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  1. i have ridden it 7 times... not a good count but not bad for someone from CA :-)
  2. I just can't see the draw on that new S&S coaster, but i guess as with everything, we would have to ride and see for ourselves. And as for Dark Knight, I read about it going down there. It will thankfully be the last one to be a 'Dark Knight' but I was under the impression the only reason it went there was because it was already paid for and they had to do something with it. Can't just have a new coaster sitting around now can we?
  3. Great America opened in 1976. I was there with most of my family about two weeks after it opened. You would drive up to the place and there was NOTHING around it... basically a side road to get there from the closest main road. Prudential moved in in 1999 from what i understand. Santa Clara does not appear to want the park there any more as evidenced by this deal and the deal the city was trying to finalize with the 49ers football team. Sad though i would guess that the city is trying to increase their guarantee from the 5.3 million they make each year on the park.
  4. Though i do appreciate the expenditures going out to all of the Cedar Fair parks (Diamondback in April!), I am completely disappointed there are no plans in the works for my home park of California's Great America. They have removed all plans for the new GCI woodie we were going to get. Gosh darn it Prudential!
  5. second line: nurburgring 2009 at the bottom of that page is the nurburgring 2009: the film apparently it doesn't work the same if you switch to english there was no sound
  6. Okay, so I did go looking for this after i posted last and if you go to the site, there is a header that says Nurburgring 2009. Click on that and it will take you to a page where there is a video prompt toward the bottom. Click on this video and watch it all the way through and toward the end there are representaions of what has to be the ring racer speeding off for a tour of the facilities. It is computer generated obviously, but shows a good picture of the 8 person train loaded and taking off. There does not appear to be too much to the ride other than the speed at least from what you can see on the video.
  7. I think Millenium Force and El Toro are the only two in the US that use the Intamin's elevator cable lift. Smooth, fast and quiet... i love em!
  8. www.nuerburgring.de Please don't ask me where in the site to find it as i don't speak or read german. But it is in there somewhere where they are doing a tour of the new for '09 stuff. Good luck
  9. Having looked at the video from the Nuburgring website (in German), it appears to be a very fast tour of the facility with no highs or lows... just one big loop. I hope that is wrongbecause to me that would be kind of boring, but you never know. After all, isn't that site associated with speed more than up and down?
  10. i am so disappointed... but i'll be going to opening in '09 in the hopes of getting one...
  11. 1. Firehawk 2. Son of Beast 3. Flight of Fear 4. Beast 5. Vortex
  12. home park is California's Great America but i have been to every cedar fair park in the US (all this year) as well as 6 SF parks
  13. I am in california but will be coming for fall freak out as long as my fee arrives on time (fingers crossed) and it is not so much the money as the opportunity to do things i have never done before. I want to go behind the scenes on the coasters. And I want to hang out with people who are as crazy about coasters as i have turned out to be the last 18 months. I completely think it is worth every penny.
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