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  1. do you think they will be having a winter construction tour? i am just curious. i almost got to go to the Diamondback winter construction tour but it was canceled due to ice and snow. it would be cool to see this thing being built..or at least some of it...and the changes occurring in the coney mall area.
  2. i went on the last day with Crutchmud and we definitely had one heck of a good time! we ended this season on Diamondback on the very last train for the year in the very front!!! it was epic!!! i am going to miss going. i greatly look forward to next season. already got my pass renewed and everything!!! so how did you all end your season at the park, or any other park for that matter?
  3. this past sunday it was a complete walk on and re-ride as many times as you wanted. we rode it twice in a row in the front. the first time we rode with like maybe 5 other people and the second time we had the entire train to ourselves. it was insane..but kinda cool. i would have ridden it a few more times but we decided to go do a few other rides. it was really empty at the park in general sunday...but im guessing most sundays this time of year are like that seeing as the HH isnt going on and it closes so early. had a blast though. this ride would get so much more attention if it wasnt so far
  4. if any of you have a facebook page i advise you "like" this page. it has some interesting insights and i saw a post on there pertaining to some people seeing lumber nearby and trucks with it driving near the rosebowl. check it out if you get the chance. http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#!/pages/Cincinnati-OH/Save-Son-Of-Beast/313135991408
  5. nope, not the song i was talking about. the one i was talking about was a pop song of sorts. female singer. but thanks! and thats a pretty close deadline. i can remember opening day so clearly..but what sticks out most in my mind was how long the line was. if i had a gold pass that year i would have probably been slightly closer to the front of the line rather than all the way back to the beast ha. totally worth the wait for my first rider tee though. alright so another song i can think of is "Love" by Sugarland
  6. well thats awesome. i have no qualms with the que video, i just thought it would be fun to make a thread about it. i do have one question for you though, whats the name of the song that goes "here i go again" or "here we go again" i cant remember..but thats like the main lyric and these kids are like dancing out in a street. just curious. please and thanks.
  7. so as much as ive been to the park this year ( 20 times..not too bad for someone who lives an hour+45mins away ) and seeing as Diamondback is my fav coaster, ive noticed since its been open they have the same music videos playing all the time. i find it amusing really because while standing in line i can always guess which song is going to be next. i dont mind most of the songs, as one of them in particular is by a favorite band of mine. "song to self" by travis is one of my fav songs and by one of my fav bands, its just funny to be able to know what song is going to be played next. i wonder i
  8. i hope someday it can find operation somewhere soon. its sad to see a ride not being used and just rotting away. it may be saved from the wrecking ball, but not the element of time and erosion :(
  9. well that's beside the point :P i was just asking how you might find the experience to your liking. personally i dont see why it wouldn't operate during this time of year next year. it will be the newest attraction and people are going to want to ride it. i guess my point is, i can't imagine the ride not being fabulous at night seeing as youll have plenty of time up there to enjoy the sights. nothing like seeing the city lights from up high ( via DB, DT, ET...etc ) this ride i can imagine will be an incredible night experience.
  10. the new ride, Windseeker, will have just about completed its first season of operation. i was just thinking to myself the other night while at the park how cool its gonna be to ride Windseeker at night during the Haunt. imagine soaring that high up in the air seeing everything lit up and foggy. random i know, but anyone else think about this? whats your opinion?
  11. i personally have no qualms with its location, but the fact that its such a far walk for such a short ride makes it not worth the hike back there for it. for me, i enjoy the ride and appreciate it for what it is, i am also in shape and do not find the walk that bad...but i bet if it were placed in for say...Vortex's location...it would probably receive a lot more attention. thats probably another reason why it hasnt gotten any TLC in the looks department since its virtually unseen by patrons. it also seems since SoB's SBNO state, less people hoard up in that area. most people would ride FD and
  12. or you can always just download audacity and wah-lah, any streaming audio you hear can be converted into an mp3
  13. i think the rides should just be sold to other parks. sounds like this park is just unable to get off the ground and gain momentum. id love to see the led zep coaster end up at KI. thats a dream of course, but it would be a nice addition. another big looping coaster and another beemer in the park. like i said, only a dream, but hey. either way, its just sad to see a park sit idle.
  14. how long do you think it would take for them to replace the wood with steel supports if they were to do that?
  15. those are my exact thoughts. im just glad to see KI getting a new flat because they are in desperate need of a new flat and at least its something BIG and eye catching with good capacity. im not complaining. i want to ride this next year. it may not be a big fast coaster but its something ive never ridden before and im always down for that. it reminds me a lot of the old Flight Commander..just how it looks in the animation anyways. is it going where Flight Commander once sat? do you think they will have First Rider tees on opening day? LOL
  16. well its official everyone, we are getting the Windseeker http://www.visitkingsisland.com/public/park/rides/thrill_rides/windseeker.cfm
  17. honestly i really don't care what it is, it will just be nice to have another new ride. esp if its a flat ride. that is something poor KI has been lacking in for awhile. i like the concept of the Wind Seeker, but at the same time its just like a gigantic swing ride...and both CP and KI have swing rides..so it just seems like a hyped up swing. but who knows. ive never been on anything like it so i cant judge. either way...im anxious to hear what the new ride will be!!!
  18. loving the ultra paranoid comments people left on that article. people know absolutely nothing about ride technology. you gotta remember machines DO break down and that it tends to happen after about 11 hours of continuous operation in all kinds of weather and various weights of riders and what not. that doesnt mean a ride is unsafe. in fact that is pretty decent it wasnt stuck up there for more than 10 minutes although im sure it felt like a lifetime to the people up there. i would have been very calm because that ride does not scare me. plus its an intamin ride and like i made in a previous
  19. yep i found it to be exactly the same too. i mean not that thats a bad thing. i am glad it is back up and running, but its def no maXair as far as height/speed/duration. agreed that it is still an enjoyable ride though.
  20. so this doesnt really justify anything but its still interesting, but while i was at the park wednesday when walking from the exit of top gun, i heard hammering/power tools in the son of beast station. i also saw one of the big red lights on in the station as well. of course i was stoked to hear any kind of action going on at all over there. then yesterday ( thursday ) while i was waiting in line for the sling shot and about to board, i asked the attendant if he thought it was going to reopen next year and that i heard hammering/power tools in the station area the day before. he said they were
  21. i actually hope thats true Mini_Cooper , because after riding MaXair this weekend at Cedar Point, it made Delirium seem like a faint memory. MaXair runs longer/higher/faster and seriously gets up to speed and height much quicker. i suppose i will find out for myself when im at the park wednesday and thursday.
  22. me and three of my friends went to Cedar Point for three days ( friday-sunday )and we all had a blast, but seriously i noticed the only rides breaking down were all Intamin coasters!!! Top Thrill Dragster is never a surprise when it breaks down. it was down A LOT. we waited about 3 hours combined only for it to break down. we all only got one ride on it on sunday before we left. thankfully i got a good seat in the very back and it was incredible of course, but other than that Millennium Force broke down a few times, Maverick and Wicked Twister both had multiple down times. Wicked Twister actua
  23. sounds like they are a lot quicker about getting it back up and running than paramount was. i remember when it broke the last time that it took them a long time to get it back up. i hope its open when i go back in two weeks. i didnt get to ride it the last two weekends i was there.
  24. someone should try and get video if they can catch them testing it again. i wont be at the park again until july 28th ( and ill also be there the 29th ) so if i see anything while im there i will def do my best to try and catch some video or pictures but if anyone is there before me and sees any activity some video or pictures would be much appreciated :) just makes me happy to know there is at least some kind of activity going on over there! gosh i wanna ride Son of Beast!!! :(
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