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  1. I had fun making the picture, I'm glad it got some people into a frenzy. :lol: :domokun:
  2. well, you are quite right about no one at this point knowing what is happening with the loop, but it is quite clear from that picture that it isn't there standing vertical.... :bangin:
  3. lmao....this just proves how dumb pki's maintenance crew is, why on earth did they remove the best part of the ride?!
  4. Or maybe its targets the site at its slowest hour.
  5. lmao...you missed Kentucky Rumbler!! :insane: :lol::insane: :lol::insane:
  6. It has been officially announced; http://www.paramountparks.com/GreatAmerica...cfm?item_id=298
  7. 1. WHen did KI open? 1867 2. Who cut the rope to KI? Fred Flintstone 3. What company's shareholders got to view the park before it opened? Your mom 4. How many sections did KI originally have? 9 5. What is the name of the restaraunt above the entrance? Fairy Queen 6. How fast is SOB? 42m/s 7. How tall is SOB? 9m 8. How many inversions are on SOB? 12 9. In what year did SOB open? 1902 10. How much money did SOB cost? 4bill 11. What item was used to advertise SOB when it opened? whip 12. What color are the trash cans in the waiting line for SOB? pink 13. What was TG originally going to be called? swingswing 14. How many trains are on TG? 4 15. In which year did TG open? 1983 16. What was Xtreme Skyflyer originally called? WEEEEEE 17. How many trains are on Face Off? 2 18. When did Face/Off open? 2008 19. WHen did Drop Zone open? 1000 20. What is the diameter of the ring on DZ? 3feet 21. How many seats are on DZ? 4 22. How tall is DZ? 10 meters 23. How far do you drop on DZ? 90 meters 24. What was Congo Falls originally called? Monkey Falls 25. What slogan did KI have for three straight years? Wood Sucks! 26. When did Delirium open? yesterday 27. How high does Delirium swing you? WEEEEEEEE 28. How many people can ride Sling Shot at a time? 8 29. When did Adventure Express open? 1908 30. How much did Adventure Express cost? 4bill 31. What do you see to your left at the end of the second tunnel on AE? A giant cock 32. How many statues pound their fists on AE? 90 33. How much did the Racer cost? 4bill 34. When was all the trains on one side of the trac reversed on Racer? ? 35. What colors was Racer originally? purple 36. When did Shake, Rattle, and Roll open? tommorow 37. When was the pathway between CM and Rivertown open? never 38. What was the Antique Cars originally called? Zoom Zoom 39. When did Flight of Fear open? 19999 40. How fast is FOF? 128mph 41. Where is FOF original train? In my room 42. How many inversions are on FOF? 9 43. What hanger does FOF take place in? closet hanger 44. What was the FE originally called? ? 45. How many baskets are atop the basket game in Rivertown? 3 46. What animal do you see to your left on the train ride? PeeCock 47. How many people have died at Kings Island? too many 48. What type of shelter are most Phantom Theater characters now stored in? saran wrap 49. Name three major things done in the process of transforming PT to SDATHC 50. What was White Water Canyon originally going to be called? Giant white squirts of doom!
  8. It is back up; http://www2.paramountparks.com/kingsisland...it_calendar.cfm Looks like good hours, except for August and September. Do most schools in Ohio start halfway through August?
  9. Working at a park is fun because you get to deal with idiots like us.
  10. Nah, its pretty fugly, whoever made that has no skillz what-so-ever :fryingpan: But yeh, the site is functioning/looking much better with those improvements, now all you have to do is do the gallery the proper way...lol
  11. I'm not saying they will, I just wish (and hope) that they do. Right now no one knows what that extra car is for, for all we know they could just be using it for spareparts.
  12. We can only hope it runs 5 cars per train this year too!
  13. "Check back soon for 2006 Operating Calendar" Where are you all seeing the calendar?
  14. I always new pcw was the greatest park in the galaxy, this only comfirms my thoery.
  15. He knows nothing according to his logic, 'those who know don't talk, those who don't know talk'. :twisted: :twisted:
  16. I have already gave you alot of my suggestions but I would really like to see the gallery organized a bit better. What I mean by this is that every ride/coaster/whatever gets it own gallery and have a link to the gallery on each ride/coaster/whatever page! It would be a bit of work, but in the end it would function alot more efficiently than the current setup. Along with a better gallery setup, I also think the gallery could use some better pictures. The pictures that you have are good, but they could be better. Alot of them were taken on very dull and overcast days or are fuzzy which doesn't make the rides (and the pictures themeselves) look all that great. Alot of the pictures also don't show much! You have like 1243 pictures of Vortex's transfer track, but not many of the coaster itself... Also, a 'fun' section would be pretty nice as well and would get Epki's members and guests to interact with the site a bit more. In the 'fun' section you could have a weekly/bimonthly/whatever quiz, contests and whatever you or whoever would run that section can think of. Just my two cents
  17. No. Dumbasses give computers viruses.
  18. PKI is in Ohio though, so you never know... omg
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