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  1. Yeah, it used to be a Smurf ride on a boat.
  2. You mean the one in Ohio, roughly in the Cincinnati area? That's one beast of a tale! -FTW, waxing a Terpy? (He also just couldn't resist.) :lol: Can u tell the tale...ive never heard of it, and im interested? I think he's talking about that creature known as "The Beast". Supposedly, it looks a lot like the world's longest wooden roller coaster.
  3. I have not heard about the creature in the woods. Is that at the sanatorium, or KI? I'll have to google search it now.
  4. Well, I really didn't like it toward the end of Paramount's years because they had the games in Coney Maul open, bright, and loud, which really killed the ambiance. Granted, they were still open last year, but they were more subdued. Plus, it's not a scientific measurement at all, but I think there were more minor decorations last year.
  5. That's right, I remember that. That was a pretty great theme. The pirate theme now is good too, but that Sleepy Hallow theme was sweet.
  6. I'm excited, as Halloween Haunt is my favorite time to go to KI. It's not too crowded, you can ride coasters with a tiny wait, and the ambiance is great. I really like Halloween Haunt since Cedar Fair took over.
  7. I like it, but then again I love the classic universal monster movies.
  8. wydren


    I've been lurking on this forum for a while, and just had to join when I saw this discussion. I'd guess the reason they got rid of the Nick-or-Treat was due to the way it sounded when you said it fast. I hope I don't get banned with my first post here, but see this website for why I always thought it was weird when walking through the Halloween Haunt I saw signs that still had this old promotion up.
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