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  1. Yes it could. Only 2-3 rides would need more then A SIGN to retheme it. Just as long as they don't retheme The Beastie (my son's favorite).
  2. The take over of HBL by Nick is enevitable and because of Nick's recent relationship with the Scooby Movies, I bet it would be retained as has been said....BUT as my Son or my Nieces and Nephews who any of these guys are: Scooby's Ghoster Coaster (they luckily STILL know Scooby) HB Carousel (I don't think my sone could name anyone on this except Scooby) Flintstones Boulder Bumpers (Flintstones? Isn't that the cereal????) Huck's Hot Rods(Who's Huckleberry Hound?) Booboo's Baggage Claim(Booboo? Isn't that what I have on my Knee?) Jetsons Jet Orbiters(Jetson's? Never heard of em) Yogi's Sky Tours(Yogi Bear or Berra? Never heard of either of them) Scooby & The Haunted Castle(YEAH SCOOBY!) Top Cat's Taxi Jam(Top Cat? Who's that?) Dick Dasterdly's Byplanes(Dick Dasterdly??? He looks evil but I ain't never seen him) Babba Looey's Buggies(Babba Looey??? You mean Bababooey when I accidently listen to Stern?) Quick Draw's Railway(How can a horse be the cowboy?) Pixie & Dixie's Swingset(Mice....in a cartoon?? Whatever...) Atom Ant's Airways(What's a Atom???) Scooby is THE ONLY one my son knows and that's because it's the only thing still shown on Cartoon Network and it's not on that often. Cartoon Network has been taken over by LAME things like Ed, Edd and Eddy and tons of Anime. My son still rides these, but he has no clue on who any of the characters are.....if they replaced all of the riders on the HBL Merry go Round, he woud FIGHT to ride Sponge Bob. Nick is what's in now and will be in the future. Nickelodeon (nee Viacom) know's what they like and until they do something STOOPID, they will continue to be. Also, NONE of these except the Flinstone Boulder Bumpers is THAT unique that it would change drastically by theming. The only one of these besides that is the merry-go-round. Boulder bumpers will change the cars up with prehistoric looking boats and it will be Spongebob BC Bumper Cars.
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