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  1. Lol, I guess they could use them for that but guests most likley couldn't figure it out. But that's cool any way. Hopfully they will clean the floor so they are more visiable in the off time.
  2. Lol, yeah right. Reptile cage is a joke. If for what ever strange reasion this does happen it'll just make me hate cedar fair even more.
  3. Ok, I'm just going to say yes, and no. Yes the ride was first constructed outdoors in Germany, but it is not able to surivive in the outdoor weather conditions. If u know what I do, durring the great TR:TR years when their was steam used for the lave pit effect, and where u can still see them on the front two legs of the ride. This steam caused many problems, it's an indoor ride, with water vapor in the air. Now what happens when iron, and oxygen react? Well the ride rusts, this is one of the large causes of this ride tearing it's self appart. Now a realy good question to ask would be why would the engineer of such a technoligicaly advanced indoor top spin decide that it would be a good idea to use water vapor instead of artifical fog. Their were allready areas through out the ride using this fog, why not continue the idea. Oh well, let's face the face someone messed up, and now KI has to pay to fix that. All though I never see the fog coming back to the ride, I would think some low level artificial fog through out the q-line would be pretty cool. Does anyone know what the hyroglifics say on the pre-show floor? U can't fully see them anymore, just wondering. And if there are any problems with my spelling, it's because I used my iPod to write this. So I don't care. And I think this is one of the longist posts I've made. But nothing can compair to GoodyellowKoRn182
  4. Well just thought I would start this. So with last year's crypt ride cycle getting changed to suck even more than it did in 08 without theaming, what do you think will happen next year. This is what the Crypt was as of the end of 2009. Ride cycle that went upside down twice (2) Haunt style music through out the Q-line, and outside Remodeled entrance (due to DB) Stupid netting over the out door Q-line (due to DB) The bat worked the whole season (unlike 08) Vertical door removed Magnetic gates installed in place of the vertical door (you can see the ride cycle from pre-show) There maybe more, but I think that is it. Well what’s to come to this ride in 2010? Will it be the same, or will there be some slight changes?
  5. Well, just so people know. KI isn't closed when they are changing things for the Haunt; it’s just opened on Friday through Sunday. I don’t see them changing the theaming of a ride just for the haunt either. Yes, that would be a cool haunt attraction, and the line would be at a steady pace, because people won’t stop in the middle because they got scared. The only I see KI doing this is if they had the ride closed in late season. That would require much more work than other attractions, and plus they would need to work on them as well. Just an example is urgent scare, they never opened the right side of Action Theater, let alone if they really had anything to show, just to prepare it for the haunt; and I my opinion it doesn't seem to require much work to assemble. And one more thing, I’m glad I have 2008 on my name, 2009 sucked for the crypt.
  6. wrong, there have been 4 cycle changes now. 1st TR:TR, 2nd TR:TR, 1st Crypt, 2nd Crypt. the second TR:TR featured more inversions than the original, then the Crypt with it's 8 inversions. then last the new crypt cycle that does two giant rolls.
  7. So as of 5-15-2009 Crypt has a new cycle. Just thought I would make this topic to see what everyone thought of it. My opinion, we need the old one back. There is one more change, pre-show has no door; it is now gates, so you can see the ride. But I want to mainly talk about the cycle. Have Fun
  8. Space Shot does sort of act like Drop Tower, but instead of being dropped, you are launched then free fall to the ground only to be launched again. Yes, the two are alike, but it would be great to see a rocket in X-Base. Watch the video on the HUSS web page.
  9. Was thinking of what the area in Coney held in previous years. They have fit some fairly larger rides in that spot, like flight commander. How about another HUSS attraction, or even two if you add one in X-base Here is what I was thinking for Coney. http://www.hussrides.com/index.php?option=...&Itemid=169 And here is the one for X-Base http://www.hussrides.com/index.php?option=...4&Itemid=90 This would defiantly fit in with the theming in X-Base.
  10. yeah, that would make sense. just didn't know they E-stopped the ride for a camera, normally they do a ride stop, which pauses the ride, while E-stop shuts down the entire system. they probably had there reasons, but enough with all of this. the noise you are probably hearing is the crypt's energy transfers for the breaks. don't know what they are really called, just know when the crypt is running there is always what seams like construction coming from the back side, which faces beast. they were probably running test cycles at crypt, trying to get it to work. if the ride worked all day sat. that would be three working days in a row. lets hope that the ride gets better through out the season. well back to the topic, i will not be signing the petition, now that crypt has music, i will be giving cedar fair a break. give them a few years to make crypt what they want it to be like. after all, this time last season we were going from nothing, to techno, to the current ride music, just give them till next year and if it isn't better then i would try to get them to do something about it.
  11. if it didn't break down, then why were they running test cycles in the middle of the day. i don't know for sure what happened, but i do know that DB was running cycles with all of the trains empty. does anyone know if the crypt broke down on Sat. or Sun.
  12. all right just thought every one might want to know this. many probably wont believe what i am about to say. on Friday, the 24Th day in april, the brand new diamondback broke down for a little while, nothing major, but what dident happen it whats amazing. on the same day, the crypt did not break down at all, there was one time where some one threw up, but that was it. i realy could not belive this when i found out, but it is the one hundred percent real truth. for all of the DB fanatics, just thought you would really like this, given that DB broke but KI's "trash can of a ride" didn't break down. this is great. if any one wants to count the days crypt will go with out breaking down that will be great. there are so far two days that the park was open and it did not break down. i will not be at KI saturday or sunday so i would love it if some one checked to see if crypt droke down. just go in and ask a opperator, they will tell you if it broke down, just not why. if not, just cheack back perodically to see if it is still operating. thanks to anyone who does this. lets see what the record will be for days that crypt didn't break, and i am just talking about the ride cycle, not the preshow, or main show, just the cycle itself. thanks. one more thing what is a good name for the bat, i thought Ruffus. what are you're ideas?
  13. Ill be there tonight, hopefully the music is still working, along with the ride. Hope that they fixed the bat, that will make it even better with the music in the line. Just a FYI the crypt cycle hasn’t changed from last year, the music is just cranked up really loud. And happy birthday GoodYellowKoRn182
  14. Well the ride cycle hasn’t changed, but there is Q-line music all the way into preshow. The music in the ride area seams like it is turned to max volume,so loud you’re seat vibrates from the bass. Lanterns in cave, and red floodlights were working last year, just not all the time. They now have what looks like mosquito netting over the Q-house to protect from things falling off DB. Bat isn't working again if it was working it would probably make more people run out because of how creepy the mood is now with the music, sounds kind of like haunt music. The biggest thing to change though is the entrance, with DB supports everywhere, there is a new entrance and exit, no more people jumping over the railing in front of the cave, only one place to get through. A whole lot of things have changed in Rivertown this winter, the biggest one is obvious. And possibly a new record, while I was at KI Sunday Crypt didn't break down, I wonder how long this will last.
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