how many days the park has open and count down... "only 32 more days to ride the Son Of Beast" "Don't miss your chance to ride Son Of Beast before it's gone forever!" Take their lemon and try to squeeze some last bit of lemonaid out of it.
  6. SSR1966

    TR 8/9 & Diamondback Suprise

    I was there today as well, but I did not get there until after 8:00 P.M. That Haunt stuff you saw them unpacking was used to create displays on each side of the entrance gate. On the left was the that two story little cottage house that is usually by the exit of the Psycho-path and it was surrounded by Pumpkin headed people usually displayed in Nick Universe. On the right was the Haunt Hearse surrounded by tombstones and skeletons. Maybe you saw this when you were leaving?
  7. SSR1966

    Halloween Haunt 2009

    . And so they do. I had been up all night when I read that and it all didn't sink in. I did see at the park tonight that they now have Halloween Haunt and Pumpkin Fest displays up as your going in the gate. Got my picture with some skeletons sitting on a bench.
  8. SSR1966

    Halloween Haunt 2009

    In years past, once you were in The Haunt they would not let you exit the park and come back in, not even just to go to the parking lot. (this caused me quite a problem when I got separated from my friends one year, but that is another story). And since you can not use your pass to get in more than once in the same day, that means the policy would have to change or season pass holders will have to choose between a day at the park or a night at the park. what about paying customers? Does this mean they will have to pay twice if they want to stay for some night rides? Or is there going to be about 12 hand stamping stations starting at 5:00 P.M. for a one time re-admit after 7:00? If by chance they are hoping to milk people for a second admission, they should just use the old Knox berry Farm method of giving Haunt customers wrist bands to show they paid rather than trying to clear hundreds of people through the gates only to have them turn around and re-enter through them again.
  9. SSR1966

    songs you hear on repeat

    I've gone on days when they have played nothing but classic rock (I know it's going to be a good day when I walk in and Alice Cooper is blasting over main street), I've been there on days when they play nothing but 80's pop, and I've been on days when they play a mix of 80's pop and current top 40. The songs can really add to your energy or just make you feel very mellow on a sunny day, depending on what they are playing. I do miss the carnival music in Coney, the banjo music in Rivertown, the polka tunes in Octoberfest, and the Hanna Barbara themes in the kiddie land. I bet people who used to work back then still hear those tunes over and over whenever they lay down to sleep. But to answer your questions, I haven't really noticed any tune being repeated while at the park, but I still expect to hear the "Elephant March" every time I walk through the front gate.
  10. SSR1966

    Snoopy taking over Nick Universe?

    Personally, I just don't think Peanuts offer enough variety in characters or situations to theme such a big kids area. With a Nick or Hanna Barbara you get a variety of spooky shows, funny shows, action shows, etc. However, I could totally see Runaway Reptar re-themed as Snoopy vs The Red Baron.
  11. SSR1966

    have you burnt out Kings Island?

    I once bought a season pass for a friend of mine for a Christmas present. It was a nice gift for him plus I would have someone to go with all the following summer, or so I thought. He ended up buying a four pack for the rest of his family and he went with them and/ or people from his church about two or three times a week until he burnt himself out on the place. Then when we finally went together, we walked around for about two hours, rode like two rides, and then he wanted to leave because he was bored with the place. I ended up only going three times that year, for a couple of hours each time, because I had no one to go with. Now that I'm older I don't think twice about going alone, but it really sucked for me back then. I have been to Kings Island 9 times so far this year, which I think is a summer record for me. I am not burned out yet and don't think I will be. Even though I have been there 9 times, there are still rides I haven't rode yet this year (like Flight Of Fear), stuff I've only rode once or twice, shows I haven't seen yet, shops I haven't explored yet and I have yet to ever go into the water park section. Plus, I have taken or gone with different people which always adds a new slant to the mix. Kings Island is never the exact same experience for me, but it's probably because I take my time, explore stuff I haven't tried yet (or ever) and I never just go there and ride the same seven rides over and over again. Plus it's a great place to girl watch! Scott R
  12. SSR1966

    Trying to Go TOMORROW May 31

    Did you make it or were you swished away in a tornado?
  13. SSR1966

    Bad Storm on 5-30-09

    I was working in the bottom level of a local mall and had no idea that there was a storm until someone mentioned it to me around 3:00 A.M. I totally had no clue. It could have been nuclear holocaust and I wouldn't of had a clue.
  14. SSR1966

    Mysterious Lights Near Lebanon Explained

    When I was standing in line for Diamondback on Sunday, 5-24-09, I (and most people in line) saw two of the sky divers. The third one might have been up there but his sparkler probably had burned out by the time I looked up there. It looked like they landed back by the swim area or somewhere off in that general direction. It was probably about 9:45 PM-ish. I had forgotten about seeing them until I was reminded by this thread. Last summer, I saw people in the parking lot with little hot air balloons that flew by candle power. They looked like glowing orbs that floated almost all the way to the tower before burning out. That was a weird site to see.
  15. SSR1966

    How busy is it thread

    We rode Diamondback Sunday night. Got in line at 9:14 PM and was on the ride by 10:12. That was the longest line we stood in all night. The second longest was Invertigo at appx. 25 minutes. Because it was so crowded we stuck to rides like Racer, Amazon Falls, White Water Canyon, Adventure Express, etc, and was able to squeeze in a lot of rides despite the long lines and large crowds.
  16. SSR1966

    Upcoming Coney Mall Addition?

    As far as my opinion goes, The Back Lot Stunt Coaster can stay but I would really like to see it re-themed. I never understood the logic of putting that ride in that spot. I do understand taking out the antique cars, because ride attendance was down and it takes up a lot of space, but of all the things they could have put in that spot, they went with a warehouse district? All those stacked train cars are just an eye sore in that area. Although I’ll agree that it does go with the theme of the film, “The Italian Job,” they should have put the ride somewhere where it doesn’t take away from the overall scenery of the park, like back by Flight Of Fear.
  17. SSR1966

    2009 Changes and Additions

    That HayStack Dryer looks more like the exit door from the Kings Island Holo Deck program.
  18. SSR1966

    What needs to be removed/fixed at Kings Island!

    Probably not very realistic, but I always thought that if they didn't want to put actors or robots back into the train ride then they should re-rout it so that it circles the park. It would be cool if you could jump on the train in Nick and ride it around to River Town, Old Coney, Octoberfest, Action Zone, Main Street entrance, or back to Nick. It could be a ride and mode of transportation all rolled up into one. I would not get rid of the train, however, because like the merry-go-round, it's part of Americana and should be preserved. I have never swam at Boomerang Bay, but I have always entended to. I sometimes wonder if The Beach closed up shop if Kings Island would start charging a seperate fee for Boomerang by.
  19. SSR1966

    Nickelodeon Leaving Kings Island?

    Keep in mind that Hanna Barbara has come up with new characters since the 70's. Dexter's Lab, Johnny Bravo, Cow and Chicken, Grimm Adventures of Billy & Mandy, The Powerpuff Girls, etc. But since Hanna Barbara was absorbed into Warner Brothers and the newer characters (Camp Lazlo, Ben 10, Codename: Kids Next Door, etc) are produced under the banner of Cartoon Network these days, I don't know how this would fly as far as using anything created beyond the late 90's. Perhaps the park could just create there own characters rather than base it all on pre-established properties? But then again, who are you really trying to entice into coming to a kid's themed play area? The kids or the parents who will be driving them to the park and paying for the admissions, snacks and souvenirs? It might be a smart idea to appeal to the moms and pops with cartoon characters they grew up with, which in this case would probably be the late 80's through all of the 90's. Just thoughts...
  20. SSR1966

    "Fort Washington" House?

    I rode the train Saturday and made a point to look for the house. Once you know it's there you can see it. I miss all the Calvary shooting from the top of the fort and the other animatronic people and animals. Remember the beaver that would chew down the tree as the train passed it?
  21. SSR1966

    Walk of Shame

    I've done the walk of shame on Drop Zone two years in a row. First time was in the fall and I thought it was because I was wearing thicker clothes, especially since I rode it all that previous summer without a problem. But the next summer I tried it again with just shorts and shirts and it was still a no go. Ironic considering I can ride Delirium with no problem and it has a similar type of seating. But yea, I can relate. I almost didn't fit into Diamondback but then I took my camera out of my pocket and it was a snug yet smooth ride after that.
  22. SSR1966

    31 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Kings Island

    That Bisby's Spiral Airship looks like it would be really fun to ride!
  23. SSR1966

    What needs to be removed/fixed at Kings Island!

    I'll be happy if they just pressure wash the ground this year, especially areas that use bricks instead of black top. But with that said, that photo on this site of the two Diamond Back cars in front of the fountain, the ground in that shot looks very clean.
  24. SSR1966

    What are your opening day plans?

    because its just a rollercoaster. That's what I always say about 'Star Wars.' It's just a movie and I'm not going to camp out all night (or for multiple nights) when I can just go to a 5 o'clock show later that day, or even wait a couple of days until Sunday night, but people still line up and camp out. At least with Chick-fila the first so many customers (like the first 50 or 100) were given a years worth of free dinner coupons. That would be much more worth it than a free shirt. I think the first weekend the line will be longer than an hour, though. Unless it's really cold and rainy...