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  1. They started a ticket reservation to ride Orion today that should cut back on how long you will be standing in the hot sun to ride.
  2. 2 and a half hours in the hot sun while waiting for Orion was brutal! Wearing a mask the whole Time made it thrice as brutal. Probably about 10% of the line had shading. My fiends had had bailed by the time we reached the hour and 15 minute mark. I didn't go to the park to stand in line for an hour so I stayed and rode it by myself. It was a awesome ride! They had three little shed coverings for shade but the roofs of them are so high the sun shines in through sides so your still baking in the sun. Horrible wait because the sun and heat, but again, a super awesome coaster.
  3. (along with Kings Dominion in the previous post that is on the page before this one) Busch Gardens in Virginia is also opting to stay closed. Gov. Ralph Northam announced that amusement parks can reopen soon, only allowing 1000 people in is “not an economically sustainable situation for us.” The parks will able to weather a year closed since both Busch Gardens and Kings Dominion are part of larger chains, but the surrounding bushiness around the park are the one's who are going to suffer. They are struggling now and count on the amusement parks to bring in their tourist dollars during the summer. Many of them are the one's that are going to end up shutting down forever. The whole story can be found here.
  4. Kings Dominion probably won't open this year. Virginia's Phase 3 reopening restrictions don't take into account how large the park is and that, under the current allowance, the park will not open. Under Phase 3, which is slated to begin on Wednesday, July 1, amusement parks can open at 50-percent capacity, with a maximum count of 1,000 people. Kings Dominion—spread over 400 acres—has an official capacity of 50,000 people. There's a big difference between 50 percent of their normal capacity and a total of 1,000. "Kings Dominion is disappointed to hear as part of the Phase 3 announcement that the restrictions applied to smaller indoor attractions and venues are being improperly applied to large amusement parks, such as Kings Dominion," their official statement says. "Although we respect the decisions of our state officials, the restriction of limiting our park to just 1,000 guests does not reflect the large volume of space available to accommodate recommended social distancing protocols, and essentially suggests the state will only allow us to have 5 people per operating acre. You can read the rest of the story here.
  5. I rode Fury 325 at Carrowinds last June. This is almost the exact same coaster, only Fury 325 is 25 feet taller.
  6. They might not let me in since liver disease at my stage and Corona share some of the same symptoms, like a dry cough and constant fatigue. They could think I got early stage Corona.
  7. I got my reservation for opening day (July second). If I just get to ride Orion and eat something... and check out any new collectable hat pins, then I will be good.
  8. Cedar Point’s mask rule ignites firestorm of fan protests on social media And now fans of Cedar Point are complaining about having to wear a mask... SANDUSKY, Ohio — When you scream on a roller coaster with a mask on, what kind of sound comes out..?
  9. Someone must of heard us talking... Dogs Trained to Sniff Out COVID-19 Score Near-Perfect in Diagnosis of Human Sweat Samples Does sweat from someone infected with COVID-19 have a unique scent? Researchers in Paris, and elsewhere, believe it does—and we now know dogs can sniff it out. A new study from researchers at the national veterinary school in Alfort, outside Paris trained 8 Belgian Malinois shepherds to identify the smell of COVID-19 in the sweat of infected individuals. The dogs’ overall success rate was near-perfect, correctly guessing an average of 95% of samples. Four dogs successfully identified a positive COVID sweat sample 100% of the time The whole story is here!
  10. I think most people think the masks are to keep themselves from catching it and that they supposedly aren't very effective. They need to realize it is to protect other people from getting it by cutting the moister spray in sneezing and even talking down to about two feet as opposed to leaving a bigger vapor trail for others to walk through or get on them. There are people who have it and don't even know that they have it. If I'm in a store or something and realize I forgot my my mask, I will at least look away from other people when passing or talking to them. Even though I am at the point where I don't like a good chunk of people in the world today, I don't want to be the one that gets the virus on them to take home to their kids or grand parents. I bet much of the spread came from protesting. The protestors on the news were not practicing social distancing. They were all packed in front of government buildings like a can of sardines.
  11. A petition to remove the mask requirement at Kings Island had over 3,800 signatures Saturday morning, according to change.org. Those with season passes can return to the amusement park between July 2 and 11, and the park will reopen to daily ticket holders on July 12. But the reopening comes with new protocols, officials said. Guests will be required to make online reservations, socially distance while at the park, take temperature checks upon entry and follow other safety measures – including wear a mask. Kings Island states on their website that all guests, associates and vendors will be required to wear masks when the park reopens. The petition states wearing masks at the park will be difficult due to "the heat and humidity alone." Petition created to remove mask requirements at Kings Island I've been watching videos on Youtube of people going to the parks that have reopened, like Universal and Bush Gardens, and all the one one's I have watched all said that wearing the mask hasn't been as bad as they thought it would. But to be fair, Florida is not as humid as as Ohio, except maybe for areas close to swamps.
  12. What I think is sad is when you go somewhere, like Camden Park, and their Scrambler is in very rough shape. They still make parts for these so there is no reason for them to be crawling and shaky.
  13. I am incredibly unhappy with my life, the world and my medical conditions. My clock is already ticking and it has been devastating to me too lose the last three months. I'm beyond the point of worrying about catching it and don't even care. I'm not suicidal, but if I go at least I will be at peace.
  14. I want to know what "initial health check" means. Like, am I going to need a note from a doctor to get in? I haven't even bought my pass yet and I won't if I'm going to have to pay for a doctor visit.
  15. Those look nice. Although the blue painted was better than the yellow painted, only the natural metal colored looks right on The Scrambler. 👌
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