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  1. When I think pendulum ride, I think Delirium. I have never thought of the Viking Fury as a pendulum ride. But I guess Delirium is a frisbee ride. Still seems like a variation of a pendulum to me, however.
  2. The park has already said that those Covid policies will continue this season.
  3. I just read the original post again and I see it says the ones pictured are "new to the on-line store." I was so tired when I responded that somehow that detail flew over my head. I just read new pins and ran with it.
  4. Maybe these are just new to the store and not necessarily the new 2021 pins that will be available in the park this summer
  5. New? I have all of those. I'm glad they are keeping the Orion/ Area 72 two pack and the three Kings Island themed Snoopy pins because those are the only ones I missed last year. This seems more like an 'over stock' assortment of pins from earlier years. I was really hoping for a Firehawk and an Enchanted Voyage. They could make a Enchanted Voyage pin that just features the giant TV entrance, people going in on the boat, the pink snail and the ride logo. So it could be done without having to license Hanna Barbara or Smurf characters. A Skyride pin and a Soak City pin would both be pre
  6. Kings Island is opening this year for season passes on May 8 & 9, and I'm guessing for everyone else either the day or weekend after that. I did not look at the park's calendar so I'm not assuming to know when after that first season pass preview.
  7. The top aerial shot is obviously completely made up but going by the bottom aerial it looks like this is gong to go in on the other side of I-71 straight across from the beach. I like how in that top aerial it seems to have The Screamin' Demon' in the shot as well as Orion.
  8. I guess Indiana Beach didn't do to bad last year, all things considered. They are getting two new rides in 2021, although both rides are used. The first is the Polyp, a ride with four arms with four buggies on the the end of each arm. The arms pick the buggies up and spins while the claws with the four buggies on the end of each arm also spin. This flat ride came from Lake Winnie Amusement Park in Georgia. The other new ride ride is the steal multi looping coaster from La Feria Chapultepec Magico in Mexico City. Interesting side note, two people died on this exact coaster
  9. I was a manager across the street at Showcase Cinemas and I despised it so much. I used to stand in the lobby watching them build Son of Beast and often thought about walking over there and asking for a job with the construction company. Then I would walk outside to get in my car or for what ever reason and realized I probably wouldn't last a week being constantly exposed to those winter temperatures. Of course we now know how Son of Beast worked out so I am glad that mess cant be held over my head.
  10. I feel bad for the workers who have to climb up to the top to work in these cold temperatures. Especially up there with the wind making it even colder.
  11. They said before the train departed that this happens from time to time, and if you can't get it out, they had someone who can get it out for you after the ride.
  12. The train at Dollywood still runs on coal. I got an ember in my eye once while riding on it. No permanent damage but it made for a very uncomfortable first half of the ride opening and closing my eye lid and tear tearing up in that eye trying to work the amber out of it.
  13. Disney World is really having a rough year. Attendance is not what they were hoping it would be and have told cast members that they expect to lay off or fire a total of 28,00 employees , between Florida, the still unopened California parks, Disney cruises and hotels. Disney World has just just laid off 950 employees at the beginning of October 8,857 employees. They had already laid off 6,700 more employees will be laid off or fired December 4th. DISNEY LAY OFFS! My friends who live in Florida are saying when they went, certain rides were only open at certain times. So if you
  14. I just read that they added a Vortex track piece to the inside of Mystic Timber's shed. It is hard to see in the shadows on the left hand side of the Mystic's coaster, but added in such a way that it looks like part of the theming that has been there since day one. They say you can spot it if your looking for it when the train stops for the radio.
  15. I believe the trains were sent to Carrowinds to keep another old Arrow coaster running so what ever you buy really would just be a piece of scrap metal. Nothing recognizable like a seat.
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