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Kings Island 2021 Opening Day Countdown

The wait is almost over!

Kings Island is now open for the 2021 season!


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  1. Didn't I read they were bringing back the original metal logos on the front of the coaster trains as well? Maybe they had always been there and I am just not Remembering. However, I can picture decal logos on the trains. I don't know for sure... my imagination works better than my memory.
  2. I just noticed on my first post in this thread I wrote that I never thought of Viking Fury as a pendulum ride. Actually I always thought of that ride as a pendulum. This is what happens when I should be sleeping instead of posting.
  3. I'm actually indifferent because the only way I can be up that early is by not going to bed.
  4. The park recently announced that early ride times is coming back to Kings Island pass holders. That is when there are about 3 or 4 popular rides that pass holders can get in and ride a half hour before the park opens in the morning.
  5. Oh' yea. I forgot to mention that after Season Pass weekend, the park will open up to the general public on Saturday May 15, but only open Saturday and Sunday until May 28. There will be a few week nights the park will stick to its closing at 8:00 P.M., but for the most part, it is going to start staying open until 10:00 P.M. just like the good old days. The park calendar can be found by clicking here!
  6. Kings Island announced the return of Halloween Haunt about a month ago, and more recently (like in the last week or two) have announced the return of Winterfest for 2021. Winterfest will return in 2021!
  7. Just like customers at Disney Parks who have been getting combative with park employees when told to put a mask on and then spitting on the employees. Just far to many morons in the world today. I think most of the people who can die from it have died and those that are left will just get sick... unfortunately. I watched a Youtube video where a doctor explains how the vaccine works and it is completely safe.
  8. I don't know, Great Wolf Lodge seems to be having success with it. By the the time Ceder Point's indoor water park resort opens everyone should have the vaccine.
  9. Soak City at Kings Island is said to be opening this year as well as Cedar Point Shores water park, but the park's indoor water park will not. That one will not open because the park will be renovating it as well as the resort that houses it. Castaway Bay Indoor Waterpark & Hotel will not open in 2021
  10. When I think pendulum ride, I think Delirium. I have never thought of the Viking Fury as a pendulum ride. But I guess Delirium is a frisbee ride. Still seems like a variation of a pendulum to me, however.
  11. The park has already said that those Covid policies will continue this season.
  12. I just read the original post again and I see it says the ones pictured are "new to the on-line store." I was so tired when I responded that somehow that detail flew over my head. I just read new pins and ran with it.
  13. Maybe these are just new to the store and not necessarily the new 2021 pins that will be available in the park this summer
  14. New? I have all of those. I'm glad they are keeping the Orion/ Area 72 two pack and the three Kings Island themed Snoopy pins because those are the only ones I missed last year. This seems more like an 'over stock' assortment of pins from earlier years. I was really hoping for a Firehawk and an Enchanted Voyage. They could make a Enchanted Voyage pin that just features the giant TV entrance, people going in on the boat, the pink snail and the ride logo. So it could be done without having to license Hanna Barbara or Smurf characters. A Skyride pin and a Soak City pin would both be pre
  15. Kings Island is opening this year for season passes on May 8 & 9, and I'm guessing for everyone else either the day or weekend after that. I did not look at the park's calendar so I'm not assuming to know when after that first season pass preview.
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