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  1. There are four logos that Kings Island has used in 35 years which one do you like best? The original Taft and Broadcasting Company Logo The First Paramount Logo from 1993 to 2003 The Second Paramount Logo from 2003-2006 The Cedar Fair Logo
  2. What is the best part of the night life at Kings Island before you go home for the day?
  3. First I wait at the front of the fountains then proceed to the right go through hanna barberra land then turn left by the bathroom to enter rivertown by the kings mils log flume go past there and turn right into the white water canyon. Afterwards proceed counterclockwise around kings island to the beast, then on to the shake rattle and roll, spongebob square pants 3d, the zephyr, monster, racer, down onto the adventure express, to the top gun, to the amazon falls, over to the eiffel tower, and the viking ship, to the beastie back to the vortex, back to the beast, then back to the kings mills log flume stop to eat lunch at the festhaus, walk lunch off for a half hour proceed to the bumper cars, the scrambler, the train ride to the water park mosey around there for an hour return to the train, then ride the scooby doo haunted castle. take an ice cream break. Randomly pick other rides and attractions when the nightfalls proceed to the parking lot go out the north exit turn left onto kings mills road turn right onto 741 north turn left onto 63 west go to 4 north bypass get off at the trenton exit turn left onto 73 west to 127 north turn left onto I70 towards Indiana and go to exit 149B and head towards that town that the short lived cbs show armed and famous was filmed at and end the day at my front door. That is how my day is at kings island.
  4. smurfs enchanted voyage was the first ride i ever ridden at pki. I started in 1984. The only thing is I started in Hanna Barberra land. This is my twenty-third year visiting this year.
  5. I heard they were going to take that section of the son of beast out and reconstruct part of it. I looked at the photo gallery on this website and notice when the sun shines on the west side of it, it looks metallic, but done to the archetects specifications. I don't get the metallic look to it. That was only in the aerial shot of the ride.
  6. What Kind of attractions do you think needs to be placed at Kings Island in the coming up 35th anniversary season? It is another milestone coming in the near future since the new ownership of the park. Year 35 is an important year for the park. The years that I think are important with the park have endings with a two or a seven. Those are the anniversary years.
  7. The memories that I have from the old Kings Island was riding the smurfs enchanted voyage, and riding the Phantom Theater when it opened. I saw pictures of when I rode the HB carousel I liked HB land unparamounted. I liked seeing scooby doo and fred flintstone greeting park guests. At the time I liked the fountain when it used to change all kinds of colors instead of the three that it has now. I like the revampment too. I miss the zoo that was in the park. Getting to ride in an air conditioned monorail car. Going to its twentieth anniversary special in september of 1992 was a spectacle to see. I remember just about time for us to go home I remember the dixie land band that was playing at the base of the Eiffel Tower. The red pinstriped zoot suits came to mind when I saw them playing old dixie. I remember my father getting lost and winding up in sharonville just south of the park at a marathon station to ask for directions to get to the park. Had to go to I-71 to approach the park back then I-71 was a four lane interstate. PKI area was still rural in 1992 all there was just the McDonalds at the End of the Parking Lot. It didn't really build up until 1995 I saw kings mills rd fully developed for the first time and the area has been springing up ever since. Now it is creeping up 741 North. My family has been visiting the park since 1979.
  8. The White Water Canyon opened in 1985 season in Rivertown.
  9. We Hoosiers now observe daylight savings time starting April 2nd. Gov. Daniels says we are to spring foward and fall back. National Transportation Saftey Board now placed us on Ohio Time. No more confusion in time when going underneath the arch on 1-70.
  10. I dislike the idea of international street being renamed. It has been renowned for that name for thirty-three years. I don't think they will do anything to it because they have spent several million dollars just to revitalize that area in the park. It would be a shame to do anything to the tower since it was just painted. I have spent the last eleven years trying to figure out the reason why paramount shortened the needle. So I am not much for change these days. The way the park is eautifully landscaped will never go out of style as long as they are being very creative to keep pki very family oriented and very youthful as it seems. I don't want to see any big changes on the park. I wouldn't care if it was just plain old kings island like it used to be. I am keeping on coming to have all of the fun in the world. I am ready for my 22nd year of family fun.
  11. I hope it goes back to its previous owners Kings Entertainment Company, and Taft and Broadcasting Company.
  12. I like PKI because it is 410 miles closer to me, and it is the oldest, and largest of the two parks. Kings Island has been used for filming two prime time sitcoms to attract customers, Kings Dominion films a movie in 1977 with two cameos of Dennis Spiegel. I also like Kings Dominion for its likeness of Kings Island except with a southern flare to the park that it used to have. The Paramount Theatre at PKD used to be Mason Dixon Music hall. As ours used to be the American Heritage Music Hall at PKI. PKI's Tomb Raider is enclosed, as to PKD's Tomb Raider is exposed. Our Eiffel Tower has a satellite hanging on the right hand side from front has a shorter needle than PKD's, The bars that are above that are placed underneath the lip. PKD's Eiffel Tower doesn't have a satellite on the tower at all. The needle on PKD's Eiffel Tower has not been altered. The extra cage on the top was added and covers over the lip above the second observation deck due to saftey reasons. The fountains at PKI have four lighted pedestals in the center of the fountain and a series of nozzles. The fountains at PKD have no pedestals in the center just a series of nozzles and lights. PKI has fewer trees on International Street. At the Frontgate you will see a restaurant above. At PKD you will see more trees lining the sides of the fountain due to being further south. At PKD you will not see International Restaurant over the front gate.
  13. Kings Dominion's International Street runs from North to South, Kings Islands International Street runs from East to West. The point I am trying to make that Kings Dominion is like Kings Island turned on its side and some of the rides rearranged a little differently. Like for instance the instead of the drop zone, and extreme sky flyer being on the northside of the park at PKI as you would see it from Interstate 71, and they are arranged on the southside of the park at PKD as you would see it from Interstate 95 or Route 30 in Doswell Virginia. Just the same with Hanna Barberra Land there it is on the left hand side versus the right due to Kings Quarters being in Hanna Barberra lands place. These are all examples of likenesses of the two parks that I am discribing to you. Think of it like you are going into a department store finding it arranged one way, then going to the another store with the same name finding it arranged in the opposite direction.
  14. I have no idea on the layout on the IJST at PKD it may be an entirely different layout because there is more land to spread the ride out.
  15. I liked vortex wasn't too crazy about drop zone, Next time I come down to the park I am going to video tape my entire trip to the park including on the way to the park, and on the way back home.
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