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  1. http://youtube.com/visitkingsisland Hey this is a You Tube account I made. I will be uploading videos of our thrill rides
  2. Does anyone know or at least have an idea when the trains will come it? :topgun:
  3. Is Behemoth better or Diamondback? Just wondering?
  4. yes i know. That but i mean that wont it be started to curve up?
  5. ok we all see that the new track is in now i bet that the only lift track will be left to put in will be curved and will start to go down :D
  6. Roller Coasters 1.Son of Beast 2.Firehawk 3.Flight of Fear 4.Invertigo 5.Beast Thrill Rides 1.Drop Tower 2.Delirium 3.Crypt 4.Shake Rattle & Roll 5.Scrambler
  7. Yes that is what Don said. he better fallow up on that :D
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