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    I love designing and modeling roller coasters. I also love playing Roller Coaster Tycoon. When I am not doing any of these, I am volunteering at a local school talking to people about science and roler coasters!!
  1. I've been waiting for these details ever since they said, "Details will be announced soon" in January. Anyway, I am already registered as coming (but with another organization). I can not wait for the event and I am so excited on riding Diamondback at 1am!!!
  2. I checked out the weather for KI on opening day (from www.weather.com) and there is a 60% chance of rain and not a very good day. I hope this changes, well on second thought rain means fewer people, fewer people means shorter lines, shorter lines equals fun, fun, fun!
  3. I live only a few minutes away from the park so it won't be that much trouble for me. :lol: Just a question, will the auction people already ridden Diamondback by the time the park opens to public?
  4. Actually there are two operating modes on coaster control panels. The "standard operating" and the "manual operating". Sometimes for testing they will use the manual operating which lets the trains just go, but as of right now they have to test restraints and all that so I assume that it is standard operating (making someone probably running it)
  5. So, you are telling me that a world's first can't be a record. I believe Son of Beast set multiple records including, the world's first looping wooden roller coaster. Top Thrill Dragster was the first coaster over 400 feet. Both of those were records!? And I am sure those are not the only ones.
  6. Well, Maverick technically does break a world record, having the worlds first twisted-horshoe role. So, if you want to classify that as a non-record holder than be my guest. I was just referring to that most of Cedar Point's rides are known throughout the world by being a record breaker.
  7. It's Cedar Point!!! Why would they build something that is not a record holder (excluding all "junior" attractions)
  8. Cedar Point currently has the most roller coasters at a given park. In 2010, SFMM has already released a new ride. If that ride a SFMM was built it would have the most roller coasters. Cedar Point is the roller coaster capital of the world and probably needed this ride to remain the park with the most given coasters. Just a guess there based off of RCDB.
  9. To me I do not use them, I collect them. So, having an accurate map would be nice. However I do agree that Vortex and Beast are two jumbled up mess on the park maps.
  10. If you are in line when the park closes, you should get a ride (excluding some *special* attractions). I do not know what the lines will look like! Well that weekend, I believe, is when early rides start so if you have a pass you could get in early. But, typically Sundays are not really crowded or most mornings. So I really do not know much information about the lines!
  11. I really don't understand why people complain of head banging. Just lean forward, it works just fine for me!
  12. I don't know about that, it looks dangerous. If the water had enough energy to reach fifty feet it should have a lot of force. (sorry I am a physics nerd)
  13. Transfer Track is moving, and train is out on it!!
  14. I was the first, fifth placer!!! :lol:
  15. I guess this blog post answers my question on when they test it.
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