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  1. Looks like we either have more support work for the second helix or track leading into the second helix or maybe both.
  2. I like the floorless train idea would bring alot of hype to the ride and revive it alittle bit, even though i love it and thinks its a cool ride but some paint would be nice. But I don't think they will lengthen the track that would be alot of money your talking about construction crew, contractors, enginers (sp), build costs, transport costs, materials ect. Not to mention shutting down the ride redeign it and test the new track sections I don't think KI or Ceadar fair would want to do that. But its good to dream, I want the loop back in SOB.
  3. Dude you really didn't have to fix it, it was a hell of job to start, no one is perfect. Again hell of job with it.
  4. Riding Beast with my nephew and two girls behind us crying and screaming during the helix portion of the ride saying they were gonna die, it was priceless I don't think we have ever laughed so hard.
  5. I was a manager at footlocker for like 7 years you wouldn't believe all the hoops you have to jump through to abid by the child labor laws, they watch that crap like a hawk, we had forms and everything we had to fill out and send in on our minors that worked for us if you had any in your store. Not to mention the crash compactor thing.
  6. 1. Face off (Didn't grow up in ohio, so didn't go to KI till 2001) 2. Didn't got to KI this year, tending to family issue back in new hampshire. 3. Son of beast
  7. Did you even read the article above, she had to have a procedure done cause the bone grew threw her skin on the leg that they couldn't re-attach the foot on, and then on her other foot had to fix the plate and add genetically engineered bone. The girl will never be able to jog, run, play sports or maybe even walk normally. She will never be the same person phyically or mentally. And to think she will lead the same life she did before the accident is just nieve. Neither you or me can understand what that girl must have gone through in those momemnts after the accident, or the months of rehab and operations. My grandmother had a false leg from mid thigh down, she never could walk right and had phantom pains till the day she died. The pain never goes away, neither does the fact of knowing your not the same as everyone else, hence the reason why they moved so they could have a fresh start. I'm sorry i am a dad and i can say that if this happened to my daughter under the same terms of negligence (sp) i would want the ride removed too. "State officials announced last May that it was impossible to pinpoint why a cable became fatigued and snapped on the ride, but they said Kaitlyn's injuries would have been limited to "cuts and scrapes" if the ride operator had immediately hit its emergency stop button.Officials also said the accident might have been avoided if park workers had followed the ride manual's instructions for detecting deterioration in the cable". If you can't maintain and operate a ride properly then no you shouldn't have that ride that is the point the family is getting at. Im not meaning to sound like a jerk here but to say or think they are blowing this out of proportion for money is just in poor taste, she has had her life changed for ever by someones lack of attention to detail and lack of action during the malfunction. And to compare this in anyway to a traffic accident is just absord, no even in the same ballpark. Again i'm not trying to be a jerk but give the family a little slack here the girl will have to have lifetime care for her feet and lower legs because again of the the parks/someones negligence (sp).
  8. That looks pretty cool, i would like that alot better, again i was just speculating because of stuff i had heard on here. I didn't know i was gonna start such a serious debate lol.
  9. And secondly i'm not sure i would want to ride a ride that the operator forgets to use the emergency stop when it malfunctions, or didn't do a visual inspection correctly that could have lead to an incident. They are right if a park doesn't know how to operate and or inspect a ride properly they shouldn't have that ride cause they put people at risk. Oh and two the two guys are saying they are blowing is out of proportion wait till you have kids and god forbid this would happen to you but you would be saying the same thing.
  10. I was bored today and was on rcdb and came across these pic of titro at six flags great adventure, it might give us an idea of what the station house "might" look like, since i thought i saw someone post it being sided with metal. http://www.rcdb.com/ig1106.htm?picture=2 http://www.rcdb.com/ig1106.htm?picture=15 And the train building, maybe. http://www.rcdb.com/ig1106.htm?picture=3
  11. Looks like they are doing alot of support work in the ravine.
  12. If the wind is down tomorrow they should be able to get alot of work done on the second lift hill.
  13. It would be really cool if they had a web cam on top of the crypt, then we could really see the whole site from various angles.
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