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  1. I am excited to ride this. I love dark rides and this looks pretty cool.
  2. wow, those pics looked like they were taken with a phone...
  3. Maybe the only reason the ridership was up is the decreased downtime. Obviously no one can ride it if it is broken...
  4. I had read that the post was deleted and I did not get a chance to see it before that happened, but if that is all the info that was posted I don't feel so bad. Is the Haunt map available online or just at the park?
  5. I have been to HW several times but never ventured over to the waterpark. This might be a good enough reason to go check it out.
  6. That's what I would love to see. Do what ever you want with the rest, but keep the that much of the original ride and make something awesome after.
  7. Holiday World is well worth the trip. I usualy only go once a year because it is a little further drive for me than KI, but it is a nice little park. I am very excited to hear what the expansion is going to be. They do things top notch there.
  8. KI has for sure slowed it down in that area. It used to be much faster through the tunnels.
  9. Maybe she was just assuming that the park was exaggerating...like they do on so many other things. (Insert either a "exciting" Crypt or a "shady" Boomerang Bay joke here.) :rolleyes: I heard that warning Sunday while walking back to Flight Deck. It seemed kind of weird considering SOB's status. Has that been playing the entire time the ride has been closed?
  10. I wonder if we will see any testing this weekend...I am planning on being at the park on Sunday. It would be nice to see some trains going doing SOB's track even if it is not open.
  11. i understand it bothers a lot of people, but personally I like the forward only. I rode the backwards side one time and didn't care much for it. Now I can enjoy both sides! Like Ty, would love to see it cleaned up. Also a return to the original color scheme would be awesome. Plus the blue side needs some track work so it runs as nice as the red.
  12. The last time there were several things to be addressed (the removal of the loop, new track, new trains and repair of the broken supposrts) in addtion to the investigation and inspection. Hopefully this time the inspection will show that the ride is fine and it can re-open. It will all depend on how that goes. If it proves to be safe to operate, I would not see them making any changes at least until the off season if at all. Why fix it if its not broken?
  13. The best way to get over that feeling you get on the first drop is to get a few rides under your belt. Once your body get acustomed to that, it really gets to be all fun and no fear. If you can make yourself do it, go ahead and give Diamondback a ride. It looks intimidating because of the size, but it is one of the least "scary" coasters in the park. It is just plain fun. Also the first drop seems less intense the closer you sit to the front on the train. If you are in the very back you really start moving just as you crest the top of the hill, but when you are in the front you are a good way down it before you really pick up speed.
  14. Lighting would take care of the water and fog. No need to dye anything.
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