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  1. The price is good unless you already have a season pass. Plus, young children are not welcome at half of this event. The Haunt is not meant for families (which is fine).
  2. Wow, harsh. I've been coming to this site for years. I've been meaning to join for some time but just never have. Your comment makes me question my decision to join though. Do I need to make a certain number of posts before I can try to make a meaningful comment? I understand that you don't set the prices. But, if you are involved in planning the event, you do influence them. If Kings Island quotes you a price, you have the ability to turn down their offer. Or, negotiate for a better deal. I was trying to spark some discussion about the high price of this event compared to simil
  3. $31 is too expensive for this event. Look at CoasterMania at Cedar Point which was only $10 for Platinum Pass holders. Or the Fall event at Kings Dominion which is only $16 for season pass holders. I don't want Kings Island to lose money on an event but this price is too high. Nope, not going to make this event. It is over-priced and at my least favorite time of year at Kings Island.
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