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  1. They really should have saved the station and repurposed it. It was the classiest train station in the park. If they end up putting another coaster there you know that the station will end up being just another big boring box.
  2. The message came from KingsIslandPR in reply to a question asked by a woman on the Kings Island Pass Holder group on Facebook.
  3. I read today that Kings Island said they will be posting the 2020 operation calendar in the next 7 to 10 days.
  4. Nothing new on Orion lately? Here is a picture of Fury 305. I think Orion well look very, very much like this.
  5. Did you notice the cameo at the end? One of the elves sings the song, "All I Want For Christmas is A Hippopotamus," earlier in the show and it is not mentioned again until the finale when you see the hippo up there dancing. I guess the elf got what she wanted from Santa Clause.
  6. Christmas apparently turns the Halloween Haunt troll into a giant creepy elf.
  7. That blue area is Tinsel Town, the name of the area between Juke Box Diner and Rivertown LaRosa's. Tinker's Toy Factory part 2
  8. Not me. It is always dark when I get there so I haven't seen much other than the pictures that you have posted here.
  9. I did not know anything about a tour, but if I had been on the guest list I would have been unable to get up out of bed and would have missed it anyway.
  10. There sure are quite a few people standing around back there.
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